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Nature Poem about Ijebu-Ode Brewers Content

Best Nature Poem about Ijebu-Ode Brewers Content

It seems every major town and city has their brewers. I came to serve and completed my service year at the brewers’ content, Imagbon in Ijebu-Ode. Nigeria Love Poems for Your Personal Person

Fun memories of factory life still lingers. And here I just smile remembering this journey poem I wrote. 

Ijebu-Ode Brewers Content

A sleepy town
Down South-West
Has become a treasure island
That houses the brewer.

Her journey began
In a little town name Imagbon
Brewing the 33’ and Hi-Malt contents.

Now in the South-East
There had spread their tentacles
In Awomma-ma her abode is crowned
For a continued brewing of her contents.

Here in your abode I did my serve year
Imagbon, a land in Ijebu-Ode
Stories that sometimes make me glad.

Ijebu-Ode, land of mighty warriors,
Heard you are stingy in nature
But to me prudent is your watchword
You are truly a nature in itself.

I came, I saw, I conquer
Now I can tell your story
Maybe that should be kept to mind
But of all, you showed me another side of life.

Nsikak Andrew 
10th October, 2007

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