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Relationship Words of Advice and Tributes to the Only Love I Truly Had

These relationship words of advice and tributes to the only love I truly had are words of wisdom about love and relationships.

 Best Relationship Words of Advice and Tributes to the Only Love I Truly Had

If your search is centered on what is the best advice for love, how do you advise someone in a relationship, what is a good relationship quote or how do you express love in deep words? Then these words of wisdom about love and relationships, advice for love problems quotes, special words for aunts, advice for love quotes, word of advice for relationship, relationship advice quotes for him, love advice quotes for her and love advice quotes for a friend are for you to ponder upon towards building the right relationship with the one you love.

Relationship Words Of Advice By A True African Woman

This humble Relationship Words Of Advice By A True African Woman shared by a true enterprising young African lady would give you an in-depth knowledge on how to build the right blissful relationship that you truly would always desire and want to be a part of. 

Lemme tell you something you have no right to complain about men anymore until you start getting better taste in them.

If you want a good marriage, marry a man with sense, if you're a feminist marry a man who believes greatly in the greatness of women beyond the kitchen because all the relationship/marriage advice in the world won’t make any difference if you’re choosing or have chosen the wrong guy, a friend of mine got very angry on a facebook post yesterday with women who are in terribly bad relationships/marriage asking for advice with the slogan.. I know he loves me but yenyenyenyenyen..

The part of choosing a good man is the step that often gets missed or overlooked. Women hammer away, trying to pound the proverbial square peg into a round hole, then wonder what they’re doing wrong, why they can’t seem to make it fit, why they can’t get the love they want. You can’t turn a losing stock into a winning stock and get it into your head today, nothing in the world you do can convince someone to feel a certain way about you.

I have been there, done that, and if you’re talking about a relationship with the wrong guy, take a seat let’s discuss my ordeal in this small world or maybe I’ll leave it for some other time…

I think that I spent way too long chasing after guys who weren’t the right fit for me, and then I wondered what was wrong when it didn’t get me lasting love!

The problem was simple: I was choosing the wrong men. It sounds straightforward enough, but it’s a very tricky thing.

We fall in love with these types of men because we’re swept up in the passion, the chemistry, and the intoxicating aura that comes with it.

We get stock with people who have absolutely no respect for us because most of the time they look the part, have the type of career we admire in our men or just maybe everyone else is getting married except you, so you want to stop being picky, manage what you see and also get hitch.

We convince ourselves that this is it that he’s the one and we just need to make him see it.

This is where the problems develop, this is where all the questions and tears and doubt and uncertainties and fears start to consume you. You mistake these feelings for true love because maybe you’ve never felt this way before, and you think it must be because this guy is different and this relationship is meant to last.

Dear Ladies this is just a glimpse into the confusion that ensues when you choose the wrong guy. If you’re hung up on a man who can’t commit or won’t commit or who is mean to you or who is just a mean person in general, a guy with baggage, a guy with serious issues, a guy who you think would be perfect “if only” he changed such and such, then you’re setting yourself up to lose before you even begin, and you are blocking yourself from ever finding the love you want.

Have they ever told you to drag Mr wrong to the right side, or.. Lines like just manage him like that, there are not many men out there? He will come along when you guys are married and especially when children start to come... Yenyenyenyen.

If this is you, you're setting out to lose in life and also might miss heaven, you're okay being a sane single old lady than having a bad marriage, most Nigerian married ladies are married to Jesus o, they have comforted themselves in Christ and only stay in the marriage cos of society.

I’ve seen many situations where a couple breaks up after a long period of time because of some issue that was apparent right from the beginning. In every one of these situations, the couple believed that things would magically just work out. Imagine how much time and effort they would have saved and heartbreak they would have avoided had they been dating with their heads instead of their hearts from the beginning.

So get how fine he is behind you, how good his job or business; big question is;

Does he respect you?
Does he love and care for you?
Does he respect your opinion and seeks your agreement in taking key actions?
Does he sacrifice things for you or come out for you when you need someone?
Does he have the same beliefs and values as you?
Does he like growth and is ready to make adjustments?

If he ticks no to all of these but ticks yes to having a good job, being handsome, occupying a good position in church or very good in bed.

Sister you have not found him, save all of us the stress of marital advice on social media and go look for your own man.

This is mine...

Best Tributes To The Only Love I Truly Had!

