Sad Painful Poetry: Unforgettable - Lovingly – Expressing Love, Endlessly and Lovingly! Sad Painful Poetry: Unforgettable

Sad Painful Poetry: Unforgettable

Emotional Sad Painful Poetry: Unforgettable

We shouldn’t lose hope though there would always be sad memories for the departed souls of our loved ones. 

In all we should do is to give thanks for the way of the departed is the route of every mortal. Sad Poem: Lowered Beneath the Earth

Memories would also be unforgettable, but we should be rest assured that we would meet in eternity.


Memories of a blissful life
Life that gathered in the bliss of our soul
Sweet memories of you
Memories that reminds us of your good tiding
Good tiding that elicit smiles
Smiles that dents like fine linen
Fine linen that blew like the sojourning of a gray blue sky.

You came,
You live,
You saw,
And now you’re gone,
Gone with that unforgettable aura
That now awaits us to wait
For the day of thy glorious awakening.

Nsikak Andrew 
8th October, 2008

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