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Best Nigerian Proverbs in English Language

Nigerian Proverbs in English Language

Nigerians and indeed African proverbs are believed to be wise sayings of the Elders which come from many years of life experiences. The wise sayings of Nigerian proverbs in English are something you can relate with for many life changes.

If you love Nigerian culture, then you will relate so well to her proverbs. For your delight, here are some wise words of Nigerian Elders that come with a deep meaning for everyday situations of life.

Nigerian Proverbs In English 

[1]. There is no shortcut to the top of a palm tree.

[2]. It is better to see the dead body of a dog at the house of a fowl than to see the dead body of a fowl at the house of a dog.

[3]. The best way a snake protect itself is to attack his enemy.

[4]. Women are like clothes in the market, not the first person that offers for the price will later buy it.

[5]. A man who refuses to workhard in life will end up being the best friend to poverty.

[6]. If you don't stand for what is right why then stand at all.

[7]. A wolf cannot intimidate the sheep when the Shepherd is awake and vigilant.

[8]. All ways are no ways. In life pretending is the worst thing so far but let every man be careful.

[9]. The old age of King Methuselah has nothing to do with the Wisdom of Solomon.

[10]. A wise man can learn more from a foolish question than a fool can learn from a wise answer!

Nigerian Proverbs And Wise Words Of Nigerian Elders

[11]. There's no way without the way.

[12]. He who tells you not to border on little things has never slept in a room with mosquito.

[13]. Two heads are better than one but all fingers are not equal. The way you make your bed so you sleep on it.

[14]. A fly that follows the corpse to the grave end up been buried.

[15]. The believer is naturally disposed to all the traits except betrayal and lying.

[16]. Chameleon said, not that he cannot walk faster but he begged the ground before walking.

[17]. Patient is the stepping stone.

[18]. The white pot on firewood has not seen the test of life.

[19]. The road to success is always very busy. You have to clear the bush.

[20]. If you say I am good for nothing therefore you are bad for something.

Nigerian Proverbs About Life

[21]. You can only give what you have.

[22]. It is only the woman that has not seen trouble; holds her breast while running.

[23]. What do you gain asking a leper to clap? It is never fun oppressing those you're better off.

[24]. In a community in which a dog kills a lion, such a community is not fit to live.

[25]. You cannot feature in a future that you did not picture.

[26]. A woman without a husband is like a well dressed person without footwear.

[27]. Even if education is free a rat will never go to the same school with a cat.

[28]. A successful man is the one who makes more money than his wife can’t spend. A successful woman is someone who finds that man.

[29]. When you go to sleep with an itching anus, expect to wake up with smelly fingers.

[30]. A child who refuses to take instruction will end up in destruction.

Nigerian Proverbs And Idioms

[31]. If you marry the right person you have a prayer partner and if you marry the wrong person you have a prayer point.

[32]. No matter how fast an eagle can fly its belly must be seen.

[33]. The dog of the village Chief is not the Chief of all dogs in the village.

[34]. Don't conclude that you are made financially, until you get married.

[35]. The cockroach cannot be innocent in the gathering of fowls.

[36]. It is better to try and fail than not to try at all.

[37]. It is very correct when you say he who pays the piper dictates the tone.

[38]. Knowledge from the wise is full of wisdom.

[39]. A lean freedom is better than fat slavery.

[40]. Love comes to those who believe and still wait for it.

Nigerian Proverbs And Wise Sayings

[41]. No matter how the lizard behaves, it cannot turn to crocodile.

[42]. A child who stays close to the Chief priest knows the name of the spirit.

[43]. A person who tells you about others will one day tell others about you.

[44]. It is foolishness to be shameful of what is gainful.

[45]. If you believe what people are saying, a fool is better than you.

[46]. No matter the circular motion of man's eyes it can never see his back.

[47]. Always see yourself inside yourself because l always know myself inside myself.

[48]. The strength of a broom stick is on its numbers.

[49]. No matter how strong and fierce the storm or wind is, it cannot break the feather of a bird.

[50]. Any day that passes you by without you learning a little from it is a waist day for you.

Best Nigerian Sayings

Nigerian Sayings

[51]. He who fights and runs away lives to fight another day.

[52]. Good name is better than silver and gold.

[53]. When you are busy waiting for a mango to ripe, others will be busy eating it with salt.

[54]. Condition remains permanent when people are blind of the truth.

[55]. A bad habit is like a flat tire you cannot move ahead until you change it.

[56]. When you are rich watch your behavior and when you are poor watch your feelings.

[57]. The hand cannot go inside the anus without bringing out excreta.

[58]. No matter how hot your temper is, it cannot cook yam.

[59]. Any man, who drinks Alomo bitters without squeezing his face, is capable of murder.

[60]. The quality of your preparation will determine the quality of your performance.

Nigerian Wise Sayings

[61]. Don't work through the streets of life with your eyes closed.

[62]. No matter where you run you are still under God.

[63]. No matter how far a place is, it must be near somewhere.

[64]. He who keeps a female friend as his best friend is like a person who trains chicken as his pet because one day he will eat it.

[65]. Always remember that life is nothing but a dream for many years.

[66]. If you want to be successful, you don't get tired of how far the journey still looks like.

[67]. A bird at hand is better than the thousands in the forest.

[68]. A man who steal from church treasury can kill for money.

[69]. He who fetches ant infested firewood invite lizard to his house.

[70]. By trying often the monkey learns how to jump from tree to tree.

Nigerian Wise Proverbs

[71]. Salt is very sweet, but rats will never steal it.

[72]. Apprehension is the greatest disincentive two success.

[73]. When a lizard dies and fellow lizard comes for burial a grasshopper cannot attend it.

[74]. Is only someone that goes to defecate at night knows that flies don't sleep.

[75]. Is better we start looking for a black goat in day time before night.

[76]. Lack of hearing of advice and wise counsel often leads to destruction.

[77]. The road without obstacles does not lead anywhere. There must be obstacles because there is something great ahead.

[78]. A man is not finished when he is defeated but finished when he quits and gives-up.

[79]. When the going gets tough, let the tough get going.

[80]. Impossible is a word found only in the dictionary of fools.

Old Nigerian Adage Sayings

[81]. The goat that smells the anus of a lion shall not live to tell the story.

[82]. A vulture that scoops a turtle will die of starvation..

[83]. It is sheer stupidity to ask for a chair from a toad when itself is squatting.

[84]. Wedding is just three to four hours while marriage is lifelong.

[85]. When you marry a liar as a wife, everyday becomes an April fool.

[86]. What you fail to learn might teach you a reasonable lesson.

[87]. Take what you can from your life because when life starts taking, it takes even your last breath.

[88]. Irrespective of how tall the Okoro tree is, it can't grow taller than its planter.

[89]. Be happy not because everything is good, but because you can see the good side of everything.

[90]. A child born premature is not his making but the Lord has destined it to be.

Old Nigerian Proverb

[91]. Until the rotten tooth is pulled out, the mouth must chew with caution.

[92]. No man is bad only women that turn them that way.

[93]. No matter how bad a night is, there is always a good morning.

[94]. Flower attracts many people but we don't eat flowers so look well before you pluck.

[95]. No matter how a lizard stays in the river it does not change into a crocodile.

[96]. Don't wait for the arrival of your boat, swim to meet it.

[97]. It is needless crying over spilled milk.

[98]. Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion but some opinions are pointing at the wrong direction.

[99]. Sometimes you have to hear to be deaf and be deaf to be heard because wind does have friend.

[100]. He who fights and runs away leaves to fight another day.

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