Short Poem for Port Harcourt City Journey - Lovingly – Expressing Love, Endlessly and Lovingly! Short Poem for Port Harcourt City Journey

Short Poem for Port Harcourt City Journey

Best Short Poem for Port Harcourt City Journey

If you have developed a passion for travelling, here is a poem message you can enjoy while on a journey to your destination. The Port Harcourt journey is one trip for me that will always be something to remember. Romantic Nigeria Pidgin Love Poems in English Language for the One You Love

Port Harcourt City Journey

Journey of a thousand miles
Begins with a step
Risk is life that we must take to survive
The sun here rejoices in her glory
Speed along the road
That has been blessed in motion.

Side-to-side green splashing
Of nature’s leaf smiling
Within the ray of sunshine
I am coming in search of my future.

Yesterday the bell of hope rung
Announcing a call from a cell phone
Hurry to P-town for your future is waiting
Journey across Ibagwa Bridge
Death trap that is now a glory
Dividend of democracy I congratulate.

Speed of life, trap of death
You hold the race that we must finish.

Across my journey
Boundaries separating difference Clans
I saw Uyo to Ekom Iman Junction,
Abak, Ibagwa Barrack, Oruk Anam,
Mkpat Enin, Ikot Abasi…

A longer bridge
The fourth that we had cross
Goodbye to Oruk Anam it says
Across the bank of the water with trees
A boat paddling…

Rush shout of stop!
Arm robbers!
Reverse, driver reverse
O – no!, a car was about to burn
We had to drive on.

Police collecting their usual
If the government doesn’t care, who cares?

Bionu, Bori, Nonwa…
Towns I crossed.

Bush on fire
Ground prepared for crop yields.

P-town I am here!
Town! Refuse dump welcomed me
A different from smell of inter-land
Eleme with tankers all around…

Driver dropped me!
Shell-Gate I alight
P-town I have come!

Nsikak Andrew 
12th February, 2007

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