Pidgin English Funny Nigerian Pidgin Phrases - Lovingly – Expressing Love, Endlessly and Lovingly! Pidgin English Funny Nigerian Pidgin Phrases

Pidgin English Funny Nigerian Pidgin Phrases

 Best Pidgin English Funny Nigerian Pidgin Phrases

This one don red. Nothing do you. Lookibg out to send sweet love messages and poems in nigerian pidgin english language, here are the best nigerian pidgin words and their meaning, nigerian slang insults, nigerian phrases, funny nigerian pidgin phrases, words of wisdom in pidgin, funny pidgin love quotes, pidgin love messages for him, pidgin quotes about life, funny pidgin quotes, prayer quotes in pidgin and pidgin quotes about hustle for you to send to the one you love.

Naija Pidgin Punchlines About Love

Love comes in any form. And the language of love has no boundary. No need for too much grammar, this na we own. And if you love other people dialect especially pidgin language, these romantic Nigerian love messages would make your sweetheart green with envy.

[1]. For your sake I go dey happy like no tomorrow. See as your love dey scatter my head. Better pikin wey mama born, you be the light wey dey shine for my heart. If no be you, I wonder how I for enjoy life. You bless me with your love, and for that I go cherish you pass mango. 

[2]. My Baby, my love for you will never die. This your love wey come my way, the same dey make me feel good. Thank you for loving me this way, if there is any love I desire, that na your better love. For your love me promise you say na your love I go ever want forever.

[3]. Love of my heart, na you dey give me joy. See as I dey smile like person wey win jackpot. Choi! Your love sweet pass sugarcane. Who say love no be better thing? You correct my dear. Me and you na so we go dey enjoy every-every.

[4]. This better love wey you give me, my heart dey happy like tomorrow no dey. Who fit love me like this, na you now. You ginger me to be the best and for you I go ever be the best. Thank you for all the love we share. I appreciate you so much.

[5]. Better love wey dey catch my shot. Na you be my baby for life. You gimme love and now see as my life don better. I dey feel your love wey dey give me fever. You ginger me to be the best and for you my love go dey for till the end.

[6]. I here say you like wahala, me, I get better wahala for you. My wahala na to love you like never before. Since I found you, make I confess I dey enjoy this your better wahala wey be your love for me. 

[7]. Everyday na so we go dey enjoy this our special love. Where you want make I take you to? Just make a wish and see how things will go. I want us to spend time together for place where na you and me alone go dey. I dey sure say you no go regret am. My and you and this our love na one plus one.

Pidgin Love Messages

When your love gingers you to be great abeg no dey make shakara, just reciprocate that love by sending these messages of punchline romantic love to ginger back your person with too much love.

[8]. Love is a beautiful thing. And your love na him dey cool my temper. You dey give me peace of mind. This wonderful tender feeling of your love, na wetin I dey feel everyday. Your love is so sweet and for you, I go do anything to keep our love.

[9]. See as your love dey ginger me. See as I dey smile everyday with good feeling of you. You no see say you dey give me fever? If anything try to stop our love, I fit wound somebody.

[10]. Anywhere this your love go, na so I go dey follow am go. I promise to be by your side no matter the weather. Loving you na the thing wey dey make my heart happy. For your love, I go do anything. 

[11]. See as you don take my heart away. See as na only you alone I dey dream of. Just see as I no fit understand how I dey feel again. Better love wey I cherish; for your sake, I go show you love the way you never see before.  

[12]. My melody, the song wey I dey sing, baby na you be all. Loving you comes so natural to me. And na the thing wey dey make me feel good. Every time I think of you, I see myself loving you just the way I never love before.

[13]. The joy I find in your eyes na him dey give me life. Everyday, I give the Lord thanks for bringing you my way. If there is one thing I shall ever do, na to love you the way you love me and never to hurt your heart.

[14]. My baby, I no need to think am twice, before I say I love you. This love wey I dey see for your eye, I no need anybody to tell me say you love me with your whole heart. My love for you too na real.  

Love Quotes in Pidgin English

The one you love will always appreciate you if you make out time for them. Why not try these unique Nigerian pidgin love messages and come thank naijasmsapp for the sparkling outcome.

[15]. I dey see the truth in your eye. You dey make me feel the need to love again. Your love pure and sincerely na him be the thing wey I need to bring joy into my life. I love you that no be lie. And to live with you till the end that na promise wey go be forever. 

[16]. People dey talk me I just dey laugh. I know say people no go mine their business. Anyhow make them talk but for me, their talk no mean anything to us. As long as I dey see you, that na the joy wey their talk no fit quench. I love you no matter what anyone will say.

[17]. I cherish you and I will do anything for you my love. Na you I go stand with. And if I tell you, I no go lie to you. You dey give me hope. And every time I look into your eye, I dey see our future together. I love you no be lie. And I pray this love go last forever.

[18]. All wey I ever seek, I find it in you. It is you I choose to be my love for life. And I hope we go ever stay in love to care for each other. Me I promise not to disappoint our love if you will stay with me forever. 

[19]. I do really care for you. And this na to promise you say I fit do anything for you. Your love dey inspire me to greatness. Every day I pray that you will always be here with me.

[20]. Light wey dey shine my heart. I see you as I see myself. And will always love you the wey you should be loved. You are a blessing wey any person go want get. And me dey always thank God say na you come my way. 

[21]. Every time I pray say this our love go last forever. Anyone wey go try to put asunder make such person go jump lagoon. My desire na to love you and be with you till forever.

Funny And Hilarious Naija Quotes Wey Go Make You Laugh

Laughter na better medicine for your soul. If you stay and you no laugh, bros, that na serious matter o. Take out time to create things that would make you laugh. It is the right tonic you need for happiness. My people, see wetin man pikin see for Whatsapp. Abeg if you laugh after you read this funny Naija quotes wey go make you laugh infact, you need better beating. LOL!   

[22]. He who refuses to mix Agege bread and akara as a type of sandwich is a *racist*. —Martin Luther King Jnr (1788)

[23]. He who completely unwraps moi-moi and gala before eating *cannot keep a secret*. —Abraham Lincoln (1864)

[24]. Only a *courageous woman* can fry a bunch of plantain without tasting any. —Albert Macauley (1872)

[25]. Drinking Garri doesn't mean ~*u're poor*~, but allowing the Garri to swell before drinking  is *poverty*. —Queen Elizabeth (1893)

[26]. Any man who drinks Alomo bitters without squeezing his face, is *capable of murder*. —Michael Faraday (1899)

[27]. Any man that uses his teeth to cut shaki from pepper soup, with his eyes wide open, is *not afraid of anything*. —Williams Shakespeare (1900)

[28].  Anyone who graduates from a conventional school without experiencing a strike, has *never been to Nigeria*. —Lord Lugard (1904)

[29]. He who runs around looking for scissors to cut indomie seasoning sachet is *not hungry*. —Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe (1947)

[30]. He who says nothing lasts forever has *never tried Hausa perfume*. —Nelson Mandela (1973)

[31]. No matter how hot your temper is, *it cannot cook yam*. —Prof Jega (2015)

[32].  Anyone who reads this without laughing, is *either looking for job* or *needs money badly*. —Donald Trump (2016).

And he who reads and does not share this is *naturally stingy...*. —ACTOR JEFF (2017)

*Laughter is good for you! Share biko. No be your own problem worst pass*.

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