Poem for Chimaroke Nnamani - Lovingly – Expressing Love, Endlessly and Lovingly! Poem for Chimaroke Nnamani

Poem for Chimaroke Nnamani

Poem to Chimaroke Nnamani

We did this long ago for the former Governor of Enugu State. Enjoy it with style.

Gracious Style 

Gracious style,
Painted in the rhythm of his flows
A medical doctor he is
But in the image of a writer he shone.

“Ebeano” he coined,
“To God be the Glory” he popularized
“Dividend of Democracy” is his making.

Coal City he ruled with finesse,
Our senate he has gone to better our lots
Who would deny him his place?

Him whom the Newspapers houses,
Delights in his intellectual contributions
Sipped from his repertoire of wisdom.

A man with difference part,
Seated upon our political terrain
He has come with a fresh heart
That would change the mentality of thoughts.

Nsikak Andrew 
 3rd July, 2007

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