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Sweet Romantic Messages for the One You Love

Best Sweet Romantic Messages for the One You Love

It all started as a joke. A friend saw some of the romantic love messages I developed and then asked me to send some across to him which I did and thereafter, I saw this smile on his face that says a BIG THANK YOU!

When he said thank you, I was a little confused but something in me told me, he might have gotten what he wanted. And when he whispered another thank you, I was like, you are not serious. 

But wait, he kept thanking me every time we met. And it didn’t take long for me to see the result.

"Look at the reason while I keep smiling". That was his words when I finally met him around this damsel. Sincerely, words would make no sense if I tried to describe her. 

No wonder, this friend of mine was smiling. And when I asked him the secret again, he said those messages I sent across to him, were the BOOM! 

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This for the asking took me down memory lane. 

Now I remembered back then in school, when I dropped a simple gratitude message to a female friend who won the most beautiful girl on campus. 

"It sounds poetic". "It actually made my day". "That was so lovely and thoughtful of you". She kept on teasing me days after we met. And not long after that, she asked me to draft some she could send to her man which I did. You know what, I got more praise than I expected.

Sincerely if I must say, it was just fun developing messages that touched the heart. To me, it was fun till some of these messages began to go round and some people began to ask for customized messages for their loved ones. 

Again I remember someone I met while in camp for my NYSC service year. 

Actually I can’t pinpoint how this person came across some of my messages. Hey! I remember now, he saw my collection of unpublished romantic and inspirational poems and on one occasion, he asked me to develop a birthday message for the one he loves. I did, and you can bet his response.  

As the days went by with time, other close friends began demanding from me to help develop messages that they said should sound so romantic, so poetic and so inspirational; which I did for their sake. 

Again to me, it was just fun doing that and seeing the impact it generated.

Over the years, after some pleasant and unpleasant encounters, I just found myself developing messages that sound "So Romantic, So Poetic and So Inspirational"

Hey! I thought I should keep this one personal but I just have to let you guys know how powerful these messages are. 

Actually, I have tested some of these messages myself and also got others who tested them too. Sincerely I must say that the feedback is encouraging.  

Let me let you guys in on this one. I remembered the woman I courted who is now my dear wife when she said these words – 

"Not even a million Jeeps can take you away from me"

The moment she made that statement, right there I knew it was time to take our relationship to the next level. It took her more than six months to make this heartfelt statement.

Right now as I write this down, I could still remember how we met, how I got her attention and how I swept her off her feet even with someone asking for her hand and another with a bag load of money promising to spoil her with cash, if she could only say Yes.

Guess what? I did not have the cash to compete, neither the nicest car to drive around nor other things of life to show forth, but I had what the others didn’t have.

Let me spare you the long detailed story… 

In less than a year after we met, we got married and now we are so blessed as a family. 

Still our love is waxing stronger. We are moving from glory to glory.

And just the other day she said, 

"If I have to do it again, it will be you and no one else".   

There I smile again just like I did before each time I hear her say those kind words…

Hey! I can feel you asking what I did? And I know you want to know what I did to win her heart. 

Relax! It is not a big deal as such neither is it rocket science at all…

I have helped some friends do it, and I wouldn’t be so selfish not to help you too.

Okay! Before I proceed, just take a look at these sincere words that form part of the Introduction of what I am about to give to you…

Love is a beautiful thing and the heart that has found love, will gladly express it with all amounts of joy. But we should note that it is not winning the heart of the one you love that matters, but maintaining the love and making it grow day in day out in the heart of that special one that matters.

Men they say are moved by what they see while women are moved by what they hear. But in both, there is something that moves them and that power is the feeling of love.  

Sincerely, how is love expressed? Many will give you a different meaning to how it should be done. Truly, one way might work for one but not for the other person. But one general way it would work for all is to express your heart’s feelings for the one you love by doing it the right way and with the right words.  

Thank goodness for the advance in technology. Now love can be expressed with a click of mouse, thoughtful calls away or with just a simple love text message away. Whichever way, to win the heart of the one you love, you need to express it in its pure and natural form.
The power of words, we all know its efficacy. The world we are was created out of words. And to win love, you need to implore the same power of words. Love and not money is what makes the world go round. And expressing it in its pure and natural form is what gives comfort to the heart that has found love.

Remember the errand of letter writing, posting, the long days of waiting for a reply and how the heart had to wait patiently for the reply. Now the world is a global village with just a touch of the mouse, a dial away or a thoughtful text message with your mobile phone, then you can make love become yours with the right words at the right moment.

The right word at the right moment for the one you love is what I am about to give to you. 

These words took me years to develop their content which I have personally tested and is working for me. My close friends are doing the same and it is working for them too. 

Let me be frank with you here, love is a universal language… Although it has no formula, it has got its principles.

From the point of dating, to when you start going out, to when you settle down, you have to pass through the right processes and withstood challenges to make it work.   

What I have done is make it as an ebook which is like a journey to making that right moment count where you can express your heart’s desire to that special person in your life that you love.

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This ebook "JUST FOR YOU MY LOVE" is a 365 day romantic message that you can send to the one you love. Each day comes with it a unique love message that you can send as text message to make your love count with the special one in your life.

Here are the lovely romantic messages that each chapter of the ebook covers per month.

January: Chapter One

I Blessed The Day I Found You
You Make My World Complete
My Love Belongs To You
Your Love Is All I Need

February: Chapter Two

Your Love Is Incomparable
To You I Make This Vow
You Mean So Much To Me
Loving You Is All I Do

March: Chapter Three

Your Love Is Irreplaceable
In Every Moment Of The Day
For Your Love, I Will Always Wait
The Value Of Your Love

April: Chapter Four

The Tears In My Eyes
What Your Love Means To Me
I Love You, I Really Do
In My Heart Your Love Lives

May: Chapter Five

My Thoughts Are All About You
I Adore You My Love
All I Want Is You
When I Looked Into The Sky

June: Chapter Six

The Tenderness Of Your Love
You Are My Sunshine
The Joy Of Loving You
Your Love Makes Me Smile

July: Chapter Seven

I Appreciate Your Love
My Happiness Is Your Love
You Are All I Ever Wished To Find
Your Love Brighten My Day

August: Chapter Eight

The Magic In Your Eyes
You Set My Heart On Fire
You Are My Dream Come True
Your Love Gives Me A Peace Of Mind

September: Chapter Nine

Birthday Wishes To You My Love
Your Love Is My Valentine
I Promise To Be There For You
Your Love Gladdens My Heart

October: Chapter Ten

You Blew My Mind Away
Your Love Is Like Rain Drops
Within My Deeper Most Thoughts
You Gave Me A Heart To Love Again

November: Chapter Eleven

I Miss Your Love Around Me
The Aura Of Your Love
Even If I Am Hurt By Your Love
Like The Dawn Of A New Day

December: Chapter Twelve

Your Love Is My Christmas
May You Ever Be Blessed
My Little Love Quotes For You
Thank You For The Love We Share

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