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Romantic Love Text Messages for Couples and Loved One

 Best Romantic Love Text Messages for Couples and Loved One

If you are searching for sweet love messages to send to that someone special in your life and you are asking about  how do you make a loved one feel special over text, how do you express deep love in text, how do you talk romantically over text or how sweet a message for her? Then these touching love messages to make him cry, touching love messages for her, long romantic love messages, romantic love messages for her, deep love messages for her, sweet love text messages, romantic love messages for him and deep love messages for him are the best messages here for you to send to that special person in your life.

Romantic Love Text Messages For Fiancé, Couple And Loved One

If there is something that is so sweet to the heart; such is a message of sincere true love wishes. Love is a good thing to the heart. It is the tonic that reacts to the desire that makes life worth living. This Love Text Messages for Fiancé and Fiancée are short but priceless for couples. If you care about the one you love, then do so well to share these collections of lovely poetic words of romantic messages for the one you love.

[1]. Your worth and value are irreplaceable. Your care and kind heartedness are priceless. Your love and smile are irresistible. You’re a diamond that never fades.

[2]. Your love is like the river that never dries. Every moment of the day, this loving kindness has quenched my thirst. Now I live to drink from the cup of her love.

[3]. Every second, every minute, every hour, your love showered and blessed me like the drop of rainfall. Now I am a blessed soul because I found your love.

[4]. Whenever I see your smile, I have this special feeling of your love that has given me the energy to love you continually.

[5]. I shall sing to the sky of your love. I shall announce to the earth your cares. I shall tell my generation that upon my lifetime, I found a love that has given me all – that love is you.

Romantic Love Text Messages For Fiancée, Couple And The One You Love

Your fiancée indeed deserves your act of blissful love that builds your relationship for real. If you really care about the one you love, such truly deserves a touch of your love and if it matters to you, do well to send the one you love these emotional sweet messages to rekindle your love.

[6]. My emotion is controlled by every beat of your love. All I need is to hear your voice and my world will be complete day in, day out.

[7]. Our bond is strengthened by the aura of your love. You give the same and I do same and our life has become a treasure house for us to live in.

[8]. It is you and only you that make me feel alive and if you leave me without your love, then I will live the rest of my days wishing I never found love in you.

[9]. Even your absence has given me the aura to want you more and more. If I feel your absence all I do is think of you and am comforted to be there for you.

[10]. If love is a feeling, then I have felt love in you. Your love gives me the feeling that makes me live for you. Now, all I live for is that ever presence of yours that makes my heart shiver.

Cute Romantic And Lovely Messages For Couple

There is nothing as good as letting the one you love know that you harbor the thought of him or her daily. If you are seeking to appreciate your love, the amazing words in this Cute And Lovely Poetic Romantic Messages are something you shouldn’t ignore. If you would also share these lovely poetic words of romantic messages, you would be glad that you did when you start seeing the sweet romantic effect of these messages.

[11]. Let the past go and every failed relationship, have her past. I shall not be weary of them nor cry a fat tear of loss. For now, I have found you and your love that has given me hope. The past is bye-gone and your love is the presence I shall ever want to live for.

[12]. If one loses a diamond, it can still be found or replaced. But if one lost your love, where on earth would one find another that is like yours. If everything would go, I shall not border. But never will I live to imagine the thought of losing you.

[13]. When I am with you, I am completely free. My heart is so free that I can see the inner joy it radiates. You make me feel my true self. All because I found love in you. I am free to be that which you want me to be.

[14]. A burden lifted out of my heart and my soul renewed with a new heart that lives for your love and you as well. Nothing shall take this love away for the dark of my love it esteem, now I live to bless the day I found you, angel of my life.

[15]. For my lifetime, I shall forever remember you. You were there when I needed you. You guided me when the eye of love for me was blind. Even if circumstances take you away, I shall forever remember you as one whose heart, I once found true love.

[16]. Sadness day, but still I shall rejoice. Ours was natural but maybe the heavens knew it wasn’t going to last forever. Now that we have gone our separate ways. I shall ever cherish the many years of the wonderful time we had shared.

