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Money can't Buy Everything Quotes and Things Money can't Buy in a Relationship

Here are things money can't buy quotes, inspirational quotes about the things money cannot buy and money can't buy life quotes.

Best Money can't Buy Everything Quotes and Things Money can't Buy in a Relationship

It is not everything that money can buy. If you have the notion that money can buy everything, then you are getting it all wrong.

We have carefully highlighted here the things that money can’t buy with references to the presence of God, salvation of your soul, health, wisdom, life, integrity, divine protection associating with people, home and peace of mind, Spirit of God, favour of God and peace of mind.

[1]. Your Money And The Presence Of God

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“Money is good but money can’t buy everything”.

[1]. The presence of God brings life. Think of a life without the infilling of God’s presence, that for such is one thing that your money can’t buy.

[2]. Between money and the presence of God, think of it this way, what will it profit you if you gain all that is to be gained in this world yet at the end you lose your soul?

[3]. What is precious to the creation of man is your soul not money.

[4]. Money is just to meet some needs and shouldn’t be replaced with the presence of your Creator who gives you the power to make wealth.

[5]. If you have experienced the presence of God through worship, then you will understand that this is one experience that money can’t buy.

[6]. If there is one thing you should long for, it is to have His presence at all times.

[7]. If the presence of God goes with you, then life is at ease.

[8]. Meditate on His words and live a prayerful life. When you communicate with God through this medium, what you have done is to draw His presence to you.

[9]. To make the presence of God dwell with you continuously, live a Holy life.

[10]. When you are Holy in all your doings, the Lord shall perfect all that concerns you. Learn to trust His words because it is an avenue to draw His presence always.

[2]. Your Money And The Salvation Of Your Soul

“Though salvation is free but someone paid for it”.

[11]. The gain in this world is nothing but vanity compared to the eternal glory that awaits us if we follow the pathway of righteousness.

[13]. When your soul is liberated, you are free indeed.

[14]. The only way to salvation is through repentance and accepting the Lord as your personal Saviour.

[15]. Your Creator doesn’t need your money; all He needs from you is your soul to live right for His glory.

[16]. Remember this world is not ours, we are just strangers here. Someday, we shall give account of how we spent our stewardship here on earth.

[17]. In passing through this world, there is a need to connect with your Creator.

[18]. Connecting with God gives you the liberty to be His own. The benefit of it is salvation from iniquity.

[19]. When you are free, indeed you are free.

[20]. God’s intention is for us to be free from any material things that will hold us down.

[21]. We are not to make material possession our god but rather to make the Lord our savior.

[22]. Those who hold on to material things would eventually lose them for all that is to it are vanity. 

[23]. Why does one seek for that which is vanity rather than seek for that which is eternal.

[24]. The lust in us and the greed that goes with it makes man value what is vanity.

[25]. When you have the value of contentment, you will go far and would never allow certain things to block your mindset from recognizing that God is the giver of true wealth.

[26]. Money wouldn’t buy the salvation of your soul. If you think money would, then be ready for a shocker. Motivational and Inspirational Quotes to Help You Find Joy

[3]. Between Your Health And Your Money 

“Health is wealth so goes the saying. Believe it or not money can’t buy this one”.

[27]. Good health is life. It is better to pray for good health than for wealth without good health to enjoy the wealth.

[28]. When you are healthy, you can make wealth but where your health is down, consider this a disaster.

[29]. Take around sometimes and spend it in the hospital ward. What you might experience would give you another notion about life.

[30]. There are people whose money can buy all things but when it comes to health, that they discover isn’t possible.

[31]. If you have gotten good health, appreciate your Creator because the beauty of living life is to have abundance of good health.

[32]. Good health will give you the strength and the focus to pursue your dream and make wealth.

[33]. A man with good health has a d tosound min make sound decisions.

[34]. There is nothing like good health. And if you have gotten it, thank your God for it.

[35]. Those who are experiencing ill health would physically not do much. You need to see how this would take a toll on them each time they want to make a move.

[36]. It could be so frustrating seeing all your effort defeated because of a particular ailment and you can’t do anything.

[37]. When you have good health, you are sure of achieving more than you expect. You wouldn’t be limited except you want to.

[38]. Your health is better than all the money you can think of.

[39]. If there is one thing you should desire, it is to have good health and with that you would have a steady mind to make wealth. 

[4]. Between Wisdom And Money

“Wisdom is what profits rather than the wealth without wisdom”.

[40]. To create wealth, you need wisdom to create the idea that can motivate you to create wealth.

[41]. It is a good thing to seek wisdom first before you start considering making the money.

