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Motivation Monday and Inspirational Messages to Start the Week

Find here the best Motivation Monday Quotes and Inspirational Quotes to Start the Week for your delight.

Best Motivation Monday and Inspirational Quotes to Start the Week

How to Overcome the Limitation of Time and Made it not to be too Limited to be Wasted
“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.” – Steve Jobs
There is no need trying to define time here because time is too limited to be defined. If there is one thing we should dread, it is time.
“When you fail to move with the moving time, expect to reach your destination when it is late, that is if that will be possible.”
There is a popular saying that time waits for nobody. How true this is, is better left to our imagination? We live in a world that is like a marketplace where we all as humans are here with our clothes to sell and thereafter, go back home to give account of our stewardships. If truly we have this at the back of our mind, we would put in our best never to waste any little time we have to make our wear a living commodity that all should strive to purchase. Money can't Buy Everything Quotes and Things Money Can't Buy in a Relationship
We might have heard or come across this popular saying that we don’t have a second chance to make a first impression. I would add to it that we don’t have a second chance to add up to the number of years wasted in ignorance. Rightly, you may say there is a second chance to make a first impression. And rightly, I might seem to agree with you only in that context. But permit me to say that it can never add up to the number of years wasted. Again you might say that you can catch up with the years wasted. You might also say that age is nothing but just a number. But if I might ask, considering the number of the maximum age one should spend here on earth, you will realize that you don’t have any minute to waste because the scene of the unknown can take you up at any time without notice. So in all you do, do not play with time. Time is too precious to be wasted because it is limited within the numbers of our years that we have to spend here on earth and we all know that we don’t have any control over it.
“Make time your best friend and move when you ought to without procrastination.”
Steve Jobs the late Apple founder gave a good account of this in one of his quotes as captured above in this write-up. And to go with his saying, time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. As good as this simple advice, believe me you would still find people living someone else’s life all in the name of wanting to be like that fellow. Here there is a very big question mark? And what is this big question mark you may ask? Let me tell you in simple terms. People actually do not want to discover their God given talent and strive towards making it a life changing fulfillment which is at the first instant, the purpose to which they were created.
“Discover who you are and move with time to actualize your dream.”
In today’s world, it is so easy to find people tailoring their life to suit someone else’s dream. And they forget that no matter how they tried, they can never be life who they seem to imitate. 
“Tailoring your life against someone else’s pattern is one of the best ways to waste your time.”
If you could look carefully, at the end of it, you will never be like or better than that fellow. We all are unique in our own ways. And what gives us that uniqueness is the ability to discover ourselves and tailored our life towards making that a reality. But along the path of this fulfillment, there are obstacles that will constantly draw us backward, that is if we give in to it. The obstacles are not to break us down but to strengthen us towards achieving our aims without delay. Even if you come across this, do not waste time or put off your dream. Keep on moving and you will realize that those common things you felt could hold you down are actually what you need to get this done the right way.
If we still look at it, the problem of wanting to be like another is something that should not be part of our thought or line of action. We should know that everybody has a measure of talent but the problem is we spend our time trying to make use of another person’s talent and we end up not using ours.
“Use the talent you have to get all that you want.”
If you find a man who actualizes his talent, then in there you will see a man who is focused and never gives in to imitating any person. If such a person finds someone who has his kind of talent, all he does is learn from that person and add up his creativity to make it so original. He wouldn’t want to copy all and lose his focus from his own track. Some people just want to copy everything without adding their creativity to it. And the time you spend copying every move of another person’s talent is enough to define yours. If you seem to copy all, you lose focus and waste more time. You should know that anyone who already got there has an edge over you and seems to control the market in that option.
Sometimes, we sincerely do not see some of these things that draw us back as an obstacle till they are too late. Looking at procrastination, you may not even consider it to be an obstacle but sincerely, it is one of the biggest problems of our time.
“Nothing wastes our time like procrastination.”