Tributes To The Only Love I Truly Had!

This heart touching love tribute message is something that would bring so much emotion within the consciousness of thought. Love a time indeed doesn’t go to where it belongs. Tributes To The Only Love I Truly Had is something that would bring so much emotional thought to the heart.


Putting this out has been one of the toughest decisions I have had to make in a recent time. I know many may have different reactions, it is obvious I won't care.

Tomorrow, you will traditionally be married to the man you have preferred, chosen and accepted for a life union, and on Saturday, it will be sealed before God and men.

Let me first of all congratulate you on this next level of your life. Kindly expect my absence as I won't be attending any of both events. Not that I have any bad feelings about your decision, I don't think I am emotionally strong to behold "the only woman I could say I truly loved" officially given out to another man.

I wish I could, but I just understand I can't.

I can still remember when you first broke this news over a phone call; it was all like a joke. I laughed over it but you insisted you were serious. Well, tomorrow it will be a reality that I wish it never were.

We met on 2go in 2011. I can remember how your Status draws my attention to your account. I started hunting you day and night online. As reserved as you were, you hardly came online and did not respond to me. Not until one night after blazing you for ignoring me, I woke up in the morning to see your apologies which came with your phone number. The next morning witnessed the beginning of a friendship that lasted more than 6 years even in the face of our many differences and clashes.

It took you more than 2 years before you voluntarily allowed me to see your face. (You just pitied me... Lol) You were beautiful, reserved and sensible. I just knew you were a friend for a keep.

I was in my level 300 in the University when we met, you were just fresh out of Secondary school seeking Admission into the Higher Institution. This was the major source of insecurity and concern we had to face. You never believed I was for real, and for the long years we spent together, you never really believed I truly loved you because you felt I was in a particular societal class you weren't fit for. My social media engagements, the imaginary "fame and Uyo popularity" was also a regular concern. I tried my best to prove it, but I didn't seem to succeed.

No matter how we both tried to adjust, I was still me and you were the "reserved, private and unsocial" person. Our incompatibilities were just too clear. We kept believing we could work out fine someday but this has proven we were never meant to be.

I had spent time reflecting on the many crazy things I have done because of you. I wish you had at least believed me the way I did loved you.

Before we met in 2013, I had traveled from my NYSC base to Akwa Ibom State Polytechnic on hearing that it was your matriculation day. You didn't inform nor invite me, I just came believing I could run into you. That was crazy; let me save the details of what happened that day cos it was a big craziness.

After crying for the loss of my first love, no other lady has made me cry but you. You are the only one that will make me angry and I will still come back to apologize. The looks in your eyes alone were strong messages, it could make me comfort and behave in the midst of my craziness.

You had so much hold on me like jazz. Those who knew us wondered what it was. But I know it was love indeed.

I couldn't ask for a better friend than you if I have another opportunity. We are leaving each other better than we met in 2011. Aside from my Mum, you were always my first point of call in critical situations. Your sense of reasoning, counsels, peace loving dispositions and godly personality has kept me from loads of problems in this city. I can't forget your consistent advice "Ufan, let it go, better things are ahead of you", "Is it worth your stress, life or security?" and your "What ifB" that will leave me giving a second thought to my actions.

If I am blessed today by the prayers of two people, it's my parents prayers and yours. Thanks for believing in me and pushing me out to go achieve my dreams. Thanks for standing by me in my most darkest moments.00xk

Thanks for always remembering me in your prayers. Thanks for drawing me closer to God. Which man won't fight to have a rare treasure as you?

It was a long year of knowing each other. I wasn't a perfect man; you had your own differences. We had earnestly tried to make it work but it never stayed smooth for too long. We are parting today not because we have stopped loving each other but because it wasn't within God's will for us. Maybe it's time for a deeper reflection for me.

I hoped and wished our beautiful love story would be told by us someday but God knows better. I'm not hurt, because we played very essential roles in the lives of each other and we just had to face the reality. I am a strong believer that it is not all friendship or relationship that must lead to marriage. Ours wasn't meant to be, but we had the best of friendship and I will treasure such memories for my lifetime.

I love you still and wish you the best of marital bliss, fruitfulness and peace.

I still wish I could be there to witness it, but I can't. I hope you really understand.

Thanks for being a friend indeed.