[17]. I shall forever live to remember our bond. Though love at times doesn’t give us all that we want, but in the bosom of your love, have I found all that it was to make my life a better person. You love me that is why I am what I am today.

[18]. You were my love and so shall you be. Though life has given us another hope. I shall hold nothing against our love sometimes, love meant to be, finds herself with time not wanting to be. Even though you’re gone, I shall forever love the time we shared.

[19]. Let tears drop and let me cry a cry for the loss of love. Let this tears drop till it frees my heart out of the thought of losing you. If thoroughly I have lost your love, let it be so. But forever, a part of my soul shall ever remember you.

[20]. Loving is not a do or die affair. Sometimes love lasts, sometimes it goes away. Now that ours have gone away, the joy of yesterday has become our thoughts in remembrance. Let it go that we will find another to make our life worth living for.

[21]. I prepared my heart for the inevitable and now that it has come to pass, I hold no ill feelings. For sometimes, what we ever hope for is not all that is to the reality that cometh.

[22]. Defeated battle, sometimes you win some, sometimes you lose some. When it comes to love, you can only cry when you lose one. But rejoice at the back of your heart for it is that same love that will give you the heart to find another love that will still give you the heart to love again.

[23]. Take my hand and do to me what true love has done to others. I shall live in want of your love, for if I let you go, I shall never find someone like you. Let your love guide me to the throne of your heart, for I seek to love you with all my breath and strength.

[24]. Let not this love of you ruin my life. For it comes as a shock that in the whole of my life, I have never found someone so trusting like you. Now that I have found you, my world is recreated anew all because of your love.

[25]. Pleasure is a rare commodity in the world, that I have found in the cares of your love. When I seek for love, I find yours enticing, when I am bored; I am amazed by the strength of you. You have given all that is to love. Now, the rest of my days, I will live in loving you.

[26]. Cutest, she is more than cute. For her beauty is more than the dawn of a new day. She is a priceless treasure created in the image of royalty. A daughter of Zion she is.

[27]. I heard the instinct of your body aura and my feeling couldn’t hide your presence right here with me. I know you are here even when you are far away. Let this aura of you remain that I will live to breathe of none else but you.

[28]. Love of my life, you’re the cutest, the best among equals. Who can contest your crown? None would and none could. You’re the finest and the best. Heaven bless you just for me.

[29]. Like cupid, I have become a skillful archer. My arrow is directed to the spot. I shall never miss a target for your love; I shall hit the spot because I was meant to love you and nothing else.

[30]. Flame of love, burn with the fierce fire that your bosom carries. I had long not to test from your bearing but I had found that no place of hiding for a soul that found love.

[31]. Willingly I became drowned in the ocean of your love. It is there I long to stay and swim within the embrace of your cares. You have made me drown, to you I surrender all to.

Romantic Lovely Words Of Love Messages For The One You Love

At times sending Lovely Poetic Words Of Romantic Messages of love from time to time are something that would go a long way to uplift the heart of the one you love. Messages of love have a strong impact on making him or her fall in love with you. These cute and lovely poetic romantic messages would be so special to share with your love interest.

[32]. My soul is weak, consumed in thought of your love. How could love, raven me and draw tears around my flesh. I never thought I could taste her fierce power, now I can see why love, is the subtle voice that weakened the heart with uncontrollable emotion.

[33]. Let me cry a little, for what is love without tears of emotion. I found love in your arm and nothing I do to resist, that seems to work my way. If this is what it takes to truly love, then I am yours for a keep as long as you love me.

[34]. The moment I lay my eyes on you, I was a changed soul. How could a sudden glance escalate my flesh with no resistance to long for you. Your love at first sight has captured my soul and makes me seek to love you the way none else have done.

[35]. The way you talk, the way you walk and the way you smile, made my heart pound and set my whole body alive. Graciously I can live to love you and seek my glory in the beauty of your love. Hold back and let me be your love, now and forever.

