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Nigerian Proverbs and Ancient Wise Sayings of Nigerian Elders

Best Nigerian Proverbs and Ancient Wise Sayings of Nigerian Elders

Nigerian Inspirational Proverbs And Ancient Wise Sayings Of Nigerian Elders

The Nigerian proverbs are so inspiring to the ear. If you love proverbs, then these Nigeria inspirational proverbs for friends and love ones would reawaken their consciousness and make them strive to do that which is the right thing.

If you care about inspiring the people around you, why not share these proverbs with them.

Nigerian Inspirational Proverbs

[1]. Never argued with an old man that talks with parables because you will never know when your questions have been answered.

[2]. A monkey that wants to see the hunter's face will one day receive bullets in it face. Give way immediately you sense trouble.

[3]. When you see a man diligent on his way marks him; he shall one day stand in front of kings and not meek men.

[4]. Bitter cola is so bitter yet people eat them with respect. What's good can still be found in a bad person; so stop discrimination.

[5]. You can force the cow to the stream but you can't force him to drink the water.

[6]. Beware of the naked man who offers you cloths.

[7]. The future belongs to the risk takers, not the comfort seekers.

[8]. Do not associate with heavy drinkers of wine or with gluttonous eaters of meat.

[9]. A toad does not run in the daytime for nothing. It’s either, its running after something or something is running after the toad.

[10]. When you hang around a girl you love without saying anything, soon you will be serving guest during her wedding.

[11]. That a ram takes some steps backward during a fight does not mean that he is afraid. He is only gathering momentum to lunch a fresh attack.

[12]. When three men slept with a woman on the day she became pregnant, then the real father of her offspring becomes a matter of investigative journalism.

[13]. A hen that swallow beans will see it in the eyes of it children.

[14]. When a handshake passes the elbow it becomes a wrestling match.

[15]. A mad woman did her sign of the cross both front and back because she doesn’t know where the blessing will be coming from.

[16]. By their fruits, you shall know them. A man is not defile by what goes into him, but what comes out of him.

[17]. The first experience you should gather in life is that nothing good comes easy; so be courageous no matter what.

[18]. No matter what you do in this world people must talk about you, so do what make you happy and live it to God to judge.

[19]. When a fowl start chasing you in the morning, you had better run because you never can tell if it has grown teeth overnight.

[20]. Many people say Chameleon walks too slowly, but Chameleon says it walks step by step and any step it walks it studies the environment.

[21]. The ends they say justifies the means.

[22]. Every garden egg is reddish in colour unless it is not heated by the sun.

[23]. A brave man is not the one who has no fears but he who triumphs over his fears.

[24]. It's said that "When the water starts boiling it is foolish to turn off the heat".

[25]. When a little boy has made money, the elders will acknowledge and visit him.

[26]. If you want to go fast walk alone but if you want to go far; walk with others.

[27]. Don't judge people by their appearance.

[28]. The toad likes water but not when it is boiling.

[29]. When you see a rat playing with the tail of a cat, you need not ask if the rat want to join its ancestors.

[30]. Never work in the association of mediocre.

Best Ancient Nigerian Proverbs and Wise Sayings of Nigerian Elders

Ancient Nigerian Proverbs And Wise Sayings Of Nigerian Elders

Nigerians and indeed African proverbs are believed to be the wise sayings of the Elders which came from many years of life experiences. These proverbs are so amazing and are the words that brings about an early correction in moment of disperse. 

For your pleasure and delight, here are some of the wise words of Nigerian Elders that comes with it deep meaning for everyday situation of life.

[31]. There is no shot cut to the top of a palm tree.

[32]. It is better to see the dead body of a dog at the house of a fowl than to see the dead body of a fowl at the house of a dog.

[33]. It is not only well you hear the cry of baby that you would want to breast feed him.

[34]. Women are like clothes in the market, not the first person that offers a price will later buy it.

[35]. A man who refuses to work hard in life will end up to be a best friend to poverty.

[36]. If you don't stand for what is right why then stand at all.

[37]. A wolf cannot intimidate the sheep when the Shepherd is awake and vigilant.

[38]. All ways are no ways. In life pretending is the worst thing so far but let every man be careful.

[39]. The old age of King Methuselah has nothing to do with the Wisdom of Solomon.

[40]. A wise man can learn more from a foolish question than a fool can learn from a wise answer.

[41]. There's no way without the Way.

[42]. He who tells you not to border about little things has never slept in a room with mosquito.

[43]. Two head are better than one but all fingers are not equal. The way you make your bed so you sleep on it.

[44]. A fly that follow the corpse to the grave end up been buried.

[45]. The believer is naturally disposed to all the traits except betrayal and lying.

[46]. Chameleon said, not that he cannot walk faster but he beg the ground before walking.

[47]. Patient is the stepping stone.

[48]. The white pot on firewood has not seen the test of life.

[49]. The road to success is always very bushy you have to clear the bush.

[50]. If you say I am good for nothing therefore you are bad for something.

[51]. You can only give what you have.

[52]. It is only the woman that has not seen trouble that would hold her breast while running.

[54]. What do you gain asking a leper to clap? It is never fun oppressing those you are better off.

[55]. In a community in which a dog kills a lion, such a community is not fit to live.

[56]. You cannot feature in a future that you did not picture.

[57]. A woman without a husband is like a well dressed person without footwear.

[58]. Even if education is free a rat will never go to the same school with a cat.

[59]. A successful man is the one who makes more money than his wife can’t spend. A successful woman is that woman who finds such a man.

[60]. When you go to sleep with an itching anus, expect to wake up with smelly fingers.

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