In fact, it is one of the major killers of destinies. I will get it done; I will follow my dream, one excuse or the other without putting an action to it. And in the long run, we actually do not get it done and time is running out. Simply what we have done is to procrastinate without taking any action to actualize our dream. Like I said, nothing kills a dream like it.
“Procrastination makes us forget that life is too short to waste our time waiting for tomorrow instead of starting today.”
If you are with me, brave up and put your dream to work. Another thing we seem not to give a listening ear to is, idleness. There is more to idleness than we can imagine. Some feel it is a part time thing for relaxation. But what we don’t seem to know is that it is time consuming and makes us give up on putting our valuable time to good use.
“Idleness only contributes to backwardness and increases in us the ability to envy others.”
Like they say an idle mind is the devil's workshop. When you are idle, you are wasting valuable time. If you look around, those who are idle seem to blame others for everything that comes their way and they also find time to engage in daily gossip. Sincerely, the worst you can do is to blame others for your misfortune. If you keep blaming others, you will never have the time to discover where the problem is coming from. And gossiping has nothing to offer you but rather saps the energy in you that should be used in productive thinking. Taking life casually and giving in to too much relaxation is another thing that makes us give in to the waste of time.
“The “I don’t care attitude” makes us forget that what we don’t care about can sometimes turn around to affect us.”
When you take everything just anyhow it is one function that contributes to not achieving any goal when we should at the time we should. Too much relaxation and not taking anything serious brings about laziness.
“Laziness is a waste of time, it takes our mind out of the real thing we should do and makes us feel it can be done later.”
If you look at it “the later” is never done and the idea which would have made for creating wealth is delay through laziness and not wanting to put in effort to give it a try. The power that comes with laziness is complaining all the time without knowing that what we complain about is what others make a success out of. Looking at life, sometimes, it is full of regret but all we should do is never to let that get into our head.
“Living in regret is nothing but a waste of time and what will draw us backward without any gain in it.” 
If you allow life to defeat you, you would spend so much time mourning your defeat. And guess what, you waste precious time which incidentally will affect not only you but your health and the good people around you. What you cannot change, there is no need to mourn over it like forever because if you keep mourning your defeats, victory will never come your way.
“When defeated by life many challenges, that is the time to brave up and put in a good fight to overcome those challenges.”
The waste of time in mourning is a delay in the time to actualize your dream. So when faced with challenges, brave up and move on. Sincerely, braveness is no child’s play you have to consciously build your mind at all times to become brave in order to overcome lives many turbulent times. It is through the heart of braveness that you can stand to overcome any defeat of life. I know it is not easy but it is sincerely the way to overcome that which would put you down and make you a loser if you keep wasting time mourning what you cannot change. The very time you lose hope is the very time you should keep the faith going. If you quit, you have lost all but if you press on, then you will sing a new song of victory forever.
“Living in past glory is a setback that wastes time.”
If you keep dwelling in the past, you might never think of the future. If you have past failure, keep your mind off it and move on. And if you have gotten some victory, it is not a good idea to dwell on that singular honour because men of great importance break new ground and achieve more results. Those who dwell on their past glory, would always find themselves stock with the changing time. And meeting up with the changing time becomes a problem where energy is wasted trying to figure out the next step to follow. If you keep living in the past, sincerely, that is one option available that can make you die before your time considering all the headache that comes with thinking of your past losses. Again I need to sound this, if you are faced with past failures or successes, do not live with them but rather, ignore them and look for new ground to conquer because your ability to change with the changing time is what will ever keep you at the top all the time.
Criticizing, that is a serious option available for the waste of time if it is not constructive. Remember this; people who have no work will always criticize. It is their part time work and if you join them then you will never make anything good out of your time. People will always criticize either good or bad and if you want to succeed, never be distracted by any critics for their part time job is to find fault in others. You should learn to never give ears to hear-say but always make an assessment before you take your decision. If you do, then you will never lose but win all the time. Winning should be your ultimate goal when dealing with the issues of life.
“You don’t need to waste time on people with negative attitudes to life.”
