Happy Women’s Day Messages for Mothers and Women’s Day Quotes for Women - Lovingly – Expressing Love, Endlessly and Lovingly! Happy Women’s Day Messages for Mothers and Women’s Day Quotes for Women

Happy Women’s Day Messages for Mothers and Women’s Day Quotes for Women

Women’s Day Celebration Quotes for Women

Women's Day is the special day that is set aside to pay tribute to every woman for their love in keeping the home and in extension the society.

It is a time to salute their courage and contribution towards shaping our world. Women should be appreciated because without women, there wouldn’t be the one to carry the burden of child bearing.

To share in the joy of womanhood during this celebration, we have for you here some touching happy Women’s Day messages for all the lovely women and mothers in the house.

Happy Women’s Day Messages To Mothers

[1]. The world is complete because we have women. Life is made beautiful because we have women to count on for love. Without you, the world would be empty. The world needs your smile to make it a better place for us all to live in. Happy Women’s Day and lots of fun to all the women today and always!

[2]. The world, you light up with your love. You make all of us complete because you decide to share with us that which is your gift of caring. The world is blessed and grateful that we have you around us as a shining star to brighten our days.

[3]. You give us the heart to smile and the deep thought of having a peace of mind. We can shine when your smile radiates through our heart’s with gladden thoughts. You give to us that which is the best we can long for. Indeed you are a blessing to our generation. Keep shining in the beauty of your mind and keep blessing our world without limitation. 

[4]. The desire to live is the heart that your love brings. Every woman is a blessing and that of yours is something so amazing. We appreciate the gift of you and on this special day of celebrating you, we are so glad that we have you as ours.

[5]. Celebrating every woman is something that should give us joy. In the might of her strength, she bears our generation. We as men are so happy to celebrate your caring thoughts in deciding to carry us within your womb. Your sacrifices to keep your home are something worth emulating. Thank you for just loving your man without restriction.

[6]. You make our world complete. You complete our heart and make us blossom with a smile that keeps our heart together as one. For the love that you bring, we celebrate you today and always.

[7]. Your love lights up our heart with gladness. It makes us shine brighter and warmth us with the smile that is second to none. You are truly a blessing that we shall always be proud of anytime, any day. Happy Women’s Day to all the amazing women around the world!

[8]. Always you shall be the promise we vow to keep. Something about you that makes us want to live forever. You are a blessing that shall never cease. We love you great women of faith, a blessing you are and a blessing you shall always be to your family.

[9]. The earth sings of your glory, we rejoice for having you as our promise keeper. Thank you for nurturing us in your womb. For all the love, we celebrate you today and always. Happy Women’s day dear!

[10]. For nine months you keep faith with destiny, bearing all the pains just that we would live. For the love of womanhood, we celebrate your courage as women. You deserve the best and the best shall always be yours.

Women’s Day Celebration Messages for Women

Women’s Day Celebration Quotes For Women

The month of March in every year is another special moment to celebrate womanhood. To make the day awesome, we have for you these lovely messages of love to celebrate our dear women on this special day of International Women’ Day.

The messages here are so touching and would be so wonderful to send to your loved one. As a husband and a dear friend, celebrating the one you love with these messages is something that would make her feel proud of you not just today but always.

[11]. You are so beautiful, yet so accommodating. You are so dedicated, yet so delicate. You are compassionately strong, yet so humble and all so understanding. You are the best anyone would wish to live with. Thank you for all the love that you shower on mankind. Happy Women’s Day to you and all the women whose virtue is a blessing to humanity.

[12]. I wish you all the success. I wish you all the best. I hope that all your dreams come true. You are a rare gem, a blessing to humanity and a perfect match for the right person. You have so much love to share which we are a direct beneficiary of your heart of kindness. We celebrate you today and always. A blessed Women’s Day to all the lovely Sisters!

[13]. Heart filled with compassion. You are a blessing that is undeniable. Today on your special day, I join others to celebrate your Star that will never fade. Lovely best Women’s Day wishes to you and all the amazing women around the world.

[14]. Gentle heart of kindness. Heart of love that shapes our world! Imagine a world without the gift of womanhood? Silent thoughts within, I paused and saluted your courage of hope. Indeed, you have blessed our generation far beyond our imagination. Happy Women’s Day to all the lovely women on planet earth!

[15]. Every single day, the beauty of you keeps revealing the joy I found in you. You are a pillar of strength, your heart of caring is something that is better not imagined. Thank you for all the love. I shall always celebrate the love I found in you. A wonderful Women’s Day celebration is all I wish you dear heart of mine!

[16]. I promise to always care about you. I promise never to let you down. I promise to celebrate with you. I promise to be your love in every moment and weather of the day. I promise to be your true love today and always. Happy Women’s Day my love of life!

[17]. Today on this special day, I celebrate you not just for anything but for the person that is you. Because I have found the one who is so special to me; your love is my heart. You are my special person, my soulmate. Love to you woman of my dream.

[18]. Your life is so beautiful and caring to a fault. You are a beauty with a brain, so special to be with. Because I have found you, my world is made better because you love me without doubt. Happy Women’s Day my love of all time!

[19]. You are a wonderful lover. You are a caring daughter of Zion. You are a blessing to your generation. You are the sweetest love ever that is so real. Indeed you are the brightest Star that shines always. Best happy Women’s Day celebration today and always.

[20]. You fulfill the desire of my heart. You make life feel the sweetest. You make me complete. You are a blessing love of a lifetime. Happy Women’s Day my dear.


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