Love Poetry in English for Him or Her Long Distance - Lovingly – Expressing Love, Endlessly and Lovingly! Love Poetry in English for Him or Her Long Distance

Love Poetry in English for Him or Her Long Distance

Best Love Poetry in English for Him or Her Long Distance

If you are searching for how can I express my love long-distance, how do I make him or her feel special in a long distance relationship text, how do I make my long-distance partner feel special or how can I be romantic to my long-distance sweetheart? Then these short poems about love and distance, long distance love poems for him from the heart, long distance love poems for her from the heart, soulmate long distance love poems, short good morning poem for her long distance, short love poems for him long distance and far away soulmate are here for you to send across to the one you love.

Short Love Messages for Long Distance

The perfect thing about love is having a deep feeling for the one you love. If you have ever felt that way, just know for sure that you are in love. There is nothing wrong with being in love as far as it is not infatuation and deceitfulness. When you love, you should adore the one you love. And good enough, you should be sincere and make trust a watch word in your relationship. Desire the one you love without any string attached to it. Feel special and make your love the best. If you care, share these thoughtful poetic love messages from the heart to inspire your love that you do really care.

[1]. The antidotes to my loneliness, the coming of your love solved. The passion that eloped me for years, the coming of your love still solves. You brought me love that helped solve my loneliness. Now your love is my cure that I long for every moment of my life.

[2]. I have run and longed to escape the passion that burns inside of me but each look into your eyes and each time I come close to you, I can’t fancy myself out. Now to you have I fallen, that you will take me and love me as you wish.

[3]. Give me freedom, give me pleasure, give me passion and let my heart fill with the desire of your love. Give me joy, give me peace and give me love that I might live and worship at the feet of your love.

[4]. The charm and grace that your love embodies is second to none. Your look is heavenly send. Who can look at you and wouldn’t confess to the beauty that is you. I look into you and I know what my heart feels. Love for you that is what I felt.

[5]. Your beauty and charm dazzled my heart. It makes me yearn for your touch. You set me on fire that all I need is the beauty of you to help quench the fire that burns my soul all because of your love.

[6]. I came by your side and heard you sing. Then I got my heart on flame all because of thy melodious voice. If you can sing me a song, I shall be in paradise for your voice is like an apple fruit that quenched my thirst.

[7]. Your love makes me feel great. It brings me a desired joy on whose throne, I brave my thoughts. You give me love, you give me thought. And now, all I am grateful to is that you make me what I am.

[8]. Your love brings to me my hidden traits. It gives me my greatness and makes me see every possibility. Your love is like pure gold that brightens my day to be above my limited thoughts.

[9]. Spark my heart with the beauty of your love. Let her shining glory draw me to your apron. Make me live in want of you that I might glorify myself for your love that has given me peace.

[10]. To the throne of your love, I found my hidden potential. With every moment of loving you, there within I discover my true self. It is to your love I found my real me and forever I shall love you so my real me would keep on shining.  

[11]. Within my heart lies my hidden ideals but when your love comes, it brings out the best in me and makes me face every day with new challenges. I found you and found the boldness of heart to make my dream come true.

[12]. My heart grows weak each time I see you walk past. There in my heart, I long to have you as my angel. And now that I have you, my day is complete because you love me.

[13]. I fall in love the day I saw you. For the way you talk and the way you walk, weaken my soul to long for you till I win this battle that is my love for you.

[14]. Self-sacrifice wooed my soul. And to the throne of your love those risks must be taken. To win a love that is as scarce as yours, the heart has to go the extra mile. Thank God I went through them. Now I have the courage to love you forever.

[15]. Deep inside of me, I know how much I am thinking of you. If all I could do is think of you. Then my heart is satisfied for the thought of you satisfies my soul to want you the most.

[16]. Love of your nature is so rare. Type of your kind is so scarce but in spite of the rare and scarce nature of your kind, I bless my day for being the luckiest soul to find you.

[17]. Your love is a pleasure palace. It accommodates my soul with the treasure that is you. Everything I wanted, your love has given them to me. Now I can’t think of another place to be than your heart; the palace of my love.

[18]. I dread the day coming. The day we would be apart. I lost breath thinking of that moment. But ever will I be comforted for even if we’re apart, your love shall keep me safe till I found you in my arms again.

[19]. I wouldn’t go for too long. For I know your thoughts just like mine would be miserable. Even though I have to go, I shall keep a memory of you alive till I come back to show you how much I miss you.

[20]. Stars in the sky beautify your alluring beauty. Just like the moon covers your gracious beauty. You’re a mark to behold just like your beauty is a mark to adore. You’re graciously built that none can resist your beauty.