[42]. One thing you should realize is that those who create wealth never have it in mind at first. Their thought was to use their wisdom to provide services to all at large but in the process, wealth is created.

[43]. Wealth without wisdom will turn to nothing.

[44]. It is the wisdom you have that will enable you to manage your wealth.

[45]. Wisdom is gained through experience. The wisdom through experience that you have, is what will enable you to manage the wealth.

[46]. Wisdom can’t be bought with money, it is what you acquired.

[47]. You can also ask of it from the Lord through continuous development of your mind.

[48]. Take a look at Solomon in the Bible, instead of asking for wealth from the Lord, he asked for wisdom which is what produced the wealth that made him the richest man in his time.

[49]. When you desire to make wealth, ask for wisdom – this is what will make your wealth have value and stand the test of time. Positive Motivational Words of Encouragement about Success in Life

Best Between Life and Money Quotes

[5]. Between Life And Money 

“Do not seek for money but seek for life so as to inherit the wealth”.

[50]. There are people who feel money can be made in exchange for their life. It is crazy how people would risk their life for what is vanity.

[51]. Money that is made with a peace of mind should be that which your heart should desire and not that which you might not have the peace of mind to enjoy.

[52]. There are wrong motives that people are getting about creating wealth; they want it to happen immediately.

[53]. The value of patience has been relegated to the dustbin. Now some feel that making it big at the expense of their life is the ultimate solution.

[54]. Why would one consider a shady deal? Why would one consider giving out his precious life in exchange for a morsel of bread that wouldn’t do such any good?

[55]. Between life and money, you need to choose life because when there is life, there is hope.

[56]. Money can’t replace life. When you have life – that is what you need to make money.

[6]. Between Money And Integrity

“A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches. Some would call this statement old fashioned saying, one should know that honour in life is not all about the money in your bank account”.

[57]. If you make money in a greedy way, people may praise you on your face, but what happened behind your back is always a sad story of thought.

[58]. Integrity gives you an edge and makes you a reference point when issues that has to do with life is discussed.

[59]. Do not strive to make money in a greedy way but rather let people trust you by the good name you have.

[60]. Integrity pays. It is an inheritance that generations yet unborn shall come to benefit from it. 

[61]. Strive to make a good name that has more benefit to all than engaging in activities that would spoil your good name.

[62]. In making a good name, honesty is required and people should be able to hold you in high esteem for your deeds which should be trustworthy and this for sure is what money can’t buy. Beautiful Friendship Quotes for Your Friends and Words of Encouragement about True Friendship

[7]. Between Divine Protection And Your Money

“Like it or not you need Divine protection to guide you through the path of life”.

[63]. It is sad that we as humans feels that the money we have can protect us away from evil.

[64]. Remember you can have all things you desire, but your money can never buy you your life.
[65]. If you seek for protection where it doesn’t exist, such shall fail you when you need it most.

[66]. God is the giver of life and Divine protection is in Him.

[67]. If you feel that your life is secure because you have security guides around you and your premises, then you have failed to understand that protection is of the Lord.

[68]. The Lord is the one that protects and not your money.

[69]. Let us be realistic with ourselves; you can have all the money, you can take precaution but that can’t guarantee you safety.

[70]. It is the Lord that protects us while we are far asleep. It is the Lord who neither sleeps nor slumbers but watches over us.

[71]. In all that we do as long as we breath, we need the Divine protection from God. This we can access if we pray and ask for it daily.

[8]. Between Your Money And Associating With People 

“Associating with the right people is what will add value to your life”.

[72]. The right people have a way of influencing your life positively.

[73]. When you associate with the right set of people, your mindset is renewed for things that are productive; here you can rediscover your hidden talent and potential.  

[74]. Bad association brings you bad luck and a life full of troubles.

[75]. When you seek friendship, go with people who can contribute towards making your life better.

[76]. Associating with the right people is a virtue that money can’t buy.

[77]. Money can’t buy you good association. It is what is inherited.

[78]. Even when you seek to associate with the right people when your source of money is questionable, those that shall keep faith with you would be men of the same feather.

[79]. Better to have the right people around you than keep faith with the wrong ones whose values are never what shall take you further in life.

[80]. Associating with the right set of people is what will bring you valuable experience and open you up to the possibilities of what is hidden inside of you and your outlook on men and how things should be done. Inspirational Quotes about Believing in Yourself and Thought Provoking Quotes for Friends

[9]. Between Your Home And Peace Of Mind 

“Home is where there is a peace of mind. If you can’t find that at home, then you would be living in misery”.

[81]. In all that you do, try to have a balance home where love reigns.