[36]. How beautiful are you that a look into your eyes reveals the hidden beauty in you. You’re like a tree planted by the river side. Your beauty glows with delight and any soul who liveth, will crave to worship at your feet. For you, let me be that soul among a million who live and crave to worship at your feet.

[37]. The strength of your yearning eyes captures me without a thought. I overwhelmed myself, when the thought of you, draws my soul to you. If this is what it takes to fall in love, then, you have gotten me without any resistance.

[38]. Something of a fatal charm graces the body of you. Something that the world of words can’t explain. I seek not to find the right words but let me be satisfied that the day you were created, heaven must have taken a rest.

[39]. I hadn’t known love to be cruel, but now, I know that love without cruelty is a worthless search for water in the desert. For love to work, the heart must receive her torment of forsaken loneliness. For in it will it discover that love comes with pain, heart brokenness and tears laid at the corridor of deceit.

[40]. Adorable woman, I shall die at the bosom of your love. If nothing is done to cure this madness that controls my emotion. When I look at you, I see all that I wanted, but confusion has driven me insane, that all I do is love you without holding back. Love me back the way I am, that I might be glad to count the day I set my eye on you.

[41]. Come to the throne of my love and let me worship you with all the love that I have. In silence, I have worshiped you, in open, same have I done. I hold back no shame for your love was meant to be worship. I shall ever adore you thy angel of my life.

[42]. Guide me to your throne and let me rest in your bosom. Let me live, for in the arm of your love will I find my rest. You have given to me all that I needed and nothing in this whole world can take your place away from me.

[43]. Your smile is like an open heaven with a treasure of beauty to behold. I behold this beauty of you and my soul glows in praise of you. Love I felt so natural that I seek to have you the rest of my life.

[44]. Boost my heart oh love of you. Elevate my soul oh cherish love of you. Make me a venison and let me eat from the throne of your love. Let your affection be the wine I drink from that your love will intoxicate me with passion to love you till the end.

[45]. One and all desire your love but to me you gave your love to. I may not merit it but I am worthy of it. To you I will adore you as my one and all. Never will I let you down for in you I have found my all.

[46]. Candle light lit with passion, the flame, resurrected the hidden tension and her brightness; open the hidden thoughts. Love has found her light and the soul can only be glad that it has found her innermost joy in the love that you bear.

[47]. Secret desire for you I harbour. This desire is the feeling of undying love. This secret is you, your love and the beauty in you. I shall ever feel for you, for when I think, all that gives happiness to my soul is the secret thought of you.

[48]. A charming face that is more beautiful than ever, a smiling face that knows no anger and a love that knows no hatred. You’re want of a kind, a gift sent from heaven. I shall cherish you with every breath of my heart.

[49]. Let this flame of passion wax with a fierce pleasure. May we find our emotion in the embrace of love? Let it consume our soul and make us surrender to her will. Let love take control, for these we feel, is only a storm of love that will find her way home.

[50]. Return home my love and let me find pleasure in the warmth of your embrace. Let no more your long absence deny us the love we share. Here I wait with a yearning feeling that longs for you. Come back home and make my heart beat as one.

[51]. When I felt I was worthless, you found me in my bare state of mind and took me as I am. Now that your love has made me a better person to you I give it all my one in a million.

[52]. So tender, I am hooked to you. Your love has succumbed to me with tendered kindness, that all I do is wait in love with this emotion that only the heart could reveal its true identity. But in all, your love had made me yearn for you.

[53]. Let me be lured to the throne where your love reigns. Let your court of love decide my fate. Even if it says no, I know it is the direct opposite. For no soul can love this way without feeling the paradise of love with true praise.

[54]. They say beauty loses its appeal with repeated exposure. But didn’t they realize that true beauty from the heart doesn’t lose her exposure. I found the beauty in your heart and found my life glow with no repeated exposure.

[55]. A touch of fear crippled my heart to ponder. Why does my heart drop each time I think of you? I thought I could go insane, but now, I realize that all it takes to find love is in the thought of you.

