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Miscellaneous Nature Poem about Strike

 Best Miscellaneous Nature Poem about Strike

When a strike becomes too often, it loses its meaning. And when such is within the school environment, just imagine what the future would hold for the student.

Say no to strike, it never moves the nation forward.  And in trying to end the strike, this nature poem is all about us coming together to say no to strike for the sake of our children’s future. Inspirational Poem: Sunset on the Other Site [Odey to Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie]


Strike oh! Strike every day,
Strike oh! Strike every time
Strike oh! Strike every way
Strike o! Strike…

Strike in our school system
Strike in our body polity
Strike, strike, strikes everywhere.

We have strike that we lose the value
Our schools now produce haft bakes
Our nation now loses in trillions
Hunger has perfected her mission
Now, looters have found their home.

Strike, strike, strike
When shall we be tired?

Nsikak Andrew 
3rd July, 2007

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