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Messages of Encouragement and Strength for the People You Love

Best Messages of Encouragement and Strength for the People You Love
Here is how to guarantee your peace of mind and let your instinct direct your heart. These messages are positive thoughts for the day that would give you an edge to strive towards achieving your life purpose. Motivational And Inspirational Quotes To Help You Find Joy

Guarantee Your Peace Of Mind
“Every relationship should be the one that gives you a peace of mind. If you spend more time arguing rather than having great fun, it is time to question the direction of such a relationship.”
In every relationship, your peace of mind should be a sure bet. If you are in a relationship with anyone without a guaranteed peace of mind, that relationship for sure is as good as nothing.
There is nothing that brings worry to our life as an unsettled mind. This unsettled mind is as a result of lack of the peace within us. And this lack of peace is as a result most of the time through the person we are involved with.
Be it as it may, life is all about emotion. There is no hardness in this. We are all emotional when it comes to the issues of life. It is how you treat your mind that you will have the courage to face the issues of life daily.
What we need to be focused and face the challenges of life, is the right peace of mind. And the person who can guarantee you this, is the one your heart desires. And if such a person is the one who seems not to consider your peace of mind at all times, then know for sure that it might be difficult to always be at your best to focus on achieving anything that you want out of life. Best Motivational Words Of Advice On How To Treat Your Man Or Woman Right
Let Your Instinct Direct Your Heart
“Sometimes to find true love, you need to block your ears to what people might say. Your happiness should be the paramount thing in your mind. Remember what will last forever doesn’t come easy.”
Every one you come across certainly would have one or two advice to give to you if you need them. It is good to take some advice but the bottom line of it all is that you are the ultimate person that would give yourself good advice because it is you that knows what you want.
When it comes to love and even in business or our career options, we have a major role to play in making the right decision and not depending on others to find for us our pathway to success.
Trust yourself at all times to owe up to your decision. Remember it is not at all times you will make the right decision. But if it occurs you make a wrong decision, owe up to it rather than put the blame on others.
Relationship wise it is not all that you are told that is true. There are certain things you hear that shouldn’t bother you if actually your mind is made up. Trust your instinct to make the right decision and you will live to value your thoughts but that doesn’t mean challenges wouldn’t come. As much as it arises, just hold on to your faith, things will be alright no matter the storm. Motivational Quotes On How To Believe In Your Dreams And Improve Your Weaknesses

A New Day, A New Month, A New Hope, A New Glory
When you see the dawn of a new day, all you need to do; is welcome yourself to it with a new song, a renewed hope and a new glory.
Every dawn of a new day, should be a day of renewed possibilities. We should have hope of making it a lucky day to always remain ourselves so that it is not over as long as we see a new day. Dream, dreams and take actions to make it come true.
For me, I learn to make every day a happy day. Every day is so special to my heart. It makes me feel the tears of joy to be alive and to offer my gratitude to God for making it possible.
Every day and every month should be a new beginning for us. We should habour the hope in us to take a renewed step by step towards fulfilling the purpose of God’s plan for our lives. For me, apart from everyday, July is also so special to my heart. It is the month I said I Do. It is in it I decided to take a bold step and begin this dream of mine to STOP THINKING and START REASONING. It is my thought provoking thoughts, the same that have guided my life all through. I am getting there no matter the challenges. 
“Take a step and do the impossible.”

Best Are You at a Crossroad? Things You Need to Do to Overcome Your Crossroad Experiences