I will forever miss you and I doubt any woman can take these memories of you away.

Happy married life Ufan mmi.

You are a good woman, and he is just a lucky man.

Friends Comments and Reactions

This is not necessary, and it's disrespectful to the husband to be. You could've easily made it an open letter without tagging her and uploading her pictures. How do you think the man that wants to marry her will feel seeing his wife's pictures attached to a public post made by her ex boyfriend a day to d wedding? We know you're hurt. We've all been there. This is not d way to go about it. This is not cool bro. It's downright disrespectful.
—Lynda Essien

U r a real life super hero, i have met great women who i never got chance to settle with. One thing i have learn is true love never dies...can only get pure as days grow old. Congrats to her. Move on.
—Engr. Mfonini Usoro

Akan you are a good man. God will bring yours soonest. Move on. Congrats to your Ufan.
—Vincent Aluu

Do not doubt! It takes just one hour for a good woman to erase those memories. I know how it feels, I've been there before. Take heart! 🤝
—Paul Joe

Hmmmmm I know not everyone can handle heart break, is OK to air out your heart but not cool attaching her pictures.
—Eby Freedom

Wow, feel ya pains bro.. But I guess u would v made the move first, no matter what.
—Bright Ekpoh

Bros why u delay in popping out the question to her na, now see what delay has caused? Pele.
—Priscillia Nosegbe

I feel your pains brother but you just have to move on. You will get over it. Sorry!!
—Isaac Mandu Nobenz

In 2018, I'd say this isn't necessary... But if this sets you free, then good. Stay strong 💪 brother... Stay strong... Las Las you go oil well well cos of this.
—Ene Akaninyene

He can never be fine, he needs a replacement urgently, mbok someone shld volunteer.
—New Dawn Uwemedimo

Hmmm...bro, I feel ur pain. Shit happens, but ull b strong with time.
—Emediong Ukpong

It takes courage to let go. But you'll be fine in the end. Stay strong sir.
—Anita ThinktankLady

Sorry dear... But wait y didn’t u asked her first before d man......anyways na free oiling door for u.... ...oil as u go.
—Utibe Akwa

SO LONG A happens. Just believe and hope for yours......she'll come.
—Marilyn Etuk Hrm

Sai. This is deep. Be courageous brother. You will find love elsewhere.
—Promise Etim

Be strong and move on...but putting up her pix isn't nice...I hope they don't take this to yabaleft.
—Inimfon Asuquo

Same thought here, when it enters yaba left na national gist be that o lol.
—Cyril Udoh

Las las na so another person to cry on your matter. You would have settled with her since 2011, but it wasn't meant to be. I pray people don't dent and misconstrued dis post. Honestly, some encounter won't end in marriage. God bless their marriage. All the best as you continue your search.
—Samuel Asua

Bloggers go carry this story. I can just imagine how you were connected to her. It's never an easy journey.... All the same, cheers man. Love will find you again.
—Promise Nakanda

All the ladies here that are talking, if it were you will you accept it?
—Kufre Okon

Speechless!!! Diz is so touching.Man up guy, love will definitely find u again.
—Victoria Thrice

People can't find where else to cut onions it is in my eyes(sniff).
—Jennifer Chisimdi Muoneke

Oh my God, this is so touching... God will bless you with another of her kind.
—Udofia Waky

Who are you all to judge? its right, its wrong! do u know if the lady had her consent in this tribute? Okay, you will rather he comes out with her pics on her death (God forbid) stating all these, I knew, I had, you were this and you were that...blah blah... whatever happened to praising the living? Whatever happened to freedom of expression! Y"all judging should evaluate your existence to the very essence of it..., whooo you eppppp? wey don carry your image while you are alive to give some accolades? tekeidem mbok! Ak, the love in you will attract another like a venom...stay woke brother.
—Uwakmfon Ekanem

👏👏👏👏👏 And why haven't you done something like this before? Or you don't have an Ex?😏��. Stop trying to stand out, you're growing everyday.
—Aston Kirkman

Aston Kirkman minister of growth!!clap hand for ursef!! m glad u noticed the "standout" how market?
—Uwakmfon Ekanem

Be strong. Heartbreak isn't an easy something. It's painful. However, I don't think you would like blogs to carry this, so I suggest you take it down.
—King Sobrams

