Christian Inspirational Poems about Gratitude for Life - Lovingly – Expressing Love, Endlessly and Lovingly! Christian Inspirational Poems about Gratitude for Life

Christian Inspirational Poems about Gratitude for Life

Best Christian Inspirational Poems about Gratitude for Life

Christian Inspirational Poems About Gratitude For Life. A heart of gratitude is a heart that will go far in life. Sharing in the joy of happiness, these collections of Christian inspirational poems about gratitude are what you need to make a happy life.

When we show appreciation for a heart of kindness from our Heavenly Father, He will always be there to do more for us. Best Christian Prayer Poems For Friends, Family And Loved Ones

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All In All

The fury forest of life
Seek to consume me
But in the strength of His Word
Will I put my trust.

Life in the dungeon of hope
Tempted my soul to go astray
But I shall not weary 
For in Him will I put my trust.

I looked to heaven
And cried for help
He sat and tendered His hand
That I might behold His glory.

Him who was replaced for my sake
Blameless lamp who borne my shame
Him who loves me without a fault
His life He gave that I will live eternally.

Nsikak Andrew
12th August, 2008

In The Vineyard Of Life

In the pastured vineyard of life,
We work so hard to make a daily living,
Staking all we have within our swears,
Just to make our lives worth our taste. 

Sometimes it works, sometimes it fails,
But in the hope for a better day ahead,
We kept our hope alive with thoughts,
That only the help from above can unify.

Life oh life! Life oh life! Life oh life!
Ironic of life that lowers our worth,
Life so sad with endless emotion of trust,
That twinkle our glory like faded stars.

Life that may never give to us our worth,
Yet filled with ceaseless praises of doubt,
That makes us feel as if we are nothing,
Whereas we are a bundle of hidden talent.

Co-labourers we are here on a mission,  
A timeless mission that might take us time,
The endless time to understand its mystery,
That beckons with an unending call to service.

The mission, oh that mission for a reason,
That missions whose grace is our definition,
The same that defines our given purpose,
To be or not to be whom we desired to be.

My Co-labourers, take this as an issue of note,
Driven in the essence of our highlighted dreams,
To guide our life with daily deeper meditation,
That in all we do, there is an unexpected end.

The end will come, it will certainly come,
And when it comes, how prepared are we,
To withstand the uncertainty of that transition,
That will take us to the life we had prepared.

Oh, my Co-labourers, let us do all we have to do,
And let it be when the light for us is still shining,
Let us live our lives like we have a mission here,
To accomplish the fulfillment of our given purpose. 

Nsikak Andrew
15th May, 2014

Humble King

Precious lamb
Seated on the throne of grace
Us, you accepted the way we’re.

With everlasting love,
You descended from thy throne
For us, you came
To pay that ultimate price.

Humble King
Our humble lamb
Redeemer of our universe
Your blood you shed
For our redemption.

Nsikak Andrew
19th August, 2007

I Surrender

In bed I woke up
My soul trouble
How heavy it was
I grieved
For I felt an empty in my soul
Lord I want to vow for you today.

In Church I will surrender
Surrender to your Will forever
In years past I had done it
Yes, I have to re-surrender
For I know I can’t gain
Your Kingdom and promises
Without giving my life again to you.

How sweet it was
For in the Third service
I did like the Trinity
Upon the hand
Of the invited guest from Lagos –
Pastor Emmanuel Olumide – Calvary Bible Church
I surrender.

Salvation Ministry shall my home be
Lord helps me to keep to your promises

Nsikak Andrew
19th August, 2007

Imaginable Hope

I live on the line of hope
Hope for the better day that will come.

I sang with joy within my vein
Glory, glory, our day of hope is here
I could feel her presence
Wrapped in the mystery of imagination.

Hope is here to stay
Life is here to worth a meaning
That I might live like a man
Who has a purpose to fulfill his calling.

Nsikak Andrew
18th September, 2008

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