Sad Nature Poem: Daylight Commandos - Lovingly – Expressing Love, Endlessly and Lovingly! Sad Nature Poem: Daylight Commandos

Sad Nature Poem: Daylight Commandos

Sad Nature Poem about Daylight Commandos

If you have ever come in contact with the fine boys, you would understand that in between those moments, you are between Heaven and earth.

It was in a flash and it happened; now here is the thought of that encounter.

Daylight Commandos

Smooth ride within a second
Corrupted by pot-holes
Those are the testimonies of their zero-minds
For her to be good, billions are allocated
But to the pockets of the Fixers it has disappeared.

Here we are stuck in between the commandos
Who has capitalized on the zero-mindedness of our Fixers
Now the innocent citizenry would bear their default.

They have strike, they have strike
In broad daylight they have strike
Men of the dark night
Now found courage in daylight.

We are in trouble
For the minutes they lasted
Will we live to tell our story?
Or would we be escorted beyond
By the butt of their weapon
In silence, our hearts prayed.

Nsikak Andrew 
10th September, 2007 & 15th April, 2008 

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