[56]. Pleasant surprise that is the emotion your love rolls down her sleeve. How privileged have I become to sip from the cup of your love. If I have to define surprise, then I look not to another but your love that is full of surprises.

[57]. Let it be unforgettable that the pleasure your love brings, is like a street in paradise. I found you and found the treasure house of passion. Yours is a treasure that no other love can give except you.

[58]. Love found me deeply fallen for you. Let this confession find me. For I have searched my heart and all that is to it, is the love embedded in you. You came my way and for love, I have found myself living for you.

[59]. Once in a lifetime, this kind of love passes. One and first true love, the heart felt for her when it fell. Nothing anyone can do for the heart that had found love that heart knew the joy it felt. I found you and found the joy so indescribable.

[60]. Punish with harshness; let pains find a diary in absence and scold a drop, pitched in a season. That is a roll that wanes the heart to vex, yet, the yearning to come back lives not in prolong. This is love, like it or leaves it. Guide your heart with it and you will live the rest of your days.

Daily Text Messages Of Love For Couples

Truly speaking, there is something about discovering your true identity when you fall in love with the rightful soulmate that was made for you. It is truly something that words would lack the right explanation. If you have found that true love, let these Daily Text Messages Of Love For Couples do for you the love talk. Just imagine, there you sat quietly reminiscing and right within your phone message inbox, you receive a treasured message that reaffirms your thought that you have found the special one. How happy you would feel. Let love reign, it is what does a good thing to the heart. If you desire a peace of mind in your relationship, do well to share this Love Text Messages For Fiancé and Fiancée.

[61]. I shall walk through life without any fear for in the many storms of life, your love has given me the strength to walk through life without any fear.

[62]. I shall match on with all courage to win many lives' battles. All I need is your love that stands by me to make my dream come true.

[63]. Completely have I loved you and continually will I do. For the love that is as bright as yours, will only be the one I will follow till the end.

[64]. Hidden inside my heart is the joy of your love. It has given me joy and all I live for is the epitome of your love that has erased my pains.

[65]. If your love was for money, I would have none to buy but since it is priceless, I can walk the earth knowing it has found me to make her price.

[66]. Each time I hold your hand; my heart got engulfed in the beauty of your love. If this is what your love brings, then I am satisfied in loving you.

[67]. This very moment and the next, I will live for you and the sake of our love. I have made this vow and for the rest of my life will I keep it to stay and love you forever. So be it!

[68]. In all honesty, the reason I smile is you. You make me smile when I think of the love we share. All the way I will smile for you’re the reason I smile.

[69]. Love above everything is present everywhere. But as present as it is, I found yours in me. This love of you will I keep today and forever.

[70]. All I have is you, all I need is you and all I ever wanted in my mind is you and the love you give to me.

Romantic Love Text Messages For Husband And Wife

Romantic love is indeed one tonic that makes the heart feel at ease with itself. Though romantic love messages abound, this Romantic Love Text Messages For Husband And Wife will blow your mind away if you care to share it with the one you love. Sincerely, this other one daily text messages of love for couples would also do the magic for your blissful relationship.

[71]. In words and deeds will I ever express my love for you. My actions will forever show how and what you mean to me. To you I will give my all to be in love with you today and always.

[72]. When I saw the smile on your lips and the joy in your eyes, then my heart was satisfied for I know that this journey of ours in love has found a perfect peace that will keep us as one.

[73]. Season after season, love is the fruit that satisfies the heart. Yours have satisfied me and I will ever be there to eat from the bosom of her kindness.

[74]. Your love is worth waiting for. Your love is worth hoping for. I shall hope and wait for I see a brighter future in the heart of the love you have given to me.

[75]. Love will find you when you open up your heart. Don’t close your heart to love even when you’re hurt. If you can open your heart, then love can find you.

Romantic Love Text Messages For Wife

If romantic love messages are coming from the one you sincerely cared for, just imagine how the heart would feel. If you care about your dear wife, how about these amazing love messages that could make the heart beat as one. These short messages of sweet love would make the heart of the one you love to sign a true song of love.

[76]. Your love is a wonder; it speared through my heart and placed a mark that forever no one can erase except you.

