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Motivational Daily Quotes about Life and the Fulfillment of Purpose

Best Motivational Daily Quotes about Life and the Fulfillment of Purpose

Our life is to fulfill a given purpose. With thoughtful inspired messages of love, you would be motivated to achieve your purpose through these messages. Encourage someone you love by sending them these Motivational Daily Quotes About Life And The Fulfillment Of Purpose messages.

Life Is For A Purpose

[1]. THE EXISTENCE OF LIFE IS IN CREATION. It is when we realized the essence of our creation that we can make a meaning out of our life.

[2]. A life without a purpose is never a life that will bring to the bearer of that life any meaningful fulfillment. If there is one thing you should do; it is to find and discover the purpose that is your life.

[3]. When you have an understanding of what your life is meant to be, then you will find in it the joy to fulfill your purpose.

[4]. To make our creation worth it existence, we should accept the emptiness that is us from the beginning.

[5]. It is when we accept ourselves just the way we are that we will begin in us that thought process that would redefine our person and takes us to that height in life that will bring about a positive result.

Your Tongue Is Your Life

[6]. IT IS THE CONSCIOUSNESS OF US REALIZING OUR PERSON THAT WE CAN BEGIN TO ACT ON THINGS AROUND US BASED ON OUR KNOWLEDGE OF THAT UNDERSTANDING. The ability to realize ourselves will help us proclaim words that will bring things into existence in our life.

[7] If you want to be guided by the light that illuminates, then let your spoken words carry power. The power to communicate in a positive way is what will create your world.

[8]. Remember that the world we live in was created out of the spoken words. And that power of the spoken words is what you have within you to also create your world.

[9]. To make your life worth living, you must as a matter of fact define what you want out of life. The power to define what you want is what will bring about a steady mind that will help you in actualizing your given purpose in life. Do not live your life to chance, say what you want and it shall definitely come to pass.

Understand Your Purpose

[10]. THE ACT AND THE UNDERSTANDING IN DIVISION OF LABOUR IS WHAT WILL CONTRIBUTE TO YOUR LONG EXISTENCE IN LIFE. Do not claim to have a monopoly of knowledge but rather learn to share what you have for the benefit of all.

[11]. Life is unique and so you should make it much better by contributing your portion towards making it worth the living.

[12]. When you have the ability to coordinate things, you will always have a better result.
Life is all about orderliness. When you are discipline in your approach towards how things should be done, then know for sure that you will ever make process in all that you set to achieve.

Redefine Yourself To Be Relevant

[13]. THE PROCESS OF REDEFINING THE PERSON THAT IS YOU REQUIRES YOUR CONSCIOUS EFFORT. Learn to ask yourself definite questions that will provoke your thought in other to discover the purpose to which your creation is centred.

[14]. When you know your purpose, you wouldn’t struggle over other things that would make you become desolate and lose focus in achieving your given purpose in life.

[15]. Let everything you do in life, have a definite purpose. Do not act in a way that will make you lose the essence to which is the definition of your life.

[16]. When you become definite on what you want to achieve, you will in it find the grace and unusual strength to strive at all time to make a meaning out of what you want in life.

Planning Eliminates Failure

[17]. THE MEANING TO LIFE IS GOTTEN WHEN YOU PLAN. Planning is to enable you ease out and discover the path that can lead to success while eliminating the pathway to failure.

[18]. Do not embark on any venture without first having a plan on how to bring your ideas to it full manifestation. When you begin a journey without planning for it, then failure actually is what might await you. 

[19]. Whatsoever that you need to make a success out of your life on earth, is provided right in your environment. It is not your location that is the matter but what you do within your location.

[20]. You need to activate your reasoning mind to make it yield the needed fruit that is the thought within you to bring out that idea that will make your conquer your land.

Take Responsibility For Your Life

[21]. When you speak into your existence, then it has no other option than to produce the yield that will bring about a change in your life. The earth is full of abundance but for it to become a part of yours, you have to go work for it.

[22]. When you become lazy in discovering your purpose, then for sure, you will live a life that makes you struggle all the time.

[23]. The day and night has twenty four hours to produce it yield. If you waste any of it time, you may find it difficult to meet up with your expectations.

[24]. To make progress in life requires that you move with time. When you have the consciousness of time, you will achieve more in less time.

Make Your Existence Worth A Living

[25]. Life answers to the spirit of orderliness as everything in life have a purpose. When you recognized the progression that should be followed in doing a thing, you will in it be able to organize your life in other to meet up with the challenges that can break you down. 

[26]. Let everything you do have the right way of getting it done. When you have a cunning attitude in not following due process; in there you will always have a disorganized life which will never do you any good.

[27]. Those who think that things could be done anyhow always ends up achieving nothing and even if it seems as if they are having it at the beginning; always be patience enough to see the final result on the long run which is always disastrous.

You Shall Have What You Say

[28]. Life purpose is not achieved through unhealthy competition. The only person you should compete with should be yourself. When you have the understanding that it takes the person that is you to achieve your life purpose, you would give it all within you to achieve that.

