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Motivational and Inspirational Quotes for Whatsapp and Facebook Groups

Great motivational messages you can share with friends and loved ones on Whatsapp and Facebook.

Best Motivational and Inspirational Quotes for Whatsapp and Facebook Groups

Great motivational messages you can share with friends and loved ones on Whatsapp and Facebook.

Motivational And Inspirational Quotes For Whatsapp And Facebook Groups

These messages would bring a surprise rebirth of life and also would inspire your loved ones to achieve a purposeful life. Best Sweet Love SMS For Husband And Wife From The Heart

[1]. Listen To Your Inner Mind

There is something about the inner mind that propels the force of success. If your mind keeps hammering on a particular thing, as a conscious being, you need to take note and listen to that still small voice within you.

~Your pathway to success is hidden inside that innermost thought.~

If you listen to others, please trust your mind. Anything that tells you and gives you a thousand reasons why it is not possible to achieve a given goal; that to me is the voice of failure looming.

To make a success out of your life, give in to your mind through deep meditation. It is in the process of doing this daily that you will find and discover that which is your purpose to fulfill destiny.

[2]. The Pride Of Your Fortune

I smile within myself because I have gotten the key. You know that innermost joy that comes along when you make an unusual discovery. The one that makes you shout wow!

If I must be frank with you, let no one deceive you, the pride to your fortune is within your hand and not entirely on any other person.

~What you can get from others is only help but the right process to make it work, is your sole responsibility.~

If you hold the key to your fortune, then why put your entire hope on others who within themselves are seeking for those to help them.

Your friends, parents, relations and others are not the one who owns the key to discover your fortune my dear.

It is the faith in your Creator with positive confession, believing in yourself and putting in the necessary hard work that will bring you to the light of making a fortune.

[3]. You Are Born With Ability

Who told you that you’re nothing? Who made you feel that success is the birth right of some selected few? If I must tell you, equal measurement of success is what we all have at birth. But the bottom line is what we do with the one in our hand.

~The ability you have, is the natural gift you’re born with which is right within you.~

Many imitate others and in so doing, forgot to develop their given talent. Whatever you dream to become, it is solely your responsibility to achieve that purpose.

If you are searching for a job and refuse to write an application, there is no miracle about that. No job will come to you on a platter of gold.

Discover who you are and become that which is within your desire.

[4]. Learn A Trade, Acquire A Skill And Rule Your World

If you want success, get out of your comfort zone and go work for it. Why should you expect others to sweat it out and all you do is go beg for change?

~Achieving greatness is not a day’s job neither is it an avenue for lazy minded foes.~

If you want respect, kill within you that begging spirit. It might only take you for a while and even if you succeed at it, without any given skill, you will always go back to a zero level.

To rule your world, learn a trade you have a desired passion for. And keep on reinventing yourself within the line of that trade. Whatever you do with a determined heart is what will always bring you the desired fulfillment of purpose.

[5]. When Faced With Tension, Relax!

Most times we come face-to-face with tension and the sweat even in an Air Condition room seems to be noticeable. Sometimes, people drive us crazy while we go wild nagging and killing ourselves over nothing.

At every moment of tension, we should concern our health and also have it at the back of our mind what tension could do to our health at the long run.

~Tension will never bring you good but rather a bag load of worries and all it negative effects.~

Notice when you are under tension, you are bound to make terrible mistakes that sometimes can cost you a fortune and ruin your reputation.

Learn to relax when you are faced with undue tension. Smile when it seems like the whole world is on top of you. One way to overcome tension when it arises is to relax your mind. And please, smile to yourself.

Just a little smile; that is all it takes to relax the mind and drive tension away.

[6]. Pay For Every Knowledge You Seek

If knowledge is offered for FREE, my humble advice is, please do not seek for such.

~Free knowledge will never make anything meaningful to you.~

When you pay for that which you seek, you will have value for it. But the moment you have the free mind mentality; it will go the way of easy come, easy go. Entering one ear, and leaving the other ear as it comes without holding back anything.

Knowledge we are told is power. What a true saying. To make it worth its salt, you have to study till you get it stuck inside your head.

The true process of growth is in constantly acquiring self-knowledge that is learning till the day you make your last breath.

[7]. Fight For What You Know Is Right

Life is all about a fight. The right fight I mean. If you feel I am lying, then ask yourself, if any of the achievements you have at the moment did come while you were deep asleep. 

