My Sadness Poem: Defeated Hand - Lovingly – Expressing Love, Endlessly and Lovingly! My Sadness Poem: Defeated Hand

My Sadness Poem: Defeated Hand

Sadness Poem: Defeated Hand

Sometimes you are grieved and there is nothing you can do about it. When you lose your loved one, it is so painful to face the encounter.

Be assured that this route is that of all mortals. One day it would be your turn. The impact you create while alive is what you would forever be remembered for. Sad Emotional Poem for My Departed Mother: December of Grieve

Create an impact that when you are no more, those around will forever give thanks that you came their way. Poem about Sadness: Yet Another Cry

Defeated Hand

Crying whelms…
The fragrance of death spread
World without end when shall it be.

The living watch with thoughts that travel
Route for all, a journey we all most partake
Who could change the will?

Dancers dance, sounds re-echo,
Refreshment spread, songs sang,
Prayer offered but the deed has been done.

The owner has taken it own
Who could query Him?
For that which was joint together
The hand of death has stolen away.

Who bears the pain?
Who will comfort the bereaved?
Same who taketh shall be their comforter
For life without end is like a sleep into oblivion.

Nsikak Andrew 
26th January, 2008 & 4th March, 2008

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