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Poem about Ikot Abasi Women Riot

Best Poem about Ikot Abasi Women Riot
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I love to craft words on our culture, our hospitality and places that made our homeland a place to behold. This poem Overlooking The River is a look at the Ikot Abasi women’s riot against colonialism to which their victory is a source of joy to the history book till today. Romantic Nigeria Pidgin Love Poems In English Language For The One You Love

Overlooking The River

From this route they came
Women of vision… prides to behold…
Freedom fighter who mobilized to resist
That act of tax the colonial master bestowed
From here they came
The route of the river they followed
That history would bear them witness.

Stories of their conqueror
Are now told centuries there after
Women who fought the Ikot Abasi women riot
But see how history seeks to place them wrong
Didn’t they say it was the Aba women riot?
But where was it fought?

Come to Ikot Abasi
Ask of the Independence Park
For there you would see the Obelist
For the victims of the women’s war of 1929.

Nsikak Andrew
22rd February 2008 & 4th March, 2008

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