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Warmly Love Messages

Best Warmly Love Messages

Warmly Love Messages

1.    I craved for your love every night and day. I long for your touch every moment of the day. I live for you every second of my life. I love you with every breath that I take.

2.    Somewhere deep inside of me your love resides. Every moment I thought of it, my spirit glow with smile like a new born child. Now I could smile forever just because you love me.

3.    The innocence of your love arouses my feeling. Your love came like a raw gold that knows no refinement. I hold it and cherish it and now, I can’t do without it.

4.    The melody of your love sang a song of affection to my soul. Every drop of your rhythm, escalate my soul and all I do, is wait that you will sang a song of love that makes me stay alive.

5.    Alluring is the music that your love sang. It craved my soul and turned my day into night, dream into reality and love into undying pleasure.

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6.    I am thrill beyond my bones. I am lifted beyond my spirit. I am glad to be alive. All because when I see you, I see the love that makes me what I am.

7.    My emotion you control with the spell of your love. Now like a child, all I crave for is the breath of your love that keeps me alive.

8.    Pure love built on the throne of pleasure. I quicken my steps to drink from the bosom of your ecstasy. Now I want no more of anything but your love that brings me satisfaction.

9.    My life lacks the courage but you give me the strength. My life lacks the will but you give me the power. That strength and power of your love gives me the might to be who I am.

10.    You’re a rare thing so precious than ruby. You’re a gift to all but special to me. Nothing would every rival your love that is pure and blameless.

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