Nigerian and African Elders Deep Proverbs that Teaches Life Wisdom - Lovingly – Expressing Love, Endlessly and Lovingly! Nigerian and African Elders Deep Proverbs that Teaches Life Wisdom

Nigerian and African Elders Deep Proverbs that Teaches Life Wisdom

Best Nigerian and African Elders Deep Proverbs that Teaches Life Wisdom

Nigerian And African Elders Deep Proverbs That Teaches Life Wisdom

Proverbs that are rich in nature would always be the word that encourages one to strive to be the best at all time. These Nigerians and Africans elders’ proverbs are a deep reflection from the experiences of our elders to help shape a better society.

If you love African proverbs, you would fall in love with these deep collections of Nigerians elders’ proverbs.

Nigerian And African Elders Proverbs    

[1]. When an elder is talking and sweating invariably that elder is crying.

[2]. Dig a well before you are thirsty, and plant a seed before you are hungry.

[3]. A problem shared is still your problem.

[4]. Anyone who cuts a big pieces of meat from pepper soup with his eyes wide open is not afraid of anything.

[5]. It is only the person who goes to the river in the night that knows how a bat manages to drink water.

[6]. A bird at hand is more than one thousand birds in the forest.

[7]. No matter the thickness of the forests it cannot prevent snake from entering it.

[8]. No matter how beautiful and handsome you are on earth you are nothing.

[9]. It is better to live in thatch house than to spend your whole life in the boat.

[10]. No matter how tall a man is, he can never see tomorrow.

[11]. If you want to relax under a tree during your old age, plant one during your youthful age.

[12]. There are so many stars in the sky but few sparks light.

[13]. Let the peaceful and patient child enjoy the throne of his father.

[14]. A blind person cannot be a judge in a dancing competition.

[15]. A man who married a beautiful woman is like a farmer who grows crops along the road.

[16]. The fastest way to lose a good friend is by lending him money expecting him to pay back.

[17]. When the fire dies the ashes will remain to bear the testimony.

[18]. Don’t tell a woman to close her laps because you don’t know where she receives air.

[19]. When a snake bites a child if he sees the head of a lizard he will start running.

[20]. No matter how tall you are, you can't be taller than the road.

[21]. There is no smiling face in time of ejaculation.

[22]. If you don’t like noise making while cooking, don't buy food stuff on credit.

[23]. The monkey that wants to see the hunters face will one day receive a bullet in its face.

[24]. A cow does not know the value of its tail until it is cut off.

[25]. Responsible people respond to responsibility.

[26]. He who wants the rain should not be afraid of thunders.

[27]. A roundabout movement of two lizards cannot be comprehended by human imagination.

[28]. A fisherman without a boat is like a man wanting to have children without marriage.

[29]. He who failed to plan, has already planned to fail.

[30]. We need elders even if not for anything but for the sake of tradition.

[31]. The excreta smell much when it is dropped in another person's door step.

[32]. When a hand shake goes beyond the elbow it becomes another thing.

[33]. No matter how far a stone travelled the ground is still his destination.

[34]. To attract attractive people, you must be attractive.

[35]. Great houses are not built with cheap materials.

[36]. He who knows not the law of life would always walk astray.

[37]. There is no connection between vulture and salon.

[38]. Snake says for it to avoid commuting an offence it gets to remove it hands and legs.

[39]. Delay is what makes the hen not to fly like other birds.

[40]. For something to happen in life, something must happen for it to happen.

[41]. Don't take risk, on what you cannot handle. The you, in you, makes you, the you, you are.

[42]. When others are trying to bring you down, it means that you are above them.

[43]. Design your life or someone else will use you to design his own.

[44]. If the wise can't recognize the footstep of the wicked on a dry sand, how much more the foolish.

[45]. It is only the wise that count their teeth twice before reacting to anger.

[46]. Wisdom is like a bag every person carries its own.

[47]. The person you love so much will always be the one to hurt you the most.

[48]. It is ignorance that makes rat invite cat for a fight.

[49]. A man without a savings is a naked man.

