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Famous Poems about Purpose of Life

Best Famous Poems about Purpose of Life

The reward of life is for you to strive towards making it rewarding for you. When you strive with all that is within you, life will accord to you that which is your portion. Let the element of trust be found in you. When you have faith and make trusting your watch word, you will conquer all that seems to confront you. These short famous poems about life are famous poems about life journey, short poems on values of life and beautiful poems about life.

Miscellaneous Poem about Family and Life. Family would always be family. No matter how it is, family is still family. You have to learn to love the family and take it to heart that those that would hurt you the most are still family.

Your Family And Your Life

I heard the Good Book says,
That a man’s worst enemy;
Are members of his household,
But my heart gave no warming to this.

I have reasoned that an open mind,
Is a blessing to keep the family as one;
But how wrong was my myopic thought,
Till I encounter the naked truth of life.

Family to some is a product of unity,
But to others a bunch of disunity;
Fuelled by the endless pride of envy,
For that, which is all vanity upon vanity?

Be it as it may, in this era of mistrust,
Where all that is to it, is guided jealousy;
It is sometimes wiser to be left alone,
Then to be distracted by family lineage.

If you have got no family, then peace to you,
And if you have gotten same, still peace to you;
Peace to you in every moment of trouble time,
And still the same to you in a moment of happy time.

Your life above your family is a worthy trust,
But same above your life what would you say?
Who will understand you when the level is low?
And still who will trust you if the level is high?

Puzzles of the mind that has no definition,
Nor the direction to guide her utterances;
But happier to know that it strives in deceit,
Covering up as if it is love that never was.

Family can make you and still it can break you,
But in all, be wise and deal with it in maturity; 
And never you, let the family be above your life,
Because at the end it is your life that has a reward.

Be strong and live with the reality of life,
Family will always seek their reward in you;
But never will care to understand your pains,
Which to them you are the one to bear it all.

Nsikak Andrew

Sad Inspirational Poem. Sometimes you would journey to a strange land. A place you knew nobody from the onset. Den Of Hunger is that journey to a new environment where you encounter some setback which is of essence towards actualizing your dream. To make life worth living, you shouldn’t be a one man, one town person but someone who travels widely. When you travel, you learn new things and make new friends.

Den Of Hunger

I came to a land
Land where I knew nobody
I came to a land
Land where my belly cried for food
I came to a land
Land where my heart is weak
For hunger is my daily bread of sorrow.

I came to a land
Land where I would earn a certificate
That certificate that will colour my life
And set me on the path to a lasting greatness
But before I inherit it
A true test of survival I must undergo.

Are you lost in Somalia?
Nor lost in Uganda?
Never consider Sudan nor …
Where inhumanity has reduced her brethren's
To a life of walking corpses
No, not am I, but lost in a land
That her name terrifies the mind.

I came, I saw…
Daniel survives the Lion’s den,
Hebrew brothers survive the flaming fire
This cup surely shall pass over me.

Nsikak Andrew

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