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Motivational and Inspirational Quotes to Share on Social Media Groups

Meditation is what helps the mind to be focused. These Motivational Quotes For Meditation And Inspirational Messages To Share On Social Media Groups are some of the best words of encouragement that you can share with others on whatsapp groups and other social media platforms.

Best Motivational and Inspirational Quotes to Share on Social Media Groups

Meditation is what helps the mind to be focused. These Motivational Quotes For Meditation And Inspirational Messages To Share On Social Media Groups are some of the best words of encouragement that you can share with others on whatsapp groups and other social media platforms.

When you think of sharing something reasonable, these words of meditation and quotes would go a long way for motivation of those that are so dear to your heart. Romantic Love Quotes For Relationship And Friendship For The One You Love

[1]. To Share How Hard It Is?

I hold my breath deep and this thought drops into my subconscious.

~Sharing is a virtue, a gift. If you don’t have it, you don’t have it. But you can learn to have it.~

Life is about sharing. You can call it networking if you like. Sharing gives us joy knowing that through our action, we have helped save a dying soul.

Simple as this may sound, we find it so hard at some point to yield to it demands. Maybe because of the circumstances that surround it. But in all its essence, sharing helps us live a more happy and better life.

Next time you have the opportunity to share, hold back no hard feelings – share what you have and your heart will ever be made a pleasant store house of treasure.

[2]. Face Your Mountains

~Show me a man alive that has no mountain to conquer then I will show you a man that is long gone.~

Rich or poor, we all have mountains to contend with. Your mountains are the challenges you go through in life. It can either be Finance, health, emotional and others that seem to give you concern.

In facing all the challenges of life, know for sure that every mountain has a solution; that is if you look in-between the lines.

If you come across a mountain, hold you peace and let no panic situation drives you into some stupid thoughts.

Relax, fact it and you will have victory. That is all you have to do to overcome your mountains. Just face it with no fear.

[3]. Stop Sitting On The Fence

If you have sat on the fence for too long, take my advice, stop sitting on the fence. Get off it, and go do something with your life.

~Those who sit on the fence are like passersby who window-shop and have a story for every happening around town without owing anything.~

They write other people’s history books but owe no chapter of theirs. They are like `ticketers` at the airport who knew all the destination routes, flight time and airlines but had never travelled.

Stop sitting on the fence. When you do, you lose time and have no mind to take action. Just don’t be a spectator who only watches but be a player on the pitch of life.

When you stop guessing and take action, you will redefine yourself and do the impossible; that can only happen when you stop sitting on the fence watching.

[4]. We All Have An Enemy

The greatest enemy is the enemy of oneself.You can walk away from external enemies, but can you walk away from yourself? The enemy we have but seem not to know of, sometimes is ourselves.

At times we blame others for our misfortune but seem not to know that we are a contributory factor to our failure for the things we fail to do right when it matters.

The enemy of failure, looms so real within ourselves but for us to others it, we need to take action and do everything possible to eliminate it.

Living a life of purpose, is what will give us the edge to strive always to eliminate this enemy called average.

~Never limit yourself or talk down on yourself. If you see nothing good in yourself, others will also not see anything good in you.~

To kill the enemy within you, always believe in yourself.

[5]. Who Is Deceiving Who?

You are given an opportunity to excel, but you do nothing about it. Who is to blame? You refused to put in hardwork in that little business and when failure looms, you find fault in others.

When all was given to you on a platter of gold and you go about lazing and feeling that things will always be the same but before you knew it, everything turned upside down, now all you do is complain that life is not fair to you.

Before you fall into any trap, there is always some warning. You refuse to look at it. You will always be the same way.

Remember, time changes and if you refuse to change with the changing time, blame no one for your misfortune.

Do what is right and stop deceiving yourself. 

[6]. When Money Is Involved

Be careful when dealing with friends on matters that have to do with money.

Do not give in to too much trusting. Deal with caution but have your mind at peace.

~There is nothing that brings disunity among friends like when the trust of money is lost.~

People do terrible things for money. And some lost their human conscience just for it.

Remember when they seek it from you, they become so gentle but when they got what they want, you begin to understand their true colour.

[7]. Learn To Trust Your Instincts

Your instinct has a lot to do in guiding your life out of danger and many troubled waters. If you are a man that is in tune with your instinct, hardly would you find yourself in a danger zone.

~Your body instinct is a guide that draws you towards accomplishing your destiny.~

In every step of life you desire to take, your body instinct stands a better chance as a guide that would direct you if you can listen to it.

Everyone has its ways how it would manifest to them. If you study yourself repeatedly, you will be able to hear the warming signal at any time it wants to arise before it is too late.

When your mind, spirit and body resist a thing and at times turn weak on a journey you are about to embark on a new business deal you are about to enter, hold back and withdraw your steps at that moment.