[50]. A butterfly thinking himself as a bird.

Best Deep African and Nigerian Proverbs

Deep African and Nigerian Proverbs

[51]. The gentle movement of a tiger does not mean the tiger is timid.

[52]. He who has been bitten by a bee would always be scared when he sees a fly.

[53]. When you crush a mad man with a car, then you know he has relatives.

[54]. The bend is never the end keep going you must surely get to your destination.

[55]. No matter how big a penis is, you can never use it to harassing an old woman.

[56]. You can never cut a man’s head on his absence.

[57]. Kola nut lasted in the mouth of those that values it.

[58]. The little opportunity given to a monkey to wear cloths does not guarantee it to join the dining table.

[59]. Give not thy strength unto women, nor thy ways to that which destroyed kings.

[60]. The court is made for only two friends, lies and truth.

[61]. A tree that doesn’t know how to dance will be thought by the wind.

[62]. When oppression becomes a law then self-defense will be a duty of all citizen.

[63]. Nobody knows everything but everybody knows something. It is better to be late than never.

[64]. A woman who sleeps with her wrapper at night means something for the husband.

[65]. A slow movement of a lion is not a mistake but a calculated accuracy.

[66]. If you marry the right woman you marry a prayer mate, but if you marry the wrong woman you have a prayer point.

[67]. A woman can be a counterfeit only if she indulging in voluptuous life.

[68]. The more you learn the truth about life, the less you make mistakes.

[69]. No matter how they gather they can't fight one man who carry Grace.

[70]. You don't fight a man under grace, grace will disgrace you.

[71]. A big head without brain is a heavy load to the neck.

[72]. No matter how fast a criminal is, he cannot rob a naked man.

[73]. He that fights and run away lives to fight another day.

[74]. Lack of trust leads two scabies patients to have handshake with their scratch-sticks to avoid body contact.

[75]. A Nymph aspires to grow tremendously but not to the size of an elephant

[76]. An intelligent enemy is better than a stupid friend.

[77]. A man with a protruded tooth, when he is dying, it will look as if he is laughing.

[78]. Christianity is free but you must buy your Bible.

[79]. Free education is real, but you must pay your acceptance fee.

[80]. A successful man is one who makes more money than his wife can spend. A successful woman is one who can find such a man.

[81]. Whatever a child climbs up to see, His father will sit down to see.

[82]. How can we keep struggling for peanuts while the maggots feed fat on our sweet?

[83]. If you think education is expensive try ignorance.

[84]. Always try to become the first person, because the second person is the first looser.

[85]. It is only a fool who doesn't know the potency of a herbal charm that calls it a mere vegetable.

[86]. The fools will multiply if the wise keep quiet.

[87]. You cannot shave a man's head in his absence.

[88]. He who swallows a coconut should be able to trust his Anus.

[89]. Girls are like mangoes while some are waiting for them to ripe, others are eating them with salt.

[90]. I am yet to see a man whose stomach does not move when he laughs.

[91]. No matter the economy of the jungle the lion will never feed on grass.

[92]. No matter the matter that matter the matter, what must be must be.

[93]. War does not determine who is right but who is left.

[94]. The absence of the cat makes the mouse brag.

[95]. A word is enough for the wise.

[96]. A river doesn't not flow without bringing down the trees.

[97]. An erected penis has no conscience.

[98]. The gentility of a leopard is not the symbol of its kindness.

[99]. To love someone who doesn't love you in return is like shaking a huge Iroko tree to make a tiny dew drop falls which is impossible.

[100]. No army ever marched off to battle without a plan for victory.

[101]. A great man without Christ is like a beautiful jeep without fuel to start it.

[102]. A man does not run away from his bottoms.

[103]. Don't believe every picture you see because even the salt looks like sugar.

[104]. Two truths do not appear in court.

[105]. People do not appreciate what they have until they lost it.

[106]. The battle of this world is a battle of words.

[107]. Vision without provision is equals to television.

[108]. It's better late than never.

[109]. All that glitters are not gold.

[110]. A man without a smiling face must not open a shop.

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