[82]. The home we live in is where most of our creativity comes from.

[83]. We need a focused mind at home for us to be at our very best outside.

[84]. If you have a spouse who makes the home a war front, then your creative mind would never be at peace to concentrate on bringing out the best in you.

[85]. In who we are in society, our home contributes much in making us a happier person that the people within and outside seems to cherish.

[86]. Our moods on how we react to our environment at most times is derived from our encounter at home.

[87]. Your home should be dear to you. In as much as you go about chasing for money, endeavour never to neglect your home.

[88]. Give your home a balance of life that would ever bring about all that would make life worth living.

[89]. Remember money can’t buy you peace of mind. And such will never buy you a good home too.

[90]. If money can buy happiness, then why is divorce so rampant in our society today.

[91]. A good home is built out of love and understanding but not after money.

[92]. Money can only compliment but never what would bring the needed peace of mind in our homes. 

[10]. Between Your Money And The Spirit Of God

“Your money is never a source that can buy you the Spirit of God”.

[93]. When you have a good relationship with God through His words – the Holy Spirit will flow through you to protect and direct your path.

[94]. The Holy Spirit it is that will reveal to you the secret things of God.

[95]. In your daily communication with your Creator, you need the indwelling of the Holy Spirit to guide and give you utterances.

[96]. The Holy Spirit is a great teacher that teaches you the pathway to righteousness.

[97]. You can’t replace the gift of the Holy Spirit with money. This great gift that is essential for everyday living is what money can’t buy.

[98]. To have the Holy Spirit, meditate on God’s word daily and ask of it. The word says when you ask, you shall receive.

[99]. Let no one deceive you that with money you can do and have everything that you want. The Holy Spirit is a gift that money can’t buy.

[100]. The Holy Spirit is Divine gifts that teaches and convinces our mind on the right pathway to righteousness.

[101]. If you ask the Lord the gift of the Holy Spirit, then you have gotten what will guide you to withstand every situation of life that would make your victory to be sure at all times. Positive Quotes Everyday and Words of Inspiration for Today for Friends

[11]. Between You And The Favour Of God 

“If you are given an option to choose between money and the favour of God; indeed it would be wise to choose the latter which will direct you to the right channels that bring about your success”.

[102]. When you receive God’s favour then life would have no setback. Even where such comes to be, the Lord would always make a route of escape for you.

[103]. It is a favour you need to live a life of abundance. When you are favoured by God, then you have gotten all it takes to live in the promised land.

[104]. If you seek for money, seek for God’s favour to take you to the right source where you will make money.

[105]. Favour of God is not bought with money. You need to be in His presence and to do His will to attract His favour.

[106]. In your entire endeavour, you need the blessing of God. His blessing is what makes rich and addeth no sorrow.

[107]. Trust the word of God to have good favour. When you believe in Him and do His will you will find favour with God and your fellow men.

[108]. It is God’s favour that will bring you among King’s and it is what money can’t buy.

[12]. Between Money And Your Peace Of Mind

“Consider a life with money but without a peace of mind. How would that sound?”

[109]. Money made in a greedy manner can’t bring nor guarantee a piece of mind but rather a life that is lived in fear.

[110]. Fear is a spirit that would never do us any good.

[111]. Fear destroys the mind and makes us live like we are not worthy of our life.

[112]. If you live in fear in the long run, you might be inviting a lot of trouble and issues into your life. What you could lose here is your health which might be affected.

[113]. In this world we live, we need a peace of mind to withstand all the challenges that come our ways.

[114]. The mind that is filled with peace of mind can think and reason things out the right ways without losing focus.

[115]. When the mind is troubled, then be rest assured to make unnecessary mistakes at all times.

[116]. Our life should be a life lived with peace of mind. When you consider making money, let it be with a mind of peace.

[117]. You shouldn’t look for money with a negative mindset that harbours all the wrong notions of how to make money in a fast and tricky ways.

[118]. When making money in a tricky way becomes a thought in you, you would go the wrong way and money made through this purpose always goes through the wrong way.

[119]. Money if you are careful to note it would never buy you peace of mind.

[120]. You are the one to create that mindset of positive change in making money the right way if your faith believes in destiny.    


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Lovingly – Expressing Love, Endlessly and Lovingly!: Money can't Buy Everything Quotes and Things Money can't Buy in a Relationship
Money can't Buy Everything Quotes and Things Money can't Buy in a Relationship
Here are things money can't buy quotes, inspirational quotes about the things money cannot buy and money can't buy life quotes.
Lovingly – Expressing Love, Endlessly and Lovingly!
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