Romantic Love Poem: My Love, My Heart, My Life - Lovingly – Expressing Love, Endlessly and Lovingly! Romantic Love Poem: My Love, My Heart, My Life

Romantic Love Poem: My Love, My Heart, My Life

 Sweet Romantic Love Poem

True messages of love are something we should always live to cherish especially if it comes from our true friends and someone we deeply have affection for.

Do not hide your feelings, express it the way you feel about it. If you are in love with a special soul, this amazingly romantic my love, my heart, my life poem is for your delight.

This My Love, My Heart, My Life is a romantic love poem that you can share with the one who gives you joy and a peace of mind. You can dedicate this love poem to your dear spouse.

My Love, My Heart, My Life

My admiration for you tells a story
The affection I found in loving you
Is something that puts a smile on my face
And the same is what makes me a happy one alive.

How I miss the warm of our togetherness
Each time you are not within the consciousness of my side
I felt like the breath for me is no more to live
So terrible! So disheartening! So confusing for my heart to bear!

You fill my thoughts with the pulse of your heart beat
Your voice to me is a soul healer that erased my doubt
And my worries are nowhere to be found
Every time you stare at me with that unassuming look.

I desired to always feel this love of yours
Love that comforts me without limitation
I crave for your kisses that reawaken my being
To always long for you without a care in the world.

My love, my world of ecstasy
In your arms I felt a different me
Warmth by the touch of your abreast
This feeling that drove my heart to paradise.

To behold the beauty of you
Is to admire the flash of moonlight
So natural with her aura of freshness
That edifies my soul in her pure sense of purity.

I shall live for you no matter the weather
To your warmth laughter shall I lay my bed
So I would forever smile with bliss
As you fill my heart with joy that is your love.

My one and only true love
You who is the desire of my heart
With you there is neither doubt nor regret
But this awesome feeling that blesses my daily life.

Today and always I want the world to know
If there is anything I adore, that is you
Love that renews my strength
With the vigor to love and be loved forever.

My heart, my joy eternal
I wish you will understand my silent thoughts
If you would look to the sky this very moment
There you would see the stars singing your praise.

To me your love was sent
That I would ever be your guiding light 
To love you with all the breath that I take
And never to hurt your feelings in whatever ways.

The promise to love you I have kept
And all my best I'll ever do in same manner
Ever if it seems we disagree at times
That for me is what my emotion shall always control.

My life, my God sent
Above every other thing, you are so amazing
A pride to behold, a joy to cherish
The love to keep forever.

Beauty is a part of your name
I adore every moment we share together
Those moments are to me a lifetime of contentment
True happiness I will never exchange for anything.

In and out you are you true self
No matter how anyone sees it
You are never deter by anyone’s comment
This to me is a plus that endears my heart to you.

I praise your kindheartedness
That heart of kindness which cares for others
While taking everyone as equal without pride
With this humbleness that exposes your meekness.

Each time I look at you, I see a special soul
One with a heart of gold that shines brighter
Without an iota of hatred for anyone that offends you 
But rather strive to bring everyone to an understanding.

Forever know this, that I will always love you
This promise of love is what I will hold unto
To love you without blemish
You my love, my heart, my life.

Nsikak Andrew 
10th February, 2017

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