Top African Proverbs about Life and Wise Sayings by African Elders - Lovingly – Expressing Love, Endlessly and Lovingly! Top African Proverbs about Life and Wise Sayings by African Elders

Top African Proverbs about Life and Wise Sayings by African Elders

Best Top African Proverbs about Life and Wise Sayings by African Elders

African proverbs come with it many deep definition and meaning. African proverbs are all about life and how you can face the challenges of life and make a meaning out of it. It comes with it messages about friendship, love, marital lesson and it helps solves many issues of life.

Hope you would like these collections of some top African proverbs which you can share with your friends and love ones.

Top African Proverbs About Life And Wise Sayings By African Elders

1. There is no how you wash an old woman's wrapper without seeing some fesses in it.

2. A skirt is fine does not mean, it can be used to appease the gods.

3. You can never know the sweetness of pumpkin leaf unless you eat bitter leaf.

4. The wizard itself you will leave long. 

5. All lizards are lying prostrate, we don't know the one having stomachache. Beware.

6. The world is like an institution; pick your own question paper and stop answering what has been answered.

7. No matter how tall you are, you can never see tomorrow... So be humble.

8. A child who sit on a nail do not only feel the pains but inching too.

9. The cow that everybody supposed to feed always die of hunger.

10. The greatest loss in life is not death. The greatest loss is what dies inside while still alive. Never give up.

11. A stranger who doesn't appreciate one's hospitality, develops hunchback as he goes back home.

12. Lead us not into temptation is better than deliver us from evil.

13. When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

14. Knowing somebody is different from leaving with somebody.

15. Is just a matter of time the stammara can also pronounce his name.

16. Better Garri needs no advert just place it in the market it will sell it self.

17. He who lies down with dog will rise up with fleas.

18. Good they said is not good enough for those who seek the best.

19. It's better to live on top of roof than to live with a troublesome woman in the house.

20. When one goes hunting with a goat it simply means that there's no dog again.

21. When a visitor is offered a cola nut then his mission will be told by him.

22. No matter how long the night may be, it will surely come to a glorious day light.

23. Every face that smiles always keep looking young.

24. The gentle stride of a tiger should not be taken for a cowardice.

25. It does a fool no good to spent money on education because he/she has no common sense.

26. Nobody tells a child to stop playing with fire!

27. Teach her, advise her, if she refuses to listen, let the adversity of life teach her.

28. Our people said that when you beat a child with the Right hand you used Left hand and call him/she back.

29. Love is like a butterfly. It goes where it pleases and pleases where it goes.

30. When death threatens' a small dog it does not allow it to perceive the odour of excrement.

31. He who can't read and write is like a blind person walking in the market.

32. Nothing comes good come easy.

33. When a tree was small it has no branch. But when it grown high it full with many branches.

34. Who that doesn't know and don't know that he doesn't know and don't want to know is what?

35. Worry is the price paid by those who borrow trouble... No sweet without sweat.

36. Patients will always give you positive result in a critical issue.

37. Lies will take you somewhere but it will not bring you back.

38. A green snake in a green grass is not foolishness but a comprehensive posture for defence and attack.

39. The fall of a man is not a down fall of his future and a down fall of a man is not the end of his life. Life goes on.

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