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Birthday Poems for Son from Dad and Mom

 Best Birthday Poems for Son from Dad and Mom

If you are searching for what can I write to my son on his birthday, what a father wishes for his son on his birthday, what can I write on my son's birthday on Facebook or what can I write on my son's birthday card? Then these father to son happy birthday poems, birthday poem for son from mother, funny birthday poem for son, birthday poem for my son, to my son on his birthday and free birthday poems for son are one of the best birthday poems for your son who is celebrating his birthday.

Best Birthday Poems for Son from Dad and Mom

Here for your son are the best short birthday poems you can send to the son of your youth as you wish him a happy birthday and many happy returns of the day. 

Birthday Poems For Son From Dad. A cute son deserves a cute birthday gift. When you realized that the gift of a child is something to be cherished far beyond explanation, then you would understand how happy the heart could be. If you love your son, then he deserves these happy birthday wishes from you as a parent. Your children are the gift in your old age. You need to celebrate them each day and make their day special. One moment you could do this is on their birthdays. If you should forget any other thing, please do not forget their special day.

My Son, My Dream, My Joy

You are a gift anyone would dream of
So innocence with pride of royalty
A smile you have that comforts me
You are in all a creation I admire.

All days I prayed for this special gift of you
You my dear son who reawakened my hope
A look into your eyes feels my thoughts
With this pride only fatherhood could bear.

Everyday to me is your birthday
For each of the moment I held you
I feel the joy that knew no bound
That special love known only to my heart. 

You came when we needed a miracle
And completely change that which is our life
We love you like we have never loved before
You are a special gift we will always cherish.

A treasure you are, a pride to us you would ever be
Our joyful joy, the gift far beyond our imagination
It was with joy you came and our heart you gladden
To God we would ever be grateful for the gift of you.

Just like yesterday when I heard your first cry
That which brought so much joy into our home
You are special to us, son of our youthful strength
We love you in a way words would never explain.

Today and always, we say happy birthday
May you always feel the warmth of happiness
And may you live to fulfill your life’s journey
Happy birthday my son, the joy of my strength.

Nsikak Andrew

Birthday Poems For Your Son. Nothing can equate the joy of fatherhood especially when you are around to see the first cry and that first smile at birth from your child. When you experience this first hand, you would always appreciate the joy of what it takes to be a father. If you share in this joyful mood as parents, this religious birthday wish for a dear son is for you. We thought you should share these amazing happy birthday wishes and words of love with your son on his birthday. Daddy and Mummy just do this for your son and let the bond keep growing.

Just When I Saw You Smile

The joy just like when I saw your first smile
Apart from the innocent cry that ushered life
That joy when you stared at me with a smile
I felt so much vigor in you that made me blink.

Just like when you made your first cry
Right there you looked at me with a smile
That brightened my day with so much thought
And humble me with tears of joy inside my heart.

A true blessing you have become in our life
And daily your smiles blesses our days
I would never trade anything in this world
Rather than see you smile every moment. 

Days now turn to months and months into many years
But everyday around you is an awesome experience
I am learning to adapt to this new life that comes with you
The life that makes me proud to be called your parents.

Today that is your day, we celebrate you
I pray you will always grow in strength
May the Lord keep and bless you always
And may you shine far beyond your peers.

Nsikak Andrew

Religious Birthday Poems For Son. That pride of braveness when your child recognized and called you out. You felt fulfilled as a parent. And that inward smile which could never be compared is something that is second to none. Right in your heart, you felt celebrated. For the icing, these thoughtful happy birthday poems for my son would do the magic to brighten the heart of that special child of yours. When Daddy and Mummy come together to present a birthday poem for their lovely son,  you can imagine how the love within the heart of that child would be. Dear parents, this one's for you to share with your cute son.

My Daddy, My Mummy

It came with that echo sound of braveness
So touching that I felt the humbled presence
That light up my heart beyond imagination
So sure that I felt blessed to be called Daddy.

My world, my hope, the strength in my aging,
Son of my youth, pride in my awesome dwelling
You shine the light and brighten my day with a smile
And now I can understand the feeling of being a father.

Everyday around you, gives me joy so hard to explain
I see your smile and my world is reunited as one
Precious gift that is beyond every words of imagination
You connect me to the world with your cute smile.

Always remember that Daddy and Mummy love you
We shall always do our best to take good care of you
Your needs are our priority, something we would always do
To make you experience the joy that is yours for living.

You have blessed our home with the gift money can’t buy
Now we can smile without restriction each time we behold you
Gift to us, a blessing to your generation, true son of a blessed parent
Thank you for coming into our life, we would always love you eternally.

Nsikak Andrew

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