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African Proverbs for Daily Inspiring Life Lessons

Best African Proverbs for Daily Inspiring Life Lessons

Sharing words of wise saying makes you understand that life should not be seen as a do or die affair.

Sometimes these words of wise saying are something we need to better our life and thoughts about any situation we encounter.

If you care about your friends, go ahead and share these proverbs with them.

African Proverbs For Daily Inspiring Life Lessons

[1]. If the only tool a man has is the hammer, he tends to treat every issue as a nail.

[2]. He who has two watches does not know what exactly says the time.

[3]. He who has gold and sold it to buy bronze because the look alike and cheaper, in the process of time when he tries getting his gold back by selling the bronze, he will never get the price of gold back, insist on values.

[4]. Is good to be good; but no matter how much good you do to a bicycle rider he must shame/show you with his button before leaving your present.

[5]. When God is in charge, the devil discharged. So in all your running get God involved.

[6]. No matter how far a bird can fly it will still come down and drink water!

[7]. Be more careful about your nearest because it is them that will bring your enemies home!

[8]. The flat chest of a girl has a plan.

[9]. The finger is guilty of stains when the hand is used in eating yam with palm oil.

[10]. If the angels in heaven don't know when Jesus is coming back, why do you try to know your husband's heart?

[11]. A rich man that's known for his magnanimity is only building strong hands that may lift him up in case he falls tomorrow.

[12]. Hatered is like an Acid, it damages the vessel in which it is stored and destroyed the vessel on which it is poured. (ogim n' ala, gi onweya). Always forgive.

[13]. It takes a comfortable foolish man to be poor because he lacks managerial skills, but the wise man always rides on the horse of prosperity because he knows what to do with wisdoms.

[14]. All lizards are lying prostrate, until the sick one is forced to lie upside-down you will never get to know which of them has a troubled stomach.

[15]. Life is in phases and men are in sizes.

[16]. A life without vision equals frustration

[17]. I rather be a king in hell than to be a slave in heaven. (I know some will not understand this) but I know we have wise people here.

[18]. When you see the chief masquerade in the afternoon, is either He's been invited by the chief priest or the King.

[19]. A good advice is a second mother for a child, people leave and die in what they believe so double your hustle to make six car than lavishing your time to make six packs so stop the gym and workhard, no pain no gain. Believe in hustling not by luck.

[20]. What an elder sees sitting, a youngster cannot see it even if he climbs an Iroko tree.

[21]. No matter how tall and strong an Iroko tree might be, it must definitely dance to the tune of the wind.

[22]. When a sheep walked into a lion den, it is only the lion that says the story.

[23]. A crab once said when a play goes to the stage where it requires to fold it hands back ward he will beg to leave.

[24]. Fire without smoke is a dead fire anything that goes up with fox will come down with fox instead of woman to bring problem let everyone sleep with his mother anybody that asked for the meaning of proverb the money used to marry her mother is in vain.

[25]. The reason why most African students failed in exams is because it was written in English, reset the questions in their dialects, you will see WONDERS.

[26]. The Bible says that we should try to be at peace with all men, but never mean to please others and displease yourself because you can never please all men.

[27]. When a man marries a bad woman as wife he is very close to his early grave. Men be careful of the woman you choose as wife.

[28]. I think it should be "to fool the fool who thinks he/she is fooling you.

[29]. One man food remains another man poison. The one who refused to eat it is not IDIOT.

[30]. When you see a child talks to an Elder hitting hand on his chest, two things, if that child does not have money, then he's a wizard.

[31]. Run all you can when a fowl starts pursuing you early in the morning because you don't know if it has developed teeth over the night.

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