Sincerely, this is a way that communication is sent to you that all might not be well. Be wise! Happy Romantic Wedding Anniversary Love Poems To My Wife

Best Change Your Attitude

[8]. Change Your Attitude

Like it is said – “You need to change your attitude to change your life”.If there is something that will bring about a total transformation, it is a change in attitude. The paradigm shift – If you have done something time without numbers and it seems change is elusive. You need a change.

~Change in attitude is doing an old thing in a new way.~

When you have a particular form of behavior – and within you, you know you need a change – to make it better, you just need to change.

The world we are is a changed world. If you can’t change with the changing time, then know for such that you will soon become obsolete.

Take it or leave it, those who make progress in life; changes with the changing time. The same changes, comes along with a change in their attitude.

The only thing that is 100% sure is attitude when you change your attitude; you change your life and at the same time, affect your world.

[9]. The Work Place Politics

Politics like it is known is a game played by all. It is not until you seek to represent your locality that makes you a politician. As long as you are working or living within a race and still breathing, you are bound to play politics.

For this piece, I am talking of office politics. As a new employee who found himself in an organization, it will do you good to first study these rules if actually you must succeed within that organization.

  • Put your rebellion spirit behind you.   
  • Know who are the movers and shakers in the hierarchy of your organization.
  • Find him or her that is cheated within your department and within the organization to gather your information.
  • Show respect to all but play within the gallery and within your shadow.
  • If you have an answer to a given problem, do it in such a way that your boss takes the glory.
  • Keep your braveness within you and let none determine your next move.

Lastly, never admire anyone that your bosses have an interest upon. Hope you know what I mean.

[10]. Allow Time To Take Its Course

Tick slows the clock that reaches its destination. It takes pain and determination to get the right things done.

Just like the steady movement of the time, we can apply its principles to make our lives better. Remember, you don’t rush the time, but you move with it to accomplish its action.

~You can’t get to 6.00p.m., without passing 6.00a.m.~

Work in between time and never try to be faster than your shadow. Every great achievement comes with schedule time that gradually moves to its desired destination.

If you desire to make a life out of every situation, allow time to take its course.

[11]. Basic Skills Are Mastered

When you define your dream and what you have passion for, the next level is to acquire it basic skills. Acquiring the basic skills in your chosen endeavour is what will give you an undue advantage time and time over again.

~All you need to master your world, is to acquire the basic skills that is trendy within your desired passion.~

The process of mastering the basic skills could be turbulent. It requires a painstaking effort which you alone would be the one to undertake it and go with it all alone.

Do not discard this; it is what will keep you on top of your game later on. When you mastered the basic skills, be in tune with those within that endeavour. It is a sure route to learning new discoveries that will help you excel.

[12]. The More You Learn, The More You Discover

Every stage of life is a learning process. The more you learn, the more you have control of your self esteem. And the more you can withstand any pressure based on what is inside of you.

If you must go to the battlefield of life, it is what you acquire through self learning that will stand by you to fight on till victory becomes yours.

~Winning in life depends on what you know. And what you know is what will deliver you in every moment of disperse.~

As long as you are alive, learn all that you need to learn. The more you learn, the more you discover and that adds a value to your life and makes you a better person anytime, any day.

[13]. The Man, A Woman And Their Ego

You can hurt a man and yet still finds favour with him, but please do not try it on their pride.

~Everybody has in between them their pride. And ego is within their bosom too.~

Pride has become a force that seems uncontrollable if not checked on time. It takes the grace of discipline to subdue it under our control.

Sometimes, those with pride seem not to know that they have it. And pride, it is that comes before a fall.

Check within you the forces that spring up immediately, something that seems not to favour you is said. Check the way you carry yourself and feel that you are all.

If you find you are not ready to submit to others and not teachable – be it as it may, you have within you the pride theory and some element of ego that goes in between.

These wouldn’t last long if you can’t deal with it. Check yourself and please check again if you are to go far in life.

[14]. Persistence Redefines Our Presence

When you persist, there is an open door where darkness can’t fill. Those who win in life, if you find it out, are those who persist and never give up when it seems like all is the end.

~Victory in life belongs to those who persist.~

Ask those who are successful, they will tell you that what keeps them going is persistence in a moment of discouragement.

No door will open to you automatically without your continuous persistence. If you are ready for a lifetime of change, keep on persisting – for such, you will see the light at the end of the tunnel.


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Lovingly – Expressing Love, Endlessly and Lovingly!: Motivational and Inspirational Quotes to Share on Social Media Groups
Motivational and Inspirational Quotes to Share on Social Media Groups
Meditation is what helps the mind to be focused. These Motivational Quotes For Meditation And Inspirational Messages To Share On Social Media Groups are some of the best words of encouragement that you can share with others on whatsapp groups and other social media platforms.
Lovingly – Expressing Love, Endlessly and Lovingly!
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