~Whatever you need, you have to go fight for it. No success comes on a platter of gold.~

It saddens me when I see people sit back and wait for others to make a success of their lives and all they do is come around and want to claim ownership like they were the ones who understood and felt their pains on their pathway to success.

To those who want to feel another man’s success, swallow this hook-line-and-sinker. When you have a vision and your instinct keeps directing you to that path, then go for it and never allow any person’s opinion deny you of your right to make your dream a success.

This is what the people you feel are successful did and in so doing, found success.

[8]. Stop Making Excuses

I keep preaching this term but never put it into practice, but an event that occurred in the office sometimes ago, reaffirms my thought on this.

3.15p.m. on a hot afternoon, it started like a movie. I was asked to take a salary payment to the bank in town which was very far from where the office was located. I made an excuse that it was not possible considering the time that banks closed their door to customers by 4.00p.m. Naturally, this was not possible considering the traffic on the road.

Hey! After making my excuses, my Boss said, Go! That was all I heard, typical of him, no excuses. Anyhow, I moved with the driver and we made it at exactly the time. By the time I came back, he gave me some valuable lessons of life. Never make excuses and give a thousand reasons why it can’t be done. Always, first give a try when that is not possible, communicate and try the next day. Now I know. Maybe I should have known better that a winner’s mindset never accommodates excuses.

~Excuses are the bedrock on which failure lie.~

If you want to remain successful, never ever believe that excuses exist.

[9]. Choose Your Words

Men of class, choose their words. They don’t talk just for talking. Talk is cheap, that is what you should know. Anytime you are out there among people, do not talk because all are talking.

~When you learn to choose your words, you will be in control of your mind~.

If you jump into every talk, know for sure you will embarrass yourself by communicating out of point. Real men choose their words, they communicate with the finesse that have a grip on every line of words they speak.

If you desire to go their way, then build yourself up with books; learn every topic that will give you an edge. And most of all have control of your speech mannerism.

[10]. There Is An Expectation On Your Head

A lot is expected of you if you don’t know. There is no need to sit on the fence and lament over any misfortune in life. When a demand is placed on you and you can’t deliver, you belittle not only yourself but everyone that looks up to you.

~Like it or not, everyone within his environment is expected to blossom and show forth the glory of his Creator.~

Everyone in this world has a family. Your loved ones are your family. They may not be the members of your immediate family, but in all as long as you exist in a given society, a lot is expected of you as a creature.

In anything you do, carry with you the consciousness that there is an expectation on your head to do right and contribute your quota towards the development of yourself, your family and the society at large.

Do not live like you have nothing at stake. Live every moment with the faith that no matter the situation of things, you will get there. The moment you believe, you will find the courage to face life squarely.

[11]. Pride Never Brings Anything Good

A man of honour knows beforehand that the easiest way to fall from grace to grass is to let pride set in. What makes a man proud, what makes him feel that all he has will last forever?

~When pride sets in, it brings along one valuable lesson for remembrance; destruction~.

In every opportunity you have, do good. All you have will not last through eternity. The only thing that will last is the amount of time you invest in the life of others.

I look around and see pride dripping away our strength. And making us feel we have all when actually, we have nothing. Pride never comes with anything good but with a bag load of envy, ego and all other unnecessary display of stubbornness.

To kill pride, learn the virtue of humility. This is what will drive egoand the fake reality it brings away.

[12]. No Enemy Reveals His Mind

When you seek to remain relevant, learn how not to reveal your mind to all and sundry. Keep your game plan to your heart and play it out at random.

~Be a master of your mind, that is how to keep the enemies at bay.~

When you reveal all you have, you are left with nothing to hold back to. It is good to put down your thoughts but be careful when you are around wolves.

Life is like going to a battle field. The strategy you have is what will guarantee your victory. When your enemy knows your plan, you are finished; it is as simple as that.

To survive life’s many hurdles, learn to reveal less and put more of action. Just let no one determine your next move.


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Lovingly – Expressing Love, Endlessly and Lovingly!: Motivational and Inspirational Quotes for Whatsapp and Facebook Groups
Motivational and Inspirational Quotes for Whatsapp and Facebook Groups
Great motivational messages you can share with friends and loved ones on Whatsapp and Facebook.
Lovingly – Expressing Love, Endlessly and Lovingly!
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