Best Friendship Proverbs for Friends and Wise Proverbs for Friendship - Lovingly – Expressing Love, Endlessly and Lovingly! Best Friendship Proverbs for Friends and Wise Proverbs for Friendship

Best Friendship Proverbs for Friends and Wise Proverbs for Friendship

Friendship Proverbs for Friends and Wise Proverbs for Friendship

Proverbs are to bring wisdom to your life. When you understand the true meaning of any proverb, it would help you leave a worthy life.

We have here some collection of true African proverbs for friends.

Best Friendship Proverbs For Friends And Wise Proverbs For Friendship

[1]. The truth is very bitter to hear. It's better to say it and hurt, than I wanted to tell you when the mistakes have done.

[2]. He who borrows shoes and clothing for a particular occasion, will certainly not dance well in the public.

[3]. The Tongue said "That the drinking water he always requests is not for himself but for the people of his community, that as for him, his compound doesn't lack water".

[4]. You cannot go with a gun after someone and decides for him how he dodges or escapes from your terror.

[5]. It's only the elders of the town that knows the boundary of the land.

[6]. A fish dwells in a river, but that doesn't make it a crocodile.

[7]. Ever since I was born, we blame, curse... cast the devil in our churches and mosques every day... believing we're crushing the devil dead but, forgetting that we still continue sinning.

[8]. He or anyone who fetches and brings in ant-infested firewood to his hut or house should not complain when lizard begins to pay him a visit.

[9]. The ear that we ear, must not be big like Fulani cap and also you that says your house is far, please don't forget that someone is living behind you.

[10]. If you want to know a man's true character and behaviour, then give him wealth, freedom, power and authority; he will behave strange.

[11]. No matter the escape height velocity of an aero plane it must surely come down to obey d law of gravity.

[12]. Inasmuch as many has taken to contribute their quarter, per me to put in mine, beloved. A honest man is that man who has no opportunity to steal.

[13]. The best advice to oneself is to Stop Eating what you don't love so that, that if it becomes yours. You may not be finding a place to escape to. Having an affair with a woman that you don't love, what will you do after impregnating her?

[14]. When you see a rabbit, in the hot afternoon, it means there is fire on the mountain, or soldier ants have invaded his territory.

[15]. Any man who complain that the soup is too much and the eba is small, that man cannot handle success.

[16]. A man that keeps a female as best friend, is like keeping a chicken as a pet one day you must eat it.

[17]. If the crocodile can eat his own eggs, what will do to flesh of a frog? (Meaning) he who can destroy himself will not spare another!!!.

[18]. The old age of Methuselah has nothing to do with the Wisdom of Solomon (meaning) Age doesn't determine maturity.

[19]. After the days of ignorance, the Children of the Frogs told the Children of the Snakes, that the words of wisdom that their Mother gave to them, Our Mother have also given to us. No more playing together anymore.

[20]. If it were left for only the tortoise and the snail in the bush then there is no need for gun short.

[21]. Something must be done to a barking dog... before it pronounces the name of his master.

[22]. Wise men don't fight with weapons; of course they sit on the table to settle their differences.

[23]. Any man, who fights using his strength, is not fit for this 21st century generation.

[24]. He who present his head to break a coconut will not partake in the eating of it, be wise life has no duplicate. Pete Edoche May you live long sir.

[25]. People may say, I know how you feel, but the truth is that no one else can really know how sad or happy you are.

[26]. Taking greater step makes us to see greater tons in life. The gentleness of a tiger is not cowardice but a calculated assault be careful OK.

[27]. When a goat that doesn't know how to eat yam continue moving with a goat that eat yam, soon it will start eating yams more than the one that eats yam.

[28]. Being you king of the jungle doesn't mean you are the only animal in the world, also a child at the back of his mother doesn't know the distance covered by his way.

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