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Motivational Proverbs of Encouragement for Family and Friends

Best Motivational Proverbs of Encouragement for Family and Friends

Proverbs are the wisdom of our elders that are passed down from generation to generation. They form the saying of wise counsel that comes with it good advice for better living.

For your delight, here are some motivational proverbs to inspire the special people in your life.

Motivational Proverbs Of Encouragement For Family And Friends

[1]. The screamed of a chicken when its child is taken away by the kite, its not that the kite will release it but is to tell the world what has happened. Alwaystell those around you what is eating you up because you don’t know who might have the heart to help.

[2]. I have seen what God is still searching for: I've seen those greater than me. God's still searching for who is greater than Him.

[3]. Just as the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom is also like "The day a man starts thinking that all his achievement in life is by his effort, is the beginning of his downfall".

[4]. If the owner of the house abandons his plastic a stranger comes in and breaks it. Protect what you have.

[5]. Try to say the truth except you know he doesn't like the truth or possibly when you are protecting him.

[6]. A bush does not sway this way or that way unless there is wind. The toad may like water but not when the water is boiling.

[7]. A wise child starts asking for the whereabouts of the father when visitors’ suddenly starts showering him with biscuits and sweet in their compound.

[8]. Fake hair, fake nails, fake eye lash, artificial face, and sometimes, fake behavior. Still, a woman will say SHE needs a real MAN. What a world!

[9]. The chameleon was asked, how can you enter new territories unnoticed, he said, I just change my color.

[10]. I am blessed by all and of a truth.

[11]. To those who knows the value of kolanut it lasts in there mouth.

[12]. Akwuna, ashawo, prostitute dey remember how important a child is at her old age, ndi bee Anyi nma nma nu!!

[13]. Those who like acquiring too much wealth always end up raising children that like disposing off wealth.

[14]. What an elder see seating down, even if a child climbs an iroko tree he will not see it.

[15]. Why is it that "HAD I KNOW" seems to be a part of life we are living after all the advice from the elders?

[16]. A youth who does not cultivate friendship with an elderly person is like a tree without root just passing by.

[17]. Teaching that enters someone's ear but does not reach the heart is like when someone is eating in a dream.

[18]. A man’s success and glorious future is a reward for his hardwork and previous effort. So always strive to be successful.

[19]. A child is greater than money but seek first the money because nobody can survive without money but millions of people can survive without a child, you can live up to 80 years without a child but you cannot live up to a month without food which means money remember.

[20]. The small opportunity giving to the monkey to wear clothes does not guarantee him to join the Dinning table.

[21]. Love is the only way to kill envy.

[22]. Life has no meaning if all we do is demand applause from others instead of giving them what we feel we need.

[23]. Keep quiet listen why people talk. Accept the fool they will likely call you but don't let your praying corner go cool.

[24]. Things we do today we tell what our tomorrow will be; our joy or sadness of our today is the decision of our yesterday.

[25]. Having a female as a friend is like having a hen as a pet, one day you'll eat it.

[26]. If you want to lose weight, you don't need exercise or diet, just fall in love with the wrong person.

[27]. Two good heads cannot make a wrong.

[28]. A man can travel to Sambisa forest to look for a woman but they cannot travel to 5 miles to preach the word of God.

[29]. The heart of a fool is at his left side, while that of the wise is on his right side, a man is always recognized even if he wears a masquerade, so a fool is considered to be wise when he's silent.

[30]. When the rain falls, it doesn't fall on the roof of one man alone. It falls on the roof of the good and the bad man alike.

[31]. No matter how tall an Iroko tree can be, it doesn't mean it will touch the sky.

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