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Poem about Ikot Ekpene, the Raffia City

Best Poem about Ikot Ekpene, the Raffia City

The Annang man is a brave and proud man. If you love raffia craft, Ikot Ekpene is the birth place. Enjoy Ikot Ekpene the Raffia City, a nature poem just for the love of Ikot Ekpene. Beautiful Poetry Love Poems In English And Deep Romantic Poems For Love

Ikot Ekpene 
[The Raffia City]

Ikot Ekpene,
Land of the Annangs,
Centre of raffia craft.

Ikot Ekpene,
Land of skilled craftsmen.

In beauty of slopes,
You surround yourself.

In richness of culture,
Your heritage is blessed.

Land of the Annang’s
The main centre of raffia craft
A town within the land of promise
Skilled craftsmen preserved your heritages.

In the extract of raffia palm frond,
Have amazed the world.

Raffia belts, hats,
Raffia shoes, handbags…
Are the skilled hands of your craftsmen.

Ikot Ekpene! You are called by name
But by `Raffia City', your alias is known
In the tradition of your ancestors I greet.

Annang mma!
Annang mma!
Annang mma mma de-o.

Nsikak Andrew
19th July, 2007

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