What to Write on Birthday Card for Friend - Lovingly – Expressing Love, Endlessly and Lovingly! What to Write on Birthday Card for Friend

What to Write on Birthday Card for Friend

Best What to Write on Birthday Card for Friend

Are you searching for what I should write in my friend's birthday card, what is the best message for a birthday friend. What can I write in a card to a friend or what is a unique way to wish someone a happy birthday? Then these nice things to write in a card for a friend, what to write in a birthday card for a friend funny, short birthday wishes for friend, birthday wishes for friend, happy birthday wishes simple text and touching birthday message to a best friend are all here for you to pick from which you can write on a birthday card you are sending to a friend.

Best of What to Write on Birthday Card for Friend

Birthday Card Messages For Friends. It is time to go celebrate with your friends(s) on their birthday. Now you have gotten the desired card that you want and probably as ever, there are already written words on the card. Some of the words you might like or not. But sincerely, there is something unique when you add your own words inside the card. If you are thinking of sending a Birthday Card Messages For Friends, here are some short birthday card messages that you can put down to make it more amazing for your friend(s) to read.

A gift to the world you are
You will always be a gift to the world.

Life calls for celebration
And what a happy time to share
In the celebration of your special day.

Many happy moments filled with love
That is the portion of what will ever be yours.

Time to celebrate
And time to share
This is your time
We all shall share with you
In your special moment.

Happiness was meant because of you
We shall always be happy with you
As you celebrate every moment of your happiness
We shall always be there to share it with you.

The Cake is here
Even if there is no cake
The fun still will continue
You are a special friend to be with
In every moment of your happiness
We shall always be around
To share in your moment of joy
Today is your day
Let us spend it together
Creating lots of fun to remember.

Birthday Card Messages Funny. What truly defines friendship is when you seem to remember the special day of those who matter to you. When you want to send out special wishes to friends and loved ones, just be yourself in your choice of words. If you can make it humorous, that for sure would make them smile. Here are some short Funny Birthday Card Messages that would make your friends laugh.

Cake or no cake,
Big or little
As long as you are alive
We will always be happy
To share with you
This moment of your happiness.

Today is another day
And your day is it
A special day for you
A day we shall all live to remember
Let’s share the joy together
It’s your birthday.

This is another year
Today is the D-day
Your birthday is here
A very special one
Today and always
Here is wishing you
Warmth moment of happiness
A gladness of heart
And of all
The blessing of God
That knew no limitation
Happy birthday to you
And one that would
Last through another
Amazing year to come.

Many wishes
Many moments
Abundance joy
Amazing bliss
So shall your life
Be filled with
All the desire of your heart
Enjoy your day
May the joy of the Lord
Be the portion
Of that which your dream
Would always live to encounter.

I am so proud of you
Each time I remember how it all began
It gives me joy to say
That you are someone special
And your dream would always
Be that which will come true
You are an embodiment of excellence
And the results are seen in your life
Always have the best
The best is all yours today and always.

Birthday Card Messages Husband. Dear wife, if you want to wish your husband a happy birthday. Here are Birthday Card Messages for your cute and handsome husband. These birthday wishes sound so lovely and poetic. What your heart desires to send as card messages are right here for you to do the needful.

May your birthday bring you a new beginning
May it always open a new chapter in your life
May you encounter each day a world of now opportunities
Your future is guaranteed because you have gotten
What it takes to make your dream come true
Have the best of your special day
And smile for a new horizon
Today and always the future
Will always be brighter for you.

Hurry to a special day
Joy for a new birth
Today was the day
The day you made your first smile
How happy we are to share with you
In this moment of your special day
A toast to a happy birthday for you

May lots of love that comes with care
With lots of moments that comes with joy
In every minute that makes the day count
We shall always sing to you a happy birthday song
Join the fun, sing the celebration song
Your birthday is today
And we shall all rejoice with you
Singing to you a happy birthday song
That brings hope and joy to the heart of all
Your day is worth celebrating
And so we sing - happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday sweetheart
A lot of candies to share
Chocolate cake we shall all eat
And ice cream, yummy!
Your day is special to all
Lots of love we send to comfort you
You will know we all care
For no friend among a lot
Could be this unique and sincere as you
Indeed you are a friend for all
A special one we would always love to celebrate
Happy endless birthday, my one and only true friend.

Your birthday is fun to come by
It comes with irreplaceable memories
That makes the heart want to come back for more
If there is one birthday I would always love to attend
It is your fantastic birthday party
Thank you for all the fun memories during your birthday
It is one thing I will always long for everyday.

Birthday Card Messages For My Wife. Dear husband, sometimes you need to inspire the one you love. And sending a word of love during the special day of your wife is never a bad idea. These best Birthday Card Messages For A Wife are words of love that you can scribble on a birthday card for her. Remember that love likes surprises and words of love from the depth of your heart are something of a big surprise to your dear wife.

Let every moment of love
From the bottom of my heart
Fill your day with abundant grace
That bring all the joy and happiness
Which comes with the joy of your special day.

Happy birthday to you my dear
As we make the day joyful and worth loving.
Always have the best of every moment of your day.
My best wishes of love always.

You are special to behold and special to celebrate.
Each time I think of you, I think of the day
That has given me the joy that is you.

You bring me joy
You bring me happiness.
You bring me peace of mind.
You bring me all the good luck
That makes my life a better one.

The joy of knowing you can never be explained.
You are like my brother, sister, friend and companion.
Today, I say, may your day ever be long.

Birthday Card Messages For Love. You have got our back here for asking. Here is our Birthday Card Messages for the one you love. If you are genuinely in love you can share these too with the one that matters to you.