If you come across people who are like parasites, keep off from them because they will never do you any good if you are down, they are never ready to share your pain but rather to sap you and make life miserable for you. You know a miserable life cannot contribute anything good to your health and all that it has to do with you but rather waste your time and draw you backward from actualizing your dream. 
Habit counts a lot in the waste of time. If you are too slow that is a bad habit. Too much talking is a bad habit. Indulging in bad habits would only make a mess of your life and perpetually keep you on the low side of life all the time. So to actualize your dream, learn how not to keep bad habits. And to make it work, keep off from bad influence especially peer pressure whose ways of action are never in conformity with the trend that can contribute positively to make your life a better one. If you have a friend that cannot contribute to your life positively, like I said, do away with such a friend. Remember you don’t have all the time because all you have is a limited time to fulfill your destiny.
“Your destiny can only be fulfilled through positive thinking and keeping up with the right people and not losers.”
Losers feel they have all the time without knowing that we have limited time here to fulfill the purpose to which we were created. If you know much, their thoughts are a setback. It will never make you progress but rather will set you back a thousand times. Remember your time is so valuable and it can only progress when you get along with the right people.
Check your attitude. If it is of bad influence to others, you might be drawing the right people off your way. Do not feel you know it all and wouldn’t need people around you. An attitude problem is a limiting factor and time wasting. If you should know, one thing limiting us from our breakthrough if carefully checked is our attitude but the problem is at times we actually do not seem to know that we have it.
“If you refuse to take corrections, that is an attitude that wastes precious time.” 
This sincerely, will allow you to make one mistake many times and over again. If you learn to take correction, you will succeed no matter the obstacle. Taking corrections eliminates the waste of time and makes you achieve more in less time. Apart from all that I have put down as some of the reasons that calls for waste of time, to every problem, there should be what brings about solutions. For me, one major thing that we should consider as a solution to the waste of time is to have a positive mindset.
“A positive mind is a self-esteem mind that can stand the valley of depression any day, any time and overcome them as they come.”
When you are positive in all you do, you eliminate the power of negative thoughts. And when this is eliminated, you find yourself surrounded with the forces of thoughts that will propel your spirit man to be a goal getter. This in itself gives you a merry heart to withstand every challenge comes your way. If you change your belief that is from negative thoughts to positive thoughts, indirectly, what you have done is to change your life for the better but if you keep to your belief without a total change in life, then you will remain at one spot also the time.
Remaining at one spot is a sure way that wastes time. In all, if you carry the mentality that you were created to be the best; then you will be the best at all time. In order to succeed and eliminate the waste of time, we should cultivate an attitude that draws people around us. When you have people who believe in you, then it is easy to get any task done at the right time.
Here I would say, you shouldn’t try to get everything done by yourself. Get people involved where necessary. Do not be a one man General. Remember time is of essence to get things done and every second counts.
“Time so counts that you don’t need to waste it because every time wasted can never be recovered at its actual state.”  
In order to manage time, you need to be disciplined. Discipline calls for order. If you are unprepared, you lose time. Learn to be prepared in all you do. If you do, you will win and if not, you will lose at all times. Losing makes you look unserious. And talking without putting it into practice is nothing but that which wastes valuable time.
“A million talks without one single action are like building a castle in the air.”
Do not be in the habit of talking too much but let your action be seen in the little words you say. Give everyone the reason to believe in your dream. And what will make anyone believe this, is what you have put on ground which is action without delay. This can only be achieved through discipline. And if you are not disciplined, you give in to anything as long as it satisfied your quest at a short time without thinking of the implication in the long run.
Lastly, keep to time and prepare your mind at all times. Walk with the right people and handle your affair with a clear mind. Make time your best friend and learn to plan your day. Do not wake up every day without a definite plan for that day. Cultivate the habit of focusing on whenever your mind is set to do. Do not be distracted by other people's influence. Be determined in all you do. Keep reinvesting yourself and change with the changing time. Be among the right people with proven records of success in moments of despair. Remember all you have is a limited time to achieve the purpose to which you were created and if you fail, you fail because of ignorance. All that you need to make a success of your life is at your fingertip but you need time and the power of focus to achieve that within the best possible time which incidentally is short.