[21]. Like the middle of a high sea, I am trapped in the wave of your love. Finding my way home isn’t a guarantee. For there have I found rest to my soul, that I might stay there and love you forever.

[22]. Your love excites me and creates the adventure that I seek. Every aspect of your love is enshrined in suspense. I love this love of yours. For in the image of her, I seek to discover her true identity.

[23]. The freedom to have and be loved I found in you. The freedom to be myself I see through your eyes. Now I could love you without reserve knowing your love for me is reciprocal and holds no hidden agenda.

[24]. Every one of your alluring presence stirs me with an unending desire to want you for a lifetime. You came with that mysterious aura that drives me wild and make me seek my paradise in you.

[25]. You seduce my heart with that heavenly look, you make me surrender my armory with your captivating appearance. You make me long for you with every breath that I take that I might find love in the bosom of your heart.

[26]. So graceful, so poised, so pretty. That is one word I could describe your love. It came in a graceful way and stole my heart, it took a poised look and weakened my heart, then it took your pretty appearance and wooed my heart to surrender.

[27]. With you around, I am at ease. I found the freshness of mind to let the air of freedom blow. You give me ease, you give me freedom. And now, I long to taste them every moment of my life.

[28]. Gracious skin, smooth like an egg. I held your skin close to mine and that power to love you resurrected right within my vein. Your love split fire, it burns my heart. And you alone only has the power to quench it.

[29]. Let your love swoop in on me. Let it thrill my soul with ecstasy. And make me drown in the ocean of your kisses. Let it set my soul free that I would hunger evermore for you.

[30]. One gift I have gotten that would never erase my memory. That gift of rose. Her fragrance mesmerized me with an alluring smell that makes me feel the essence of your love. I shall keep it, that when I see it, your love would rekindle in me like a burning fire.

[31]. A look into your eyes, the menace that comes with its burning flame, consumes my soul with desire. My soul wants you and wants to keep your love, that it will feel it and live forever.

Love Messages From The Heart For Long Distance

Sweet love that sparkles like a million stars. Your love deserves the best and in everywhere you can, be romantic to share that you do sincerely care. Just go ahead and make your love count. Let the tenderness of the one you love makes you feel the essence of love. And that love should be your sunshine. Let your heart feel the joy and that gladness of finding someone who gives you a peace of mind. Smile if you have gotten that sweet love. And why not do your relationship more good by sharing these poetic short love messages from the heart. 

[32]. Tease me with your love and let my soul wild with the glimpse of your adoring beauty. Make me succumb to your alluring power, that my love wouldn’t go anywhere but be with you as you pleases.

[33]. You sweep me off my feet. And make me weak with passion that drives for you. Who can control this loss of sanity but your love that drives me wild. Take me as I am and do to me as you please.

[34]. Slowly, attentively, you pay attention to my heart. I shall love you the way you are because you have the heart to go the extra mile in making me feel loved even on a mountain top. I cherish you and the way that I love.

[35]. Woo me slowly, woo me steadily. Make me and let me follow you to the throne of your love. Make me find peace to my soul, that I would stay and love you forever.

[36]. You set a rhythm that controls my soul. That rhythm of your love that is irresistible has made me weak with a desire longing for your touch every now and then. Let it be, that I would forever be yours in love.

[37]. Please my soul with your love, make me feel the aura of your presence. Take me and love me like you want. Make me whole that I would love you like never before.

[38]. Your look lures me to your heart. And made me fall in love with you. Now I can’t resist that alluring look that had sent me to my knees to plead for your reign over the throne of my heart.

[39]. Your love floats within the surface of my heart. Just when I thought I could do without it, it sinks into the bottom of my heart. Now, it has made her rest there. And for me, there she would be that I would love you the way it is.

[40]. You changed my life when I met you. And make me see life in a different direction. I came to love you more the positive things you mean to me.

[41]. Love it was you have for me. For without your love, I know I wouldn’t today be a reform soul. Thanks for loving me the way you have done.

[42]. Radiant eyes that burn with a pretty face. Those eyes of yours mixed in the fineness of face. To her throne I surrender my love that it would guide me and make me whole.

[43]. Mysteriously captivating, that is every sign that your love drops into my soul. I thought I could do without it. But the more I tried, the more I found myself anchored to your apron that had held me down too long to know the person that you’re.

[44]. The lit of your eyes weaken me to my knees. Within her vein, it drives me insane. And the only insanity I need is to hold you close to my heart so I could feel the warmth of your embrace that would take this insanity away from me.