Hmmm! This is quite deep bro, I understand what the feelings is like before this extreme decision, who no know no know. But please cheer up bro and move on.
—Nnamnso Charles

Uwa Afid
It's high time we (guys) started to know that ke idoho akung Owo ado Ebe!
If you don't understand, come to my house 🏡 for practical demonstration and illustration.
—Sunday Benson

I can imagine your pains dearest Akan, be strong, better days ahead. True love will come around just don't close your heart to it.
—Angel Cookey

The husband to be now knows that there was another guy on the side line while they were dating 😏.
—Cyril Udoh

This is like P. diddy and late Kim porter's relationship. She was the love of his life but they were not together for a long while. You will find love again just for being this courageous ☺
—Emaediong Obobikpe

HMMN,really touching. I found myself in similar situation but it takes grace to move forward.
—Friday Ogbolu

I knw her sha..... Very nice young gal. Yak iki sintime ke itie ado mkpong... lol.
—Ekom Edem

Daaaaaaa ikong ekpo ane diok mkpo ooo 😂😂.
—Amb David Akaninyene Eteka

Amb David Akaninyene Eteka I'm telling u bt who does dat nw wen tramadol works instanta... lol.
—Ekom Edem

Why you no marry am before now, since you were far ahead of her academically.
—Romanus Uchenna Ogueri

Friend, if I'm to advice you, delete this message immediately. It isn't good for you or her please. Some things are best kept than being placed on a public domain especially when laced with so much emotions like the above. It isn't good for you, her and where she's going ok. Drop it my Broda.
—Adogho O. Godwin

So touching dear but don't worry what was meant for you shall come to you.
—Peace Frank Daniel

Touching. Bro you should have stopped at posting the write-up. Please take down her pictures, it is unnecessary. Bloggers are going to feast on this. This might affect her and her hubby.
—Iniobong Leroi Umoh

He is just raising the dust. Every married girl is snatched by a man that is ready and willing.
—Emanso Samuel

It's hard sometimes to let go, but you have to be strong Akan...
—Dominion Ntem

Akan have you seen the kind of comments your post is attracting? Is this what you wanted? Would you like this to be said about your sister? Put yourself in her husband's shoes, is this the kind of thing you would want someone to say about your wife on the eve of your marriage? Take down this post or at least remove her pictures!
—Iniobong Leroi Umoh

Ah! Where can one buy a charger for some brains with dangerously low battery? Is this funny to him? Kai!
—Uti Essien

You both were not meant to be so please my brother put this thing down so that she can concentrate with her husband thanks.
—Peace Akpan

Heroes don't shade tears....Be a man, move on. We should always expect shits like this.
—Edetobong Edoabasi

Hmmmm... I really do understand you pain bro. A lot of people will blame and point fingers. If it is a way to cool of fine, but bare in mind the power of social media. You don't have to share everything here. If you can delete this post it would be fine. It is well.
—Aniekan Ukpabio

Men cry, cos they, like females, are humans too. Being hurt ain't a new thing...moving on is maturity. Would you have preferred marrying someone you said you were physically incompatible with and then the marriage fails?? Baba, you were there and I was working the best it the curtains are drawn, show her the respect and take down her pictures...let the write up tell the tale. BTW: I've been hurt more than this or another" boyfriend"... Yours had a focus "husband". Praise God, cry, rise, dust yourself and move on. Bigger and better things await you. God bless you brother.
—Fortune Luke

I'm sure the news has reached the husband already...since everyone is speaking freely, Me thinks it's more of a payback than good wishes...
—Diana-Abasi Akpan

Her wedding eve, her pix and this? No please kindly take this down please. Wish her well in your mind and in private no matter how much it hurts please Akan mbok. This won't go well with her on this journey she's about to make mbok ooooo. Please.
—Uti Essien

All of you saying delete post, I wanna ask a question have u guys ever truly love someone? Akan was only wishing her good tidings in her marriage but also used that means to let her knw that he would have fought harder if she had allowed him. We only know what we can get out of the message but we really have no idea what happened btw them... Akan Greatness Udom I understand how you feel bro, i have been there and I tell you it's not easy to see the one u love leave and knowing fully well u can't have her back. Just take a sabbatical, go far a bit far, make friends, mingle and in no time she will be off your head. But take down the picture, you can leave the post. Take heart bro.
—Shaibu Zakari Francis