[29]. When you begin to compete with others, you will not only lose focus but would find within you the purpose not to fulfill destiny.

[30]. The purpose of your creation is that you should be the light that would lead others out of their dark tunnel. And if you cannot provide that ultimate calling of yours, you would not only fail yourself but others who looked up to you.

[31]. Do within yourself all that it takes to be the light that blesses others for in it is the only way that you will felt fulfilled and accomplished purpose.

Knowledge Is Life

[32]. The law that is embedded in the day and night should be duly observed. The day is for you to work and the night is for you to rest. But know for sure that real discovery of purpose comes through the night. If you should rest, do not be lost in it. Let you meditation at night gives you the balance in life to discover the purpose of your creation.

[33]. Everyday has it purpose for the fulfillment of life. When you walk within purpose that is when you will fulfill destiny.

[34]. Fulfillment of purpose be it as it may has it challenges but if you hold on to your belief you will make it no matter that obstacles surrounding you.

Failure Is No Excuse

[35]. The abundance that you will find in life is as a result of your persistence, dedication and patience in growing the little seed in your hand. Your idea is your little seed that needs to be nurtured into what will create your abundance.

[36]. The art of creativity adds in no small measure towards making life a living testimony. When you are creative with your ideas, you will never run dry of wisdom.

[37]. Creativity is like the trend that goes within any generation. And when you are creative in that which you do, you will always have that satisfying and rewarding experience that will give you an edge over others.

Your Environment Is Your Location

[38]. Every seed in your hand is for multiplication. When you multiply the little in your hand, you create wealth, but when you make that in your hand become stagnated by not seeking to multiple it, you stop the flowing process of abundance.

[39]. Multiplication is what creates the law of abundance. Let nothing in your hand become stagnated but rather seek to grow the little you have for in it you will come to plenty and a blessing to others.

[40]. If there is one thing that you should do, it is to make everyday count for you. Though every day might not be the same, but for you, it is to make everyday seems the same and it should be to your advantage.

[41]. It is what you accord to any day that the same day will deliver to you. If you keep saying that your day should be well with you, for sure you will have what you say but where you speak negative words into your day, then do not expect it to deliver your right kind of day.

Stay On The Line And Never Lose Focus

[42]. Light will always beget light. It matters the right kind of people you share your life and thoughts with. If your circle of friends can’t share your belief, be sure that such will influence you negatively and for sure this is not the right kind of people that will encourage you to fulfill your destiny.

[43]. Let your light always be that which shines along with those who share your same kind of belief system for it is in it that you will find good success.

[44]. The art of perfection is not in our calling but rather we should use our imperfection to create our perfect life. It is when we seek not to make perfection our watch word that is when we can actually become the perfect person that we seek to be.

[45]. Remember that for you to have a perfect world; you would experience the art of imperfection. Those who make impact in life are those who see themselves as imperfect being who only have that privilege in their imperfection to make their life perfect.

Your Conscious Effort Makes Life Worth Living

[46]. Man is a god to himself who has the authority to alter the destiny of his life.

[47]. When you realize the power that is you, you will change the perception of things that seems to hold you down so as to accomplish your purpose in life.

[48]. You have the authority and power to become who you ever want to be if only you will take that authority which is embedded in you to be that which you want to be. 

[49]. Our creation is to give glory to God our creator. We are a living begin because God cares to make us one. If you doubt the existence of God, than you have doubt in your very creation.

[50]. There is no need arguing this existence. God is supreme and there is nothing any man can do about it. When you recognized His supremacy, you will find this in-worth peace of mind that will become a blessing not only to your life but to all things that are found around you.

Orderliness Is A Virtue

[51]. You need the blessing from God to overcome every disgrace in life. And this blessing you will access if you accept Him as you Lord and personal Saviour.

[52]. There is no need shying away from the truth, a life in Christ is a life in peace. Though you will encounter obstacles in your way but in all you will always have a rewarding victory if you put your trust in God. Trust in God at all time for you will have your way made prosperous.

[53]. The earth has all you need to make you live your life in abundance. But to make this so, it is not all that comes your way that will lead you to your abundance.

[54]. Discipline yourself to know what is right for your body. When you consume all that comes your way without giving in to what is right for your body, there in it you will expose your body to that which will bring you ill health which eventually if not checked on time might lead to destruction of your life. Jealously guide what comes into your mouth for in it you will protect your life to have a resounding health and body.

Discipline Yourself To Have A Better Result

[55]. Food is of essence but you need to know what to eat that are in conformations with your body system. You don’t eat for eating sake but you eat to have life.

[56]. When you eat the right way without abusing your body through food, you have a sound mind that will become a productive mindset that creates the needed tools to help you become the person you ever seek to be.

[57]. The moment you make food a priory, then you have defeated the creative mind that is your life.

[58]. A life well lived, is a life that fulfill purpose. And to make this so, you have to humble yourself and obey the law of nature.

[59]. Life has it principles that should be followed. When you move in line with the processes that makes life worth living, you will always be in line with what will give you the blessing that makes life great.

[60]. Do not be in a hurry take a step, one after the other.

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