Sad Poem: Lowered Beneath the Earth - Lovingly – Expressing Love, Endlessly and Lovingly! Sad Poem: Lowered Beneath the Earth

Sad Poem: Lowered Beneath the Earth

Emotional Sad Poem: Lowered Beneath the Earth

Accept what you can’t change; it is part of life we have to live with. How painful it is when you watch your loved one lowered beneath the earth. 

Pains become a reality but there is nothing you can do. Sad Tribute Poem: It is Well Dedicated to my Friend

This poem tells it all that sometimes this will happen and for us, we just have to prepare our minds for it.

Lowered Beneath The Earth

Shout of crying
Watered with tears
Darkness in the mist of sunshine
Six feet has been dug
With two heavy sticks lay.

In company of two robes
For to the earth beneath
The remain must be lowered
For a downward journey to oblivion.

Lowered in dust to dust
Slowly by slowly the robes descents
With uncertainty that thoughts provoked
Under six-feet it rested
With a shovel, the earth is covered.

Nsikak Andrew
16th September, 2007

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