Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Romantic Messages for the One You Love - Lovingly – Expressing Love, Endlessly and Lovingly! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Romantic Messages for the One You Love

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Romantic Messages for the One You Love

Best Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Romantic Messages for the One You Love

Merry Christmas And New Year Romantic Messages For The One You Love

So much love to share during every festive season. Christmas is one unique occasion to wish the one you love a happy celebration.

Messages of love should be shared during this time. And here we are with some of these messages that you can send during Christmas and New Year period.

The messages are not your unusual convention kind of Christmas messages but something that is rooted in love and stray from the bottom of your heart.

Feeling loved at Christmas and New Year, go on and send these messages of love to the special person in your life.

Merry Christmas Messages And Happy New Year Messages For Family And Friends

Merry Christmas Romantic Messages

[1]. It took me time and sleepless night to come to this reality that your love is not just one of those. Your love is real and I bless the day it came my way.

[2]. If you feel I flattered or lied to you time will bear me witness. Right from the start, it was love I feel for you and now and ever, it’s that same I feel for you.

[3]. I’m loyal to your love. In the morning, afternoon and night, it’s you I want to see. Every moment of my life, it’s your love I want to be around for.

[4]. The sweetness of your love has built her nest around my heart. Like the web, it has entangled me and all I do is to ever surrender to it.

[5]. Even if there is a price tag, your love is priceless. You’re a priceless treasure that will never fade away or have any replacement.

[6]. Black they say is beautiful but I thought it was a lie till I found you. Now I can confess that you’re bless among the blesseth.

[7]. The reign of your love is like the dawn of a new day just as the blossom of your beauty a gathering of a million star in the sky.

New Year Sweet Love Messages

[8]. Where else would your love be safe than my heart. There would I make a place for it to blossom like a flower whose fragrance would comfort me.

[9]. With your love I can cross the ocean and walk a thousand miles and never would I grow tired. This is simple all because you love me.

[10]. Your love made me see reality away from my reasoning. Your love reveals another hidden part of me that I knew not. Now I’m blessed because of you.

[11]. Your love is so real. Never a dull moment around you. If I’m bore, one place I can find happiness is to be around you. You’re a blessing to my soul.

[12]. Your love makes my life cheerful and my world beautiful. I’m like a new born child with smiles that makes me glow with joy inside of me.

[13]. Your love has given me a new heart ever since you came into my life. Now I can’t have a heart without you. You’re my heart on which I live on.

[14]. My love for you will never die. My smile for you will never fade. My heart for you will never break. You’re my love, my smile and my heart.

Cute Romantic Christmas Messages

[15]. You’re the sun, moon and star I see. Above all you’re the love I have. Nothing can separate my love for you. You’re my everlasting love.

[16]. I have and will always love you. You’re my sunshine, my joy, my happiness and my hope. Loving you makes me a happy person.

[17]. I held your hand and my heart go weaker. I looked into your eyes and tears fills my heart. See how your love has weakened my heart to surrender to you.

[18]. You melt my heart with your smile, set it on fire with your voice and then you kill me softly with your love. Now all I want is nothing but your love.

[19]. I can see the world because you love me. I can see the rainbow because you care for me. I can see love because you’re there for me.

[20]. The star, moon and sun none can be compared to your love. With your love, I can see the star, moon and sun. Above all, I can see myself when I see you.

[21]. Your love is like waterfall, it never stops. Your love is like a million star, it never fades. Your love is like life, it never ends.

Happy New Year Love Messages   

[22]. Take me hand, take my breath and let it succumb to your love. You love me the way none else have done and now my heart melt’s anytime I see you.

[23]. You give me love and the freedom to express myself. Now I’m like an air that brings a peace of mind all because you love me with a freedom of mind.

[24]. You’re like the breath I take, you’re the smile I have, you’re the love I can’t do without.

[25]. You’re me, I'm yours, you’re a part of me, I’m a part of you. I’m your love, you’re my love. We were meant to be in love till the end of time.

[26]. The way you’re, makes me love you. Always be yourself for that is the only way you can make me love you the more.

[27]. In the throne of my heart, your love reign. There her glory sparkles like a million stars to brighten my days and make me thirst of none else but you.

[28]. To love they say involve taking risk. Your love is worth taking a million risk. Those risks I would ever want to take as long as you love and care for me.

[29]. Who could love me the way you do, take my desire higher the way you do and do to me all that you have done. None have I found but you alone.

[30]. Hide me in the wing of your love and let me fly with you to the land where your love reigns. There I will ever be by your side to make our love come true.

[31]. If there is anything I cherish about you, it’s your smile and being yourself. Maybe happiness was created all because of you.

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