“Keep faith with time and you will grow beyond your imagination.”     
The Value of Humility and How you can Profit from it to Achieve your Purpose in Life
“Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time.” – I Peter (5:6 KJV)
The value of humility is the essence of life. A man that is humble is a man who will go far in life. To be humble is a virtue that takes a man to the top. A man that must actualize his dream, must take along with him this virtue which without, he may never get near the top.
“If you seek to measure success, humility is one true value that accounts for such.”
It takes nothing to be humble. Sometimes, people might consider you for a fool when you are humble. For me, it is better to be a fool at it and get what you want then be a hard man and lose it all. Take a look at a man who is successful in all that he sets to do, if you sincerely look in between the lines, you will find the virtue of humility in that person. Positive Thoughts about Success and Quotes on Organized Plan
“It takes nothing to be humble. It is what will take you far.”
Humility gives us the level head to seek for knowledge and have a deep understanding of it. When you are humble, intelligence sets in and you find yourself becoming a reference point among those around you. This gives you the needed boldness with an unusual strength to face and overcome every limitation on your way to greatness. One simple value to spot a great man is his humble disposition. Such a person takes everything with a calm spirit that naturally attracts you to them.
“Humility is what brings a peace of mind anytime, any day.”
If you seek to be great, one tool that will take you there is humility but the problem is, the road to greatness is actually that road which sometimes hides in disguise and is clothed with opportunities that only the mind that is humble can see through it.
In life, I must say we shouldn’t be in a haste nor seek to rush over everything that comes our way. Those that are in a haste if you watch closely are heading to nowhere. Life is a gradual process; you take it one step at a time or after the other. And what will give you the patience to go through its many huddles is the heart of humility.
It is a known fact that men who do not have patience are seemingly not humble. They want to rush everything at once without taking the pain to understand the situation. You would hear them say, “I do not have patience for this or that”. Sincerely, this is a bad way to show the lapses within you without taking into consideration the fact that such is bad. At times, people seem to compare humility to laziness without realizing the inner joy that a man with a humble spirit radiates.
“Humility is not laziness, it is being yourself to attract the best all the time.”
When you are humble, you will seem to see everything in between the lines. Nothing and I mean nothing can take a humble man unaware.
“People may say you are slow but they fail to see between the lines that hastiness is nothing but emptiness in the long run.”
Humility pays and it is what will define your person if you guide your heart with all diligence. It would be right to say that humility is an inheritance but you can also learn it. Learning it is through experience in life that might force you to become humble. Circumstances of life in many cases are what humble a man who seems to be arrogant. When a man is arrogant, people look at him in another way. And the only time arrogance pays is when such a person suddenly realizes that those who should naturally be around them are nowhere to be found because of their arrogant way of doing things. Such a person never radiates true love that draws people around him. He feels he knows all but sincerely, he makes for himself more enemies than friends.
When a man is humble, he fears His Maker and would ever want to do His will no matter how inconvenient it is to him but that cannot be said of a man that is not humble. A man who seeks after the righteousness of His Creator, would more than anything need this value called humility. It is what will guide you to the throne of grace which is accessed through the heart of humility. Proverbs (15:33KJV) said, “The fear of the LORD [is] the instruction of wisdom; and before honour [is] humility”. Truly, honour might only come when you are humble in place of authority.
“People want easy access to honour but without taking the pains to get the virtue of it.”
Humility is that virtue that brings honour. And what is life if we gain all and yet have no honour for all that we have gained? We should take a deep look around the people in our community and around the world. It is good that we study the life of those we know that seem to lack this virtue and those that have this virtue. Let us draw up our findings and make comparisons between them all. If you are sincere with yourself, you will without the help of anyone discover which of life to adopt in the long run either to be humble or to be arrogant.
Whatever you are seeking for, the fastest way to get it is to humble yourself. When you are humble, things come to you easily. You don’t need to struggle for anything. Things come to you in due time. All you need is to be yourself, walk diligently and with a smile that takes away complain you can have all that you desire when you hold on to the value of humility because life in itself answers to humility just like Proverbs (22:4 KJV) said, “By humility [and] the fear of the LORD [are] riches, and honour, and life”.

