Ibibio Heritage Poem on Eka Ibim - Lovingly – Expressing Love, Endlessly and Lovingly! Ibibio Heritage Poem on Eka Ibim

Ibibio Heritage Poem on Eka Ibim

Best Ibibio Heritage Poem on Eka Ibim

The mother of all drums, Eka Ibim is the ultimate. If you love the beats of any traditional drum, then you would love this. Short Poem on Ekpe Masquerades

Eka Ibim

Eka Ibim!
The mother of all drums
Calved from the hardest wood
And covered by the thickest animal skin.

Eka Ibim!
Companion of the town-crier
Your re-echoed beats
Announces the King’s message.

Eka Ibim!
Cultural dancers, traditional masquerades…
All needs your rhythmic praises
To detect their choreographic steps.

Eka Ibim!
Modernization has stolen your ancestral root
That your fame has gone beyond our shores
Now your beats are heard in every song that is sang
That all might come to embrace you as the giver of beats.

Eka Ibim, Oh Eka Ibim…
Forever carry yourself with pride
At all time define the line of a song
That we shall always celebrate you as the mother of all beats.

Nsikak Andrew 
1st February, 2007 & 18th May, 2007

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