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Poem about Your Body

Best Poem about Your Body

Sincere feeling of lust for the one you love. Your body is the representation of that feeling.

This love song lyric would blow the mind of that special person in your life. Don’t fake it, let her know that she has got the body anyone could die for. Breathtaking Romantic Poems And Short Lovely Poems For Love

Sing to her this love song and see her glow with adorable pride right within herself.

Your Body

The hair
The natural face
The pointed nipples
The V-curve
Hanging on the silky
Night wear you wore
Which mirrored out
From the light splash
Speared my heart.
Your body,
It makes me want to say
O - oh - oh - oh - ohhhh
Your body, oh!
It makes me want to do
So crazy things to you.
On a perfect day
Standing out like
An elegant station
Which cares not
About the happening
Around her environment
Beholding that figure
Buckled my heart.

O! heart
Why can't you be silence
Why give yourself a sleepless night?
Why drop sick just reminiscing?
Busted this feeling - `heart'
It's just a day's drop
Then you wouldn't figured out
That which sets your heart on fire.
I can't hold back this feeling
But all I want is you
I promise to give my very best
Making you feel like you have
Never felt before all because of your body...

Nsikak Andrew 
30th August, 2002

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