How to Overcome the Rainy Day Issue and be a Winner in your entire Endeavour    

“Success has a short lifespan if it’s not multiplied and replicated.” Kehinde Ajose, writes in “Costly Mistakes Entertainers Make” in the Friday, June 8, 2012 edition of Entertainment Express. Life like LG says is good and what’s more, we all want and desire a good life. We all want to make it big time, live large and make the world feel our impact but how prepared are we to live with it and thereafter becomes a big question.

“Do not let life rule you but rule your life to live well.”

It is easy to make money if we implored our talents and put all the hardworks to bear with it. But the question is when the money begins to roll in; do we remember that it has it season and time? Sincerely, how we treat its season, is what it would take for us to reap a bountiful harvest time without numbers. Inspirational and Motivational Quotes about Building a Business Empire

“All we have in this world is nothing but temporal.”

There is a need to have it in the back of our mind that good times don't last a lifetime. Tribulation as in dry season may still come and it is our preparedness to deal with it that will enable us to stand the test of time. Now, if you are sitting on top of a free millions, remember there comes a time when the blood in you wouldn’t flow to make the millions as it used to be.

“Time changes and the game might never be the same as usual.”

It is your foresight and uprightness with a deep understanding of investment and money management that would keep you afloat and make you keep something for your next generation yet unborn.

A story online by Eurosport – The Rundown, Wednesday, March 28, 2012 titled “Top 10 Sports Stars Who Blew Fortunes”, got me thinking. The article takes a look at men who made fortunes from their talents in Basketball, Football, Golf, Boxing etc but blew them down the line with lifestyles that were unnecessarily called for. Of all, that of boxing is a case in mind considering Holyfield and Tyson, the article says, “The once undisputed heavyweight champions of the world both earned vast fortunes in the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s. Evander Holyfield picked up over $250m in his career, but had the bank foreclosed on his $10m house in 2008 (his house, incidentally, had 109 rooms). Holyfield cites poor business decisions and his two failed marriages (which have left him with huge child support bills) as the reasons for his financial woes. Mike Tyson, meanwhile, burnt through even more cash: some $300m and more went down the toilet – literally, at one point. Among his many extravagances was an exotic bathroom suite whose bathtub alone cost $2m! He was declared bankrupt in 2003 with a reported $34m debt. He returned to the ring to pay off his bills, but hit the rocks again and was convicted of cocaine possession in 2007. Today, he makes ends meet by appearing as himself in movies and tends his pigeons at home in New York.”

Read in-between the lines, there you will see what brought these men down even when they had the world on their feet financially. I implore you again to take a careful look at the quoted portion of the article above. If you do, you would spot what actually brought the downfall of the two heavyweight boxing champions? Holyfield cited poor business and his two failed marriages as the reasons for his financial misfortune but if I may ask, what is a man doing in a 109 room’s home? And for Tyson, why $2m exotic bathroom suite?

“Making money without financial discipline is the greatest disservice you can do to yourself.”

Money as I know is meant to be invested in profitable ventures that would yield another stream of income and not for extravagance. Like I know, those who live extravagant lifestyles will always at the end, live a borrowed life.

There is nothing as good as planning for the rainy day because, for sure, it shall come and how prepared you are for it, is what will give you an edge to overcome it when it finally shows up. The big way to overcome this is to save no matter how little or small it is. Now, let us do a little investment portfolio. If you keep $1,000 every day for the next 365 days, you will have saved $365,000.

You might say how this could be possible considering the economic situation in the land. And here I would say, that extra cash, the unnecessary expenses made on calls, drinks and others, if you can make a habit to save, then you can make something tangible out of it. Just give a try within your level and see how far you can go. I know some would say that it is only an entrepreneur that would be able to save such amount daily and not a civil servant but in all, try to save for that is a good way to secure your future, financially.

“Making a little saving is a sure way to get out of financial constraint.”   

The principle of life is to start small and grow big and not to start big and grow small. Those who think making money and spending it `loud-loud’ is the ultimate way to enjoy life to its fullness, are only making a big mistake because when they need the money most, it becomes like a bird, flying away and never to return with its full wings.

“When you make money no matter how little or how big it is, learn to save some for the rainy day.”

It is good to learn from the mistakes of others. This is what will give you an edge when you finally arrived at your comfort zone. And also remember to realize that money made in haste shouldn't be spent in haste but rather to have a good investment plan for the future and not on a short run. In Proverbs (6:6-8), the Bible says, “Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise: Which having no guide, overseer, or ruler, Provideth her meat in the summer, [and] gathereth her food in the harvest.”

Any amount of money in your hand is investable. We shouldn’t make the mistake of saying I do not have any left over. If you can’t handle the little in your hand, how will you handle the big one coming?

“There are things that are not necessary for you at some moment which you shouldn’t stress yourself because you want to be like others.”

Remember everyone has their time of breakthrough and while working for that, remember to put in place the necessary machineries to enable you fulfill what the Bible said in the Book of Proverbs about the ant. Some people make all, spend all and go borrowing without planning or keeping some for the rainy day. So bad!

“When you are content, you create the value to multiply the little in your hand.”

Whatever you have, be content and enrich your spiritual life. If you gain all the world, to your Maker, your soul is more precious than the riches of this world which Solomon said is vanity upon vanity. There are some levels of wealth we seek for but our Maker, the giver of life and wealth knows that it might destroy our faith in Him. He also knows that at some time, we may not have the capacity to withstand the reaction, in that which He gives to us. He knows what we need to keep a balance of our faith while aiming for the crown that never rots.