[45]. When a heart loves and is scolded, is it supposed to go? What if that heart had fallen in love? Should it just accept it that way and never fight back? I shall fight back to keep your love forever for your love is worth fighting for.

[46]. To your love, I am possessed. All I could think of is to be yours. Your hero I want to become. Let me take your hand and walk down the aisle, let me show you all that my heart habour. It is a treasure for you and nothing else.

[47]. Though you brought me to my knees, I shall ever love you even if you still say no. But if you could change your heart, to the bosom of your love, would I stay forever.

[48]. Something about your embrace, that terrified me with deep desire. Each time I held you close, I lost the throne that is my braveness. You make me weak to long for your embrace like never before.

[49]. Your love confuses me and still gives me excitement. In the breath of this I found myself. This is the tonic that makes me desire that I would taste and be cured by this ecstasy that is your love.

[50]. For better or worse, I shall take your love as it may. You came in a special way and gave me love in an unusual way. Now all I do is love you the way you’re.

[51]. Come rain, come sunshine, I shall ever love you the way you’re till the very end.

[52]. You’re a rare and beautiful flower. You’re like a soul everyone would want to court. But thank God, I got you and found your love amazing. Now, I would spend the rest of my days making you feel your worth for me.

[53]. Your dapper appearance and witty way of words, wild me with ecstasy. You drive me crazy and drop in me the heart to love with every breath that I take.

[54]. How pleasantly different is your love. That I taste of her and want none of another. Your love gives me pleasure, it saturates my soul and makes me forget all that seeks to wear me down. You’re a blessing, heaven knows that.

[55]. Sheer joy that is what you bring to my soul. Undying love that is what you give to my soul I shall live in want of it till the end of my life on earth.

[56]. Your love is like a crystal ball, it reveals your glory. Your love is like a Greenland, it reveals her pasture. Your love is like heaven, it reveals her paradise. Your love is like me, it reveals her blessing.

[57]. I longed to possess you, I dream to be in your arms. I longed to caress your body, I longed to love you, so I can make your mind forever.

[58]. Your love is like the colour of a ripe apple. Her light greenish body, shore through my soul and there I feel the freshness of you that rekindles my dry bones to come alive that it might live for you.

[59]. Like the moon in eclipse, so does your love entangle me about. In the cover of your brightness would I reside that every moment of my life, you will guide in love to be yours together in one.

[60]. I yield to you; you who had made me see love. I live for you; you who had made me see cares. I long for you, you who had made my life turn around.

Romantic Love Messages For Long Distance

There is a need in appreciating the love that you found. You can only find happiness when you learn to appreciate every moment that you spend with the one you love. When the one you love is the one giving you all the love and of all a piece of mind, it is something you need to appreciate. Loving someone should give you all the happiness that you desire. Your days should be a brighter one that sparkles all year round. If you are guided by love that makes you smile all the time, these romantic poetic messages for the one you love is for you.

[61]. My love is so innocent that I give you a platter of gold. To all that wanted it, it is you I found pleasure in giving. Take it as it is. Keep it as you want. I shall be in want of it as long as you love me.

[62]. Your love breathes a fresh air into my life. Now, I have become a new glimpse with delight in my soul. For the love that you have given to me.

[63]. The openness of your love, thrilled my soul with delight. You make me sing with joy and in all you elevated my soul to be merrier. To your love will I hold unto till I breathe my last here on earth.

[64]. Fierce battle of love, your persistence won my heart. And since you have won me over, I give to you the throne of my heart that you will rule with love as long as you want.

[65]. You spoil me with affection. Now I am addicted to your care. You showered me with love. Now, I’m infected with a desire that yearns for your presence all round the clock.

[66]. With the bareness of your love, you resurrected my soul. With the firmness of your grip, you held me spell-bound. Now I can’t free myself without taking a part of you with me.

[67]. My eyes can’t get over you. All around my vein, it savour your beauty and stroll in me the undying passion that craves for your touch. Come hold me; come make me feel like the moon on the moonlight night.

[68]. Misty moon of valour, come shine your light to the heart of my love. Let it picture my thoughts and show my kind words of love. May our love be the one we can believe that we would walk the way that is right for us to follow.

[69]. Let the loudness of your love sing an echo song to the silent heart that keeps a secret. Let it pronounce our bound that all might know that I am in love with none else but you.

[70]. How could I let you go? When within my heart, you have sung a song of love. This song that has made my heart calm, this song that has given me peace. This song I want to keep forever.
[71]. Let me not miss your love. For I could go insane imagining a day without your presence. And if I must miss your love, let a part of you be the sacrifice you make in keeping it close to my heart till you return to me.

