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Short Inspirational Quotes and Inspiring Messages about Life

Best Short Inspirational Quotes and Inspiring Messages about Life

If you are searching for what are good short quotes about life, what is a positive quote for life or what is a short positive quote for the day, then these powerful motivational quotes, self motivation words, motivational quotes for students success, motivational quotes for success, beautiful quotes on life and motivational quotes for work are right here for you as words of encouragement towards your making a success out of your life.

Short Inspirational Quotes About Life

If you run a Whatsapp or Facebook group, you need regular updates on your group status. These amazing short inspirational quotes about life messages are some of the right things you should do to inspire the people in your group.

[1]. Listen To Your Inner Mind

There is something about the inner mind that propels the force of success. If your mind keeps hammering on a particular thing, as a conscious being, you need to take note and listen to that still small voice within you.

"Your pathway to success is hidden inside that innermost thought."

If you listen to others, please trust your mind. Anything that tells you and gives you a thousand reasons why it is not possible to achieve a given goal; that to me is the voice of failure looming.

To make a success out of your life, give in to your mind through deep meditation. It is in the process of doing this daily that you will find and discover that which is your purpose to fulfill destiny.

[2]. The Pride Of Your Fortune

I smile within myself because I have gotten the key. You know that innermost joy that comes along when you make an unusual discovery. The one that makes you shout wow!

If I must be frank with you, let no one deceive you, the pride in your fortune is within your hand and not entirely on any other person.

"What you can get from others is only help but the right process to make it work, is your sole responsibility."

If you hold the key to your fortune, then why put your entire hope on others who within themselves are seeking for those to help them.

Your friends, parents, relations and others are not the one who owns the key to discover your fortune my dear.

It is the faith in your Creator with positive confession, believing in yourself and putting in the necessary hardwork that will bring you to the light of making a fortune. 

[3]. You Are Born With Ability

Who told you that you’re nothing? Who made you feel that success is the birth right of some selected few? If I must tell you, equal measurement of success is what we all have at birth. But the bottom line is what we do with the one in our hand.

"The ability you have, is the natural gift you’re born with which is right within you."

Many imitate others and in so doing, forget to develop their given talent. Whatever you dream to become, it is solely your responsibility to achieve that purpose.

If you are searching for a job and refuse to write an application, there is no miracle about that. No job will come to you on a platter of gold.

Discover who you are and become that which is within your desire.

Short Inspiring Messages

The process of acquiring a skill is something that would make you grow fast in life. And when you are held up with challenges in life, you need to relax because that is the only way you can overcome stress and move on with life. Make sure that for you to value the skill you want to learn, you need to put a price tag on the knowledge you seek. Let these words inspire you and for the love of others, you can share it on any social means of communication as a source of encouragement.

[4]. Learn A Trade, Acquire A Skill And Rule Your World

If you want success, get out of your comfort zone and go work for it. Why should you expect others to sweat it out and all you do is go beg for change?

"Achieving greatness is not a day’s job neither is it an avenue for lazy minded foes."

If you want respect, kill within you that begging spirit. It might only take you for a while and even if you succeed at it, without any given skill, you will always go back to a zero level.

To rule your world, learn a trade you have a desired passion for. And keep on reinventing yourself within the line of that trade. Whatever you do with a determined heart is what will always bring you the desired fulfillment of purpose.

[5]. When Faced With Tension, Relax!

Most times we come face-to-face with tension and the sweat even in an Air Condition room seems to be noticeable. Sometimes, people drive us crazy while we go wild nagging and killing ourselves over nothing.

At every moment of tension, we should be concerned about our health and also have it at the back of our mind what tension could do to our health in the long run.

"Tension will never bring you good but rather a bag load of worries and all its negative effects."

Notice when you are under tension, you are bound to make terrible mistakes that sometimes can cost you a fortune and ruin your reputation.

Learn to relax when you are faced with undue tension. Smile when it seems like the whole world is on top of you. One way to overcome tension when it arises is to relax your mind. And please, smile to yourself.

Just a little smile; that is all it takes to relax the mind and drive tension away.

[6]. Pay For Every Knowledge You Seek

If knowledge is offered for FREE, my humble advice is, please do not seek such.

"Free knowledge will never make anything meaningful to you."

When you pay for that which you seek, you will have value for it. But the moment you have the free mind mentality; it will go the way of easy come, easy go. Entering one ear, and leaving the other ear as it comes without holding back anything.

Knowledge we are told is power. What a true saying. To make it worth its salt, you have to study till you get it stuck inside your head.

The true process of growth is in constantly acquiring self-knowledge that is learning till the day you make your last breath.

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