Wealth sometimes corrupts the mind when you are not prepared for it. It is good to have a balance in life, experiencing both the good and bad of it. It is what makes you strong and can withstand any eventuality. Be wise and invest rightly. 

“Wealth is for multiplication and not for accumulation.”

When seeking to make wealth, it is left for us to understand the purpose to which wealth is meant for without which, the aim is defeated. Even though the rainy day issue will always be around to test our faith in our Maker. As children of His Kingdom, it is left for us to have a deep understanding through His word on how to abide by His principle concerning the creation of wealth which has to do with giving, titling, investing, saving etc. Forgive me if you are not in line with this. Wealth to me is a faith issue. It is having a deep faith in your Maker that will enable you to create and manage wealth without losing focus. When we understand this purpose, then the rainy day issue for us would ever be a mirage and a thing of the past for us not to worry about when it comes our way, that is if it would come, which I doubt considering what we have inside. 

The Power of Risk Taking and the Braveness of Heart to Achieve Your Purpose in Life
“Go, gather together all the Jews that are present in Shushan, and fast ye for me, and neither eat nor drink three days, night or day: I also and my maidens will fast likewise; and so will I go in unto the king, which [is] not according to the law: and if I perish, I perish.” – Esther 4:16
There is no need dwelling on the person of Esther because the Book of Esther actually dwells on her person and how her brave heart of risk taking went a long way to deliver her people from the hand of the wicked Haman.  What actually tripped me is her ending statement in Esther 4:16, “… if I perish, I perish”.
There is something about life that I have come to understand that our destiny is not in the hands of men but in our own hands. But what marvels me sometimes is that we seem not to have a deep understanding of this. As long as you are satisfied where you are, there is nothing heaven can do about it but the moment you reject and react to that situation, then heaven will act according to your word. Romantic Love Messages for Husband and Wife
“Where you are at the moment can never be the best place for you even when you thought you have arrived.”
In life, all that we want out of it, we need to go for it with a determined heart of braveness. Sincerely, all we ever need in life, we got them through a determined heart of braveness. Just like Matthew (11:12 KJV) said, “And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force”.
Being violent here doesn’t mean taking someone’s life or being greedy in order to gain what will never last you a lifetime. It means taking action where you should and staying focused till you achieve that desired dream and that will come if you are brave.
“Braveness is what gives us the `I Can Do’ spirit that helps us to actualize our dreams.”
Remember that you can never kill a lion by becoming soft at heart but rather becoming brave with a will-heart that it can be done no matter the risk at stead.
“A man with a brave heart is a man who will always conquer his world.”
It was through the braveness of heart that spoken words in the beginning became a reality of what we have today as planet earth. Actually, life gives us the heart to try. When we try, no matter the challenges ahead, we at the end would always win. Trying we should not forget is the risk that brings winning.
“Men who dare impossible things are the men the world considered to be responsible.”
Take it this way, it is like saying you want to settle down without daring to go out there and talk to the person whom you have likeness for. You can less be assured that if you procrastinate, within your very eye, someone else who is more daring will take up the challenge and before you know it, the smile becomes perfect and as for you, you keep mourning over some ill luck. Stand out with a brave heart to take whatever you want. 
“The desire to be responsible is what actually drives us to take the needed risk to achieve our goals.”
Take a look at this. Growing up a business and venturing into anything in life is all about taking risks. Starters in life are risk bearers. Some people only stand by the sideline watching and making gestures. Actually, to be responsible, you must learn to take risks because any responsibility without risk can never be termed to be responsible. Do not go the way of: They speculate the right stock but never actually buy them. They give you all the right analysis but never dare to take any responsibility to endure some action.
As long as you watch by the sideline and never participate, you can never have a full dose of the action nor derive the innermost joy that comes with winning any challenges. Actually foresight, uprightness and taking calculated risk that brings about an up raise in performance, makes a hallmark for responsibility. If you feel this is a lie, always watch to see the inner joy of any football player after winning any competition then you will discover what it feels like to be a winner. Like the football match, the fans would only celebrate with them at that moment but the team's members alone are the people who savored the victory years even after the winning. They are the one whose name will ever be remembered.
“For every victory you have, you are the one whom will be remembered.”   
Taking risk brings you fulfillment in life. If you feel that not taking risks is the best. Then you will live the rest of your life at one spot without achieving anything.
“Risk comes with commitment and the risk of commitment is nothing but what brings about winning.”