[72]. Your love creates my world. Your love redefined my person. Your love gives me my youthfulness. Your love makes me what I am. And for you, I would be what you want me to be.

[73]. Gently persuasive, the manner in which you love me comes. How I can’t try to resist it because the very essence of resisting it is like taking knife through my trough.

[74]. Your love evokes like a cloud of smoke. To my heart it consumes her flame. And nothing I could do to free myself. That fire of your love had smoked me that I might surrender to you forever.

[75]. I took a bath in perspiration when you held me close to your heart. I felt the loss of my throne, when you kissed me tenderly. And when you touch down on me, I was completely in want of you forever.

[76]. Many found kind promises had weakened my soul to sing your love songs. You carried me from nowhere and set me up somewhere. Now my life is beautifully made all because of your tendered love.

[77]. At the heels of your love, there I made my conquest run. I shall run in everlasting want of you till I make your heart my soul habitation.

[78].  Dazzling with beauty that captures my heart. I seek for your soul that confused my imagination. Among the whole I came across, you shower me with affection that I now dream of no other world but with you.

[79]. You’re all my mind bears thought of. Every dream that I have bears the initials of your name. For in a platter of gold have I found my love yielding to you. Take it as it is that I might live in want of you forever.

[80]. To live for your love, I shall do anything to keep our bond together. Because yours is the only thing that has made me see the meaning of true love.

[81]. Never had love found a wing to fly like that which is yours. You gave me wings to fly that I would announce to the sky that within the surface of the earth, a kind soul had stolen my heart.

[82]. Your love gives me a life of pleasure. It brings to me my finest moment. To her, I give my trust that I would live in this pleasure of hers for now and ever as long as you want me.

[83]. The thought of you torture my emotion with pleasure. How could your like treat me this wildly way but inspite of it all, all I want to is subdue you and possess you to the end.

[84]. How could your love be so close, yet so elusive? You came, I thought I have it, but now, I know I have to go the extra mile so I could win this single chance I have to show how I love you.

[85]. Like piano, each strike of your fingers, trumps my heart with the sweet melody of your touch. To be alive is to find comfort in the echo sound of your touch. You touch me the way I haven’t been touched. Now, I am here all because of you.

[86]. Just like the cloud makes us yearn for the sun; so does my heart yearns for you. You have become the object I yearn for; come quick with your passion that my yearning would be complete by the touch of your arms.

[87]. They say love resembles war. This battle I have taken to your heart that I might conquer it for keep. Whatever it takes to win your heart, I will be on my guard to do, that I would win this love of yours that is mind.

[88]. This fire that scorched me is the fire of your love. For the more I look into you, the more my soul is consumed with the passion to be yours for a keep. I long for you, I want you and I need you forever.

[89]. Tender pleas of your voice escalate my soul with ecstasy. Gifted with a voice that lowers my pride, I yield to you that I might forever be comforted in this rhythm of your voice that gives me hope.

[90]. I hide my face in the embrace of your arm. Let this silent tear that rolls down my check found her joy in knowing that in your arm is where I would rather be.

[91]. How could your love reject my heart? Though it hurts, I shall not be asleep. To you I will make my heart rest that in the embodiment of your love would I find my lost rib.

[92]. To the WILL of your love I surrender that I might discover the secret hidden in your love. You came, you showed me love and now all I want is you as my one and only.

[93]. I cherished our bond of love and the way you make me feel. Your love has become my pillar of strength and I thank God that none else took my love away but you.

[94]. Your love gives me confidence. It intoxicates me with desire and makes me feel sensual. I am elevated all because you love me.

[95]. People asked me the secret of my charm and I said it is the love I found in you. For loving me, you give me the charm that opened my heart to love others.

[96]. Your appearance is like the value of raw gold. You came with a sparkle light that turned my soul around. Now, I can see love when I see you.

[97]. When I love you and you seem not to care, all I would do is to love you the most. More and more would I love you for I can’t imagine loving someone else but you.

[98]. Bring me your love that I might be strong. Give me your heart that I might be energized. Give me your love that I might never want. For all I need is your love.

[99]. The ecstasy of your love creates a wild romance in my soul. Now, I can’t wait to hold and wrap you around my heart. That I would be calm to surrender to your feet.

[100]. My heart wept in passion to possess the nakedness of your beauty. I see flame boil down my soul each time my thought behold your fair skin. Love that is pure, my soul, longs to rest at the bosom of your heart.

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