[77]. My love, where heroes are found, I could beat my chest as one. For your love has made me a hero. I am now like a king with a crown all because of your love.

[78]. When you’re far away, I love it. When you’re near, I love you too. But when you’re by my side, I love you the most.

[79]. Among the laws and theories that abound, I was asked to prove one theory. I know. And all I could prove was your love for me.

[80]. Let my soul thirst for you and my love be satisfied in you. Let my dream and thoughts find favour in your heart that I will live to love you till the end.

I Love You Forever Messages For Him And Her

Loving the one that makes so much meaning to your life and reaffirming that love is something that is so special to do. The vow for love is scarce and if you are sincerely in love, you would truly want to express your heart and let the one you love know that you are here to stay. Love is for real and these I Love You Forever Messages For Him And Her are thoughtful love messages that you can send to the one you truly love.

[81]. When you are far away, I love you. When you are near, I still love you too. But when you are by my side, I love you forever.

[82]. Somehow, somewhere I will be loving you forever. You’re the only one that has made me feel the real essence of love. If it weren’t for your love that I felt, I would never have felt this special way I am feeling. Loving you forever my true love.

[83]. Each time you tell me those magical words – “I love you”, my whole world comes alive. I long to hear those words that would ever make me stick with you forever.

[84]. I started having beautiful dreams the day I fell in love with you. Your love has made my dream come true and forever will I keep dreaming of you. You are the true love I shall cherish forever.

[85]. You are the one I want forever. Nothing can make me change my mind about you because all I want is you. You are irreplaceable and I love you forever.

[86]. You'll always be the angel of my life because you love me beyond any reason. For that, I will stick with you forever.

[87]. I shall ever live for your love that I would forever experience the eternal bliss that comes with loving you. Today and always I will always love you till the end.  

[88]. Your kind of love has tasted and now could tell the meaning of true love. Your love will forever live and grow inside of me. I love you forever my dear.

[89]. Our love is a bond made from above. It is only eternity that can break us apart. Loving you means eternity to me for I love you eternally.

[90]. I do not love you because you are beautiful. I love you because your love is beautiful. And a treasure house that makes my life a living pleasure to cherish. Thank you for all the love that we share, I will always love you.

Beautiful SMS For My Angel And The One I Love

Love is an amazing thing. These beautiful love messages for the one you love are unique messages you would cherish. These Beautiful SMS For My Angel Beautiful SMS For My Angel And The One I Love are indeed true love messages that express how deeply you feel about your special one.

[91]. When I close my eyes all I see is your beauty and when I open my eyes, all I still see is your beauty. You’re more than the most beautiful thing that has ever walked through the surface of the earth.

[92]. How beautiful you are that my soul is comforted to have you as my own. I shall ever live in gladness for the beauty of you has given me the many reasons to be alive for the love of you.

[93]. Black they say is beautiful.  Thought it was a lie till I found you. Now I can confess that you’re blessed among the blesseth.

[94]. I blossom because your love makes my life beautiful. When people ask the secret of my happiness, I look to the sky and point to any of the directions that you are.

[95]. If others claim to have seen an angel, never will I be bored because since I have seen you, then I have seen an angel that others are looking for. You are part of my life.

[96]. You'll always be the angel of my life because you love me beyond any reason. For that, I will stick with you forever.

[97]. I love and value you so much. For the love of you, all that ever made any meaning to me is you, my angel, my one and only.

[98]. You came to me like an angel and turned my world around with your love. Now my heart will forever capture that blissful moment that we met. I blessed the day I found you as my love.

[99]. I prayed for a guardian angel who would guide me and when I thought my prayers weren’t answered, you came with the sunshine that is the beauty of your love.

[100]. I searched for an angel and found you. I searched for love and still found you. You’re my angel and the love that guides and protects me from danger.

[101]. To my weak soul your love touched me and I got my healing. Your love has comforted me and heals me of all my worries. I shall live in praise of your love. For without it, I knew not how my soul would have found rest that frees me to live.

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