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Sad Poem for Rivers State: Rivers Of Blood

Poem for Rivers State

Militancy is a very big issue here in the Niger Delta. And when brothers take up arms again injustice and in extension their fellow brothers, it makes the heart weep. Inspirational Poem: Sunset on the Other Site [Odey to Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie]

How can we live in wealth but yet in fear? A sad story to tell but in all it has to be told in this yet another sad nature poem. Sad Painful Poetry: Unforgettable

Rivers Of Blood

Seasons of woes
Painted in drains of blood
Rivers of hope
Harbourer of black-gold
How your land
Outflows with innocent blood.

A day out is unsure of…
For your areas harbour street cultist
Who makes life unsafe for inhabitants
Now militants are more deadly than the military
For the sake of cheap money
Many you have escorted to their early grave.

Where is the garden in your city?
All I heard are blood flow that zipped in violence
Your citizenry places theirs…
Your ladies are prompt to…
Your young men have learned a trade…
Matching ground is a way
Threat of death is allowed…

Rivers! When shall you have a rethink?
For your eyes are blindfolded to reality
That anyone who wars with himself
Shall never attract much progress to her soil
Think and think again.

Nsikak Andrew 
3rd July, 2007

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