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Stop making excuses and go fight for what you know is right. When you make excuses, you limit yourself. And when you don’t fight for what you know is right, you limit your potential. Inspirational Text Messages
Do you need to encourage someone to go be the best in life? These thought provoking text messages for family and friends are what you need to make a miracle out of their minds. Love Touching Messages for Husband and Wife to Strengthen Your Relationship
Free Daily Inspirational Text Messages: Stop Making Excuses
[1]. Never make excuses and give a thousand reasons why it can’t be done. Always give a try when that is not possible, communicate and try the next day.
[2]. A winner’s mindset never accommodates excuses. Excuses are the bedrock on which failure lies.
[3]. If you want to remain successful, never ever believe that excuses exist. Excuses are for losers.
[4]. People who do not want to take responsibility for anything actually find their lifeline in making unnecessary excuses for every little thing they encountered.
[5]. Making excuses will do you no good when it has to do with what will benefit yourself and others.
[6]. The more you make excuses; people will never see nor take you as a serious person. This for sure will make others look at you the other way round with a negative mindset.
[7]. There is a need for you to take action at all times and this requires that you take no for an excuse. Romantic Poems for the One You Love and Love Poems of Romantic Messages
[8]. Do not give people the notion to doubt your ability. It is when you keep making excuses for every little thing that people will begin to doubt your professionalism.
[9]. You need to get the job done and take the glory for it. That is the pride that defines you as one that is serious for that which you do.
[10]. Giving excuses will never allow you to make a meaning out of anything.
[11]. When you give excuses, it will never add up to the growth of anything but rather will diminish the force of change within you.
[12]. You make progress when you get the job done and not when you give excuses.
[13]. If you must succeed in life, do not give excuses for every little thing but rather see to it that you give a try first and where it is not possible, try again. It is in giving a try that you will defeat the enemy called excuse.
Inspirational Text Messages For Friends: Fight For What You Know Is Right
[14]. Life is all about a fight. If you feel it is a lie, ask yourself, if any of the achievements you have did come while you were deep asleep.
[15]. A fight for what you desire symbolizes that you are ready to take that which is your heart desire.
[16]. Standing up and being ready to take that which is your rightful position is an indication that you are ready to take your rightful procession.
[17]. Your rightful position is your propelling force that will make you seek to achieve your dream.
[18]. When you give in to laziness, things will actually pass you by. Laziness is never a good way to fight for that which is your rightful position.
[19]. Laziness brings about procrastination and this is what will cause a delay in making you actualize your desired purpose in life.   
[20]. Whatever you need, you have to go fight for it. No success comes on a platter of gold. How to Reactivate Your Mindset and Let Joy Flow Like the River of Joy
[21]. Do not sit back and wait for others to make a success of their lives and all you do is come around and want to claim ownership like you were the ones who understood and felt their pains on your pathway to success.
[22]. When you have a vision and your instinct keeps directing you to that path, then go for it and never you allow any person’s opinion deny you of your right to make your dream a success.
[23]. People’s opinion of you will only have an effect on you if you allow them form a part of your reasoning process.
[24]. In as much as you listen to others' opinion of you; kindly do not let them define the real person in you.
[25]. You are the one who knows your ability and the only one who will bear your vision, burden and the conception of your dream to its actualization.
[26]. The moment you allow other people’s opinion defines your person; then for sure you are about to defeat your self-worth and you know what this might do to your destiny.
[27]. The people you know that are successful actually are people who stood still in spite of all odds against them.
 [28]. Go fight you way to the top and never allow anything that could distract your vision to die inside of them.
[29]. Be zealous for that which you believe is the right thing to do. Put in a good fight that would make you war against that which are the diminishing factors towards your process in life. 

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