Are You At A Crossroad? Things You Need To Do To Overcome Your Crossroad Experiences
Life was actually designed to make us go through the wilderness experience at some point in time. A study of the great men whom God had ever used both in the Bible days and the contemporary time, gives us an insight to what they went through to become a reference point for others to follow. We all know the story of Abraham, Sarah, Joseph, Moses, Joshua, Daniel, Ruth, Hannah, the woman with the issue of blood, the lame man at the beautiful gate and that at the pool of Bethsaida, Paul, etc. If we take a closer look at their stories, you would discover how their story shares a common link which is associated with the crossroad experience. 
The crossroad experience is not designed to punish you but to polish you. When you go through difficult times, it is to weaken you but to strengthen you. The lesson learnt, is what will give you the experience to withstood every other storm that might come your way. Best Motivational Quotes And Sayings To Cheer Up A Friend After A Tough Day
“Appreciate every trouble time; it is what will make you strong.”
As Christian and humans, we all need the crossroad experience because that is what will shape, refine and make us become that which we seek to be in life. It is an experience loaded with many lessons of life that trains us to become our real selves and in the process discover the purpose which we were created for. In every crossroad experience, there lies our glorification and it is what will bring us to our promised land of fulfillment with many memories of testimonies that can only become possible through that experience.
“Victory is an outcome of many failures.”
When you try and fail, do not give up, try again. In the process of trying, you will discover the route to your victory. Encourage yourself in difficult times and see no downfall but victory even when it seems it is not possible. When you persist, you will. 
If actually you desire a better life without wishing to go through any crossroad experience, then you may never appreciate the true meaning of life if you hastily get to your comfort zone. The crossroad experience is what we need to build us up physically, emotionally and spiritually. This process when completed is what would mould and make us an epitome of His Divine accomplishment.
The process, like I said; is not to punish you but to polish you and make you a Royal Priesthood that will become an object of attraction for others to emulate. And indeed glorified your Maker for His faithfulness in your life.
“Trouble time will never last forever, that is if we direct our minds to positive things rather than make ourselves the victim of complainers.”    
Though we might be passing through terrible times, we should never be moved. It is just a process ground to bring out the best in us. Remember the gold, we all admire its end product but forget that it passes through many processes of refinement after it is ducked from the ground. The crossroad experience is what our Maker designed as a process to take us to our expected land of fulfillment. It is through this process, He sits back to take stock of how we respond to the many challenges of life that come our way.
At every moment of this experience, all we need to overcome this test is never to complain or murmur but to thank Him always in every situation just like His word admonished us in (Psalm 136:1-26). We should learn to give thanks with a thankful heart because when we give thanks and glorify the name of the Lord, no matter the situation we are passing through, He in His infinite mercy will make a way for us where there seems to be no way.
“A thankful heart is a grateful heart.”
A thankful heart creates a thankful home that is filled with love and understanding and that is what will always bring down the presence of God and make His grace to always abound with us.
“A heart filled with thanksgiving, is a blessed heart but that filled with complaints can never achieve any positive thing from God.”
A look at the children of Israel when after many miracles on their way out of Egypt to the Promised Land and their every little moment of complaining in the wilderness, the Lord made a forty day’s journey to become that of 430 years.
Even after spying the land of Canaan and the report came by, how many entered the promised land (Numbers 13 & 14). We have read what happened to their leader (Moses) in a split moment of sudden anger, when the Lord said he should speak to the rock for water but out of anger; he went contrary and struck the rock twice because of the murmuring of the children of Israel. We are aware of God’s pronouncement concerning the issue.
“Humble yourself in a moment of despair; it is what will guide you away from danger.”
God hates murmuring, complaining and sudden anger. It never did the people of old any good and neither will it in this present time to those who put their trust in Him. The Lord loves a cheerful heart and it is those with it that will inherit His blessing and not those who make complain their watch word in their moment of life’s challenges. No matter how it pains or how you feel in that moment, God is God and He is not moved by your emotions or feelings. Your situation will not stop Him from not being a loving Father or make Him change His way when it is not His appointed time for Him to change your story. So there is no need to live in self hatred and become an object of self-pity. Live your life to glorify your Creator. Give Him quality praise even in your moment of self-doubt.
“When you praise, you bring down His presence.”    
Life is not all about complaints and sudden anger. These two words are a killer of destinies and what can keep us at a crossroad for too long. When we complain, we prolonged our moment of breakthrough and Divine visitation. The Bible in (Matthew 11:29) say, “Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.” Here finding a rest unto your soul, has to do with meekness and gentleness which is a product of humility.
It is in our humility that we can shorten the hand of our crossroad experience and not through rebellion and spending the whole of our time complaining. The word `complain’ in its true sense, leads to depression, safe-pity, stress and all other negative vices that are not a good antidote to our health and spiritual growth. So, if you are passing through any crossroad experience, learn not to complain but rather to be grateful and give thanks to God like King David did in the book of Psalm.
If I may ask, how was the end of Job, Abraham, Joseph and the rest in the Bible days? They all have their seven fold increase at the end. Truly, it is not the beginning that matters but the end. Their story teaches us not to look at where we are coming from but where we are going. We should learn to aim high even in our moment of despair. It is through it we would have the faith that could pull down every strong mountain. While passing through our crossroad, like the people of old did, we should learn to wait on the Lord with a heart filled with thanksgiving and God through His word is faithful to do that which He said, He will do.
That is, rewarding those who diligently seek Him and put their trust in Him while waiting patiently for His appointed time. It pays to wait on the Lord.
“If you patiently wait upon your Maker, He is faithful to bless when it seems wouldn’t be possible.”
It is only the Lord that can richly reward us. Running back and forth wouldn’t help and neither spending all our available time in the place of complaining would but rather it will aggravate our problem. It would make us go one step forward and two steps backward. In every moment of crossroad, all we need is to be patient and be in the place of service to the Kingdom of God.
“It is in the place of service that our reward will come.”
Also, we should learn not to put our trust in man but rather on God and His word alone. Men will disappoint us when we need them most. They might even muck our situation while putting a face as if sympathizing with us. It pays to believe in yourself no matter what others are saying about you. Believing that you have a glorious future is only what will give you a brave heart to withstand all the storm of life that comes your way. Also, look up to God with prayer and supplication; it is what will help you overcome every crossroad experience that comes your way.

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