Like we have said, to win in life is to take risk. This risk is a function of the braveness of heart. Men with the risk factor are men with the braveness of heart. The braveness of heart I am talking about here is not the risk that comes with greed or that of going into shady deals with the intention to steal or make a living through deceit. Though risk is calculated, it must come with an instinct and the burning desire in your heart. It is this burning desire that will enable you to hold on even when it seems at first things are not coming through.
“Risk is calculated within the instinct of your heart.”
Actually, calculated risk is the risk that is worth taking. This risk must come within the instinct of your heart which calls for braveness of heart. The heart of braveness I am talking about is the actual ability to overcome your fear by shunning procrastination and start that dream project you have the desired passion for.
“Just start something no matter how hard it seems.”
Starting any of your desired projects is putting all in place to begin a journey that will take you beyond your imagination. This journey requires the braveness of heart. When you dare to start, then you have conquered your fear. When you conquer your fear then there is no limit to that which you can achieve. It is this ability to overcome fear that determines the heart of a brave man which is known from the number of daring risks he takes to succeed. Braveness is the key word. It is the heart of men who know their back from their front. Sincerely to overcome any risk in life, you need to have one heart. Be brave! Life is risk and it is the amount of risk you are willing to take that will bring you success. So to make life worth its salt, dare the impossible. 
“If you dare the impossible, you will get the possible.”
Esther in the Bible dares the impossible and the result, became a celebration for her kindred. In life, you can never be your best without taking risks. And when it comes to that, do not allow anyone discourage you, if your mind is fixed to it. A true champion sees beyond any limitation and all they do is strive with all the risk within them to achieve their purpose in life.
Success belongs to the risk takers. A man who takes a calculated risk will always succeed at anything he does than him who refuses to take a risk. Look at it this way if Esther did not believe in herself and failed to take the risk of approaching the King when it wasn’t her turn. Her kindred would have become a forgotten generation. But she dares to stand in for her people.
The power of taking risk should critically be accompanied with in-depth knowledge. If you have no knowledge of anything, there is no need taking any risk on it. You have to train yourself to master anything before taking a risk on it. A trained mind is a conquered mind whereas an untrained mind will make failure of anything.
“Train your mind to conquer any fear. If your mind is ready, then you can turn anything around.”
Remember, you just can’t jump to take a risk on anything you have passion for without first having a deep and convincing instinct about that which you desire to take a risk on. It is good to test your competence before taking a risk at anything. If you are not competent enough, you wouldn’t have the expertise to overcome the outcome.
“Where you have in-depth knowledge, you can minimize the risk factor associated with that.”
If you are taking any risk at your given desired passion, go for knowledge on that. Get along with people who are grounded on that area. By learning from them, you minimize the risk factor associated with that risk. Though in taking risk, it will involve making mistakes but the mistakes are your learning ground to grow within it. Sincerely, if you refuse to take a risk, then you can’t make a mistake and if you make no mistake, you can never learn anything new at it. And when you make no mistake, you can never be the best at anything you set out to accomplish.
“Mistakes sometimes are the delicacies that make us discover our route to success.”
It is good for us to know that there is a big difference between taking a risk and gambling. So many people gamble but few take risks. You shouldn’t gamble at any opportunity but rather put in place all the necessary machinery that will make you succeed at it. Risk takers spend time to plan and prepare while gamblers move without preparation. I know you would say gamblers also prepare. But is their amount of preparation worth the trouble of a broken heart when they lose?
If a risk taker loses his investment, at least the clean mind of trying and not playing it safe would count for his ability to try again. He would have it within him that the money was for a purpose and not that which was gambled away.
“If you want success, be ready to take risks.”
Gambling does not bring peace of mind because in the long run even if you win, you will lose. And losing brings with it all the amount of depression which can lead to other negative things that can destroy the moral and values of the mind. So the best way is to take a risk at that passion that would bring you success and the way you can do that is to take a risk for it. Do not play safe because playing it safe, is playing to lose.
“If you risk nothing, then you can never make anything out of it.”
In order to succeed in life, do not join the negative thinkers who want things to be on a platter of gold but join the positive thinker who wants things to be worth taking a risk for it. Remember that risk bearers are hardened winners. Defeats are never seen among them. If they risk and fail, they see it as an opportunity to improve and try again. So learn to take risk because winning is taking a risk. You can never win without taking risks.


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