Short Sad Poem: Air of Death - Lovingly – Expressing Love, Endlessly and Lovingly! Short Sad Poem: Air of Death

Short Sad Poem: Air of Death

Emotional Short Sad Poem: Air of Death

It is better to move on than dwell in sorrowful situations and make a mess of your life. When avoidable unforeseen natural disasters occur, it saddens the heart and grieves our spirit.

Air that should be joyful, when it comes with its sorrow, it's so painful. This is yet another sad nature poem. Air of peace is now air of death. Sad Poem that Make You Cry: Dead While Alive

Air Of Death

Country of wealth
Bastardized by cheaters
Profit and more profit they seek
But the safety of her citizenry
Are policies condemned to the dustbin
Now the air that breathe life
Are cabins that soar in obsolete.

Fly the sky
Then hold your heart in terror
For the invention of the Wright Brothers
Had taken the name ascribed to used cars
Whose safety up above the sky   
Are prayers of supplication to our Creator

Glorified coffins,
Cover your face in shame
For many children you have made fatherless
And many mothers untimely widows
Our society you have blessed with mourning
An untimely end to destinies you have brought
Just for a selfish motive to enrich your account.

Nsikak Andrew
10th October, 2007 & 18th January, 2008

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