Many will send you cards
And some will send you flowers.
But I send you my love
On this special day of our life.
Happy Birthday and many happy returns!

You are so special to me
That is why I am sending you
This special Birthday wishes.
Now and always
You will ever remain special in my heart.

Special days are meant for special people.
You are so special to me and that is why
Today and always is meant for you.
Happy Birthday my special one!

Your day will be full of laughter.
Anyone who sees you will favour you.
No evil shall befall you.
You are marked for success today and forever.
Happy Birthday my love!

Look to the sky, you will see them smiling at you.
Because your name is written on it
And they are singing – happy birthday to you.

Happy Birthday Wishes For Love Ones. Birthdays are special days in the life of your loved ones. Sending Happy Birthday Wishes For Love Ones should be one of the things that you wouldn’t fail to do during their birthdays. Take it upon yourself to make them feel so special during their happy moment. You can share these poetic birthday wishes to your loved ones.

May your life forever be brighter
Anytime any day your birthday comes
With lots of happiness to go with it
May you celebrate your day with love
And like petal of the rose flower,
May your life forever be filled with joy
That would always make your life
A worthy example of blessing to all humanity
Always have the best of your birthday!

A perfect time, a perfect day
It is always a blessing to give a go start
And when it is your birthday time,
It calls for thanksgiving for another year
Time again is here to share in your happiness
For another day in another year and here we are
To celebrate with you for yet another day in your life
In all of it, may you always find deeper joy to be happy
And always share in the joy that is all yours today
Today and always here is wishing you the fulfillment
That comes with your heart desire at all times
Happy birthday and many happy returns!

I heard the day you were born, it rains all day
Now I understand it when it rains this way
That it is time to join in the shower of your blessing
Your birthday is a special time to be happy
And it comes with it the bliss that makes life sweet
A sweet day with lots of fun to go with it
It is your birthday and here it is raining again
I see the blessing that comes with it
And I am as happy as you are to share
In this moment of your special day of happiness
Heaven blessed the day you were born
And I am here also blessing the day I meet you
Happy birthday my dear; have the best of your day!

Sweet memories are days to be cherished
May your dream always be that which you cherished
And may you admired all that would come your way
Never would there be a dull moment for you
All you would ever come in contact with
Shall be that which would bring you good tiding
Today is your special day; enjoy it with love
And have a wonderful birthday celebration
Have it at the back of your mind that someone cares
May the joy of your birthday bring you peace of mind!

A day of beautiful memories comes with birthday
A day spent with loved ones to celebrate love
A special day to behold and be happy for
A day you wish should never end but be forever
A moment so wonderful with gift that blesses your day
That day is here again and I am glad that you are alive
To share in the blissful joy that comes with it
I know you would have a blessed day filled with lots of love
A special day that you would always live to remember
Today is your birthday and I hope you would have the best of it
Happy birthday my dear, my very dear one!

I understand so many reasons why you came my way
The Lord sent you my way to bring laughter into my life
I feel joy flowing all around me all because you
Thanks you my dear for sharing in my moment of pains
You drove away sadness in my life
And my heart you made feel the sunshine of a new day
You are a part of my secret joy,
A better part of me that I now cherished
Everyday, I now blessed the day we met
You were born to shine,
And around my world you shone like a million star
Today is a blessed day for you
And here I am wishing you the very best
A heartfelt amazing birthday with lots of fun memories
And the blessing of the Almighty God be your portion
It is my wish for you and so shall it be forever
Have a blast, happy birthday my dear!

Happy Birthday Messages For Him Or Her. It is of essence that you wish your loved one a very happy and wonderful birthday through sending of gifts, cards and of all amazingly beautiful birthday messages to make him or her feel forever special. If you are thinking of doing that in a special way, here are some Happy Birthday Messages For Him Or Her that you can send to share your love.

Your dreams shall always come true
All I am wishing you is Divine favour
May each of your heart’s desire come true
You will have many reasons to rejoice
May your fulfill purpose and live a worthy life
Your plan will always work out
May you have many wonderful time
And of all many sincere moment of joy
Happy Birthday and many more of it to come!

The world is full of amazingly beautiful things to behold
And one reason for that beautiful thing is you
Your life is a worthy example of one something to admire
You are a blessing to your world
A symbol of excellence to emulate
Birthday comes with sincere wishes
Laugh and celebrate
It is your day to be merry
You will always have the best of your day
A happy time to celebrate in endless
Best birthday wishes is all yours
Be happy and enjoy your day with joy!

Magical day that comes with fun celebration
Day that feels the heart with joy
Moments that brightens the day with smiles
A special day you would always live to remember
May your day be full of happiness
You will continue to shine beyond your imagination
May unmerited favour locate you always
Every moment of your day shall experience joy
Your heart shall be glad
You will be a blessing to so many lives
Go forth and conquer your world
No force beyond you shall limit your potentials
You are blessed to be a blessing
And a blessing you will always be
Keep on shining on
You deserve the best and the very best is always yours
Happy birthday in endless, celebrate in style!

May you experience many beautiful moments
And the year coming before you bring with it happiness
You will find gladness in all that you will seek to do
Everyday shall be a wonderful experience for you
You will be favoured about your imagination
Something good is coming your way
Be merry making
You will always have a reason to smile
Happy Birthday today and always!

Birthday are meant for happiness
Today is your birthday
And on this special day of yours
May your heart be filled with gladness
And every minute of it
I wish you many moments of good tidings
With joy that lights up your day
To experience love that knows no ending
Always I wish you the best birthday ever!

You will always be thought of
In a special way
You will always be wished
The best things that comes with happiness
Today and always
May your birthday bring you
The desired that you always wish
Happy birthday one with a heart of gold!

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