Inspiring Poem: Vevo See Music Play - Lovingly – Expressing Love, Endlessly and Lovingly! Inspiring Poem: Vevo See Music Play

Inspiring Poem: Vevo See Music Play

Inspiring Poem for Vevo See Music Play

Vevo is transparent and an icon of excellence when it comes to music video. We did a nature poem way back to celebrate Vevo in style.

Vevo See Music Play

Vibes without limits,
The world comes to your feet;
With sounds that heals the soul,
And now we are connected to your hook.

Food to the soul that more is asked of you,
Yet still you heal our hearts with rhymes that care;   
Such that draw us to celebrate with passion,
Even when we are down yet we rejoice in your sound.

December 8, 2009 you came within a joint venture,
Serving regions and still expanding beyond doubts;
As you moved around connecting us with love,
For that soul fantasy that excites us to chant your name. 

A sound from Vevo site have given us a voice,
That which our hearts celebrate with love;
As we watch through you streaming channel,
We found that love far beyond our imagination.

Shout out to Erik Huggers,
A CEO with limitless possibilities;
Such is the strength of your direction,
The same that has kept Vevo on top.

Universal Music Group you are not forgotten,
Sony Music Entertainment we recognized you;
Abu Dhabi Media, EMI and Google,
The power houses that made it all possible.

If you are looking for a site to quench your music taste,
Even with the help of your Android, iOS, Windows Phone;
PlayStation and other electronic with Internet connection,
Vevo is for you as you relax on it and see music play.

Nsikak Andrew 
18th June, 2016

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