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Poem about Ekpe Traditional Masquerades

Best Poem about Ekpe Traditional Masquerades

Still enjoying the culture of the people of South-South Nigeria. Ekpe masquerades are a delight to watch them displace during the festive period. Short Poems about Ibibio Delicacies

If you have an eye for culture, enjoy this piece.


From the Leopard skin you derived your name
For your masks and masquerades are fashioned
To look like the skin of a Leopard.

Everyday is no day
For seasons are your times of rising
On Christmas days
On traditional coronation
During the demise of a faithful member     
Or on the day of new initiates
Your sacred display are fashioned in steps
That arisen your ancestral valor.

Your initiates are in their festive best
Spotted in the wrapper they tie
Adorned in a white tail-shirt
With a staff and cap to match
Taboos are the wearing of trousers!

Around and around they sang
That has become a way of life
For the riverine dwellers.

Ekpe masquerades…
The sacred prestige of the Efik and Ibibio
Glow in your towering glory
For centuries to come shall ever feel your present.

Nsikak Andrew 
4th June, 2007 & 26th June, 2007

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