Sad Poem that Make You Cry: Dead While Alive - Lovingly – Expressing Love, Endlessly and Lovingly! Sad Poem that Make You Cry: Dead While Alive

Sad Poem that Make You Cry: Dead While Alive

Emotional Sad Poem that Make You Cry: Dead While Alive

When vibrant young men are taken away in their prime, it is something that is so sad to relate. When jungle justices are given to the innocent youth and elders are there supervising the horrible killing, it makes the heart weep.

There is nothing more to say, young blood, may you get justices from those who did this to you. Deep Sad Poetry: Sad Salutation

Dead While Alive 
[Dedicated to the Aluu 4, Ugonna, Lloyd, Tekena and Chidiaka]

Sleep in Aluu,
Murdered in the morning
They were on a mission
To collect the debt due to their friend
But how fate had another plan towards them.

It came like a daylight joke
Which to them was a huge lie
But death serious were the mobs
Waiting in anger but to carry the act
Which the wickedness of their heart bears.

Thief, thief, the sound became louder
Louder like the wailing of sacrificial echoes
Which only the devilish minds could sing her song
With no thought of a second chance of reasoning
If actually the wails of their chorus were true or not.

Oh pain in Aluu,
You have committed a sacrilege against those bloods
That, which the womb of a mother bears in tears
Labouring within nine month as her gestation in wait
With her day, like joy in moments of sorrow.

Aluu, are you cursed with a curse?
A generation whose youth shall never be proud to say
This is the land of my ancestors without igniting a blink
As to the remembrance of their devilish and evil deeds
To those souls you took without any cause of justification.

This is the city, the heart of the city
City to which they sang, city with no love for their own
The city they live for, the city that shown them no love
The same city that made the world wept for them
Same garden city to which the Aluu clan belongs.

You have taken the joy of a mother in old age
And made the families wept without any replacement
Sorrow, blood and tears you brought to the faces of all
Why and why could this so happen in a civilized society?
How could we lose the innermost conscience of our hearts?

It pains, it pains, it pains,
Yet the hand of time, we can’t turn
Nor can we bring back that which we can’t give
Whoever that have done this to your innocent souls
May their days ever be like that which they did to you.

For you, we pour out our hearts,
To your love ones, we share their deep grieve
In togetherness we lit a candle in our hearts
For the light you bring might never dim
But rather others would be strengthened by it.

Forever rest in peace
Sleep well from the pains of this evil world
You have paid an innocent price for no crime
Yet crucified without any respect for human life
For you, the glorious throne shall ever be your reign.

Adieu Lloyd! Adieu Ugonna!!, Adieu Tekena!!!, Adieu Chidiaka!!!
Your blood shall never go unpunished to those who did this to you
They will ever live to go the way they made you all went through
Continue to rest in the bosom of your Lord and Maker
With love, peace and respect we chant to the tomb where you rest.

Nsikak Andrew 
17th November, 2012

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