Poem about Sadness: Yet another Cry - Lovingly – Expressing Love, Endlessly and Lovingly! Poem about Sadness: Yet another Cry

Poem about Sadness: Yet another Cry

Emotional Poem about Sadness: Yet another Cry

We should not lose the thought that things would also be the same. We just have to accept the fact that some moment of this nature would definitely come someday.

The day tears would make no meaning but we just have to cry. Sad poem for the departed, it is the way of all mortals. Sad Poem: Lowered Beneath the Earth

Yet Another Cry

Cries heard beyond the surface,
Tears that flows like a narrow stream
Questions asked without an answer
When shall this cry cease?

The crowd has gathered
In song of tears they make their melody
If only our Maker would repeal this decree
That has become the way of all mortals.

Tears I saw,
Cries I heard,
Confusion I behold,
Day of sorrow again!

Good people why?
Why depopulate the earth
That evil will populate.

Nsikak Andrew 
28th January, 2008

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