Sad Poem for 9-11-01 Victims - Lovingly – Expressing Love, Endlessly and Lovingly! Sad Poem for 9-11-01 Victims

Sad Poem for 9-11-01 Victims

Emotional Sad Poem for 9-11-01 Victims

This day would forever be a sad day in history. If you remember 9-11-01, that is September 11, nothing but tears would roll down your eyes. Nature and Inspirational Poems for the People You Love

This day to the Americans is a sad day that the terror strikes and sends many beautiful souls to the world beyond. Broken Heart Love Poems and Sad Sweet Romantic Poems for Your Love

To the nation and families that lost their loved ones, our heart is with you. Victory shall always prevail against injustice. We share in your pains. Beautiful Poetry Love Poems in English and Deep Romantic Poems for Love


World with pains
Religion emblazoned in violence
Whose course are they fighting?

Death buried in callousness
What a shame to the cowarders.

Where is theirs?
Faith misinterpreted as doom.

Are they human?
Who have given them the right
To take that which they can’t give.

Heartless faithers
Soulless campaigners
What place is left for them?

For the sake of their belief
They had left peace become mourners
Tears that would doubt their belief.

Nsikak Andrew 
12th August, 2007

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