If you sincerely mean well for her, protect her marriage by taking down the post especially her pictures. You could have couched the story in anonymity to save her from any embarrassment and possible reprisal from the new husband. I bet you, this post can wreck and ruin the marriage. Please save her.
—Joe Iniodu

From the post, she was your friend... Did you make it clear to her you loved her this deep all these years or you made her believe it was a friend-ufan kinda thing? You people friend-zoned yasefs! Were you clear about your intentions to her? Post suggests you had hoped for something "serious"... Were you ready to take the intentions to the next level? 6 years is long enough to show her how serious you were, did you? Now that you have posted this, are you happy at the backlash she's gotten so far? Friends, abi? If you were her husband to-be, how would you react to this kinda stuff about your wife-to-be some hours to your wedding? Wehdone, iyeh!
—Nsidibe Mbuotidem Sampson-Ebong

Nsidibe Mbuotidem Sampson-Ebong the husband go para for the babe over. This is an embarrassment, it simply depicts that she was double dating.
—Cyril Udoh

Akan Greatness Udom, sorry for losing her. But we lose and win in life. Your post, no matter how you wanna justify it, isn't necessary and very wrong. You can ruin everything for that girl by this singular action. And she'll hate you forever! Damage done already, but it's better late than never. Take down the post or the pictures only and leave the text.
—Kenneth Jude

Hmmmmm! So painful, I can imagine the kind of emotional trauma you're going through. Take heart, fight well next time and take your rightful position.
—Agatha Akpan

My brother sorry d first message i sent was not for you. I want you to kn dat God has his way and reason for doing things and for all things give thanks to God.
—Emem-obong Asukwo

Akan, I do appreciate your works on social media platforms but I must confess I don't agree with you on this. May I please beg you to take it down. It's not every man's experiences that should be told in the public. Your own is your own but this was not meant to be as you have rightly said. Thanks and keep pushing. Your future is very bright my brother.
—Uyo Udom

Tell us more.... Especially how u used to enter the oda room... We are waiting mbok... but make it brief.
—Emem Udoh

My bro I think it would have been better pouring all ur emotions, borrow others if need be and add up with urs, then go to her inbox and pour it there for her to consume it. remember, u said she's a "private n a reserved person" probably her man has also observed her to be what u portrayed here too but opening such a can now brother, I feel d best place for dis post would have been her "inbox" pls it's my humble opinion.
—Esio Godwin

Why do I think this is a well thought-out publicity stunt?
—Eti'ufan Biro-Quiin Akpan

The kinda stories and Amebo Nigerians like. Una go comment tire. Mtcheew.if it were Thank you Father for today post. Na only one comment or likes. You guys should go and get busy mbok. Negodu some of you giving advice 😂😂....what do I even know!? 🙄
—Eno Emah

I don’t think this post is necessary at all if you had something to say to her b4 the wedding day y not call her n talk to her n wish her all your wishes n let her go rather than making it public... its not just necessary you'll cause more problems than you might think ...
—Mindel Ikpe

If it was me that brought love to you.. U no for love me 😂😂 u no follow see me for 2go that year?? Goan hug transformer jor.
—Joy Godwin

Warned you about this Girls bruh you won't hear. Now just look at you😁 Lass lass she has brought out the stupidity in you.
—Emem-obong Emmanuel

Hmmmmmmm she never believed that you loved her because she took you just as a friend for this number if years... Life goes on my brother... You will definitely find someone who will love you genuinely and also believe in you...
—Joanna John

For the fact that it didn't work out doesn't mean it wasn't love..😢😢😢😢😢.
—Simeon Malachy

The news is everywhere oga people have started making money with your post please Move on forget her, there lots of tomorrows, tomorrows have no end...
—Faith Ekpe

Ok lemme just not tear up but I can't help it 😭😭😭😭
—Dorcas Udo

Akan Greatness Udom there's no shame in love. Don't let anyone make you feel bad for posting this. You'll get over this, time heals all wounds. Take care dear.
—Utibe-Ima Ibanga

Uyo Facebook community... kpa mmo unam, kpa mmo ke atang awod... even those dt has never like his post before must comment today and like."World people" forming advisers.
—Idorenyin Effiong

So who is the woman now that Will come and suffer in thy hand eehhh, if am the one after reading all this then years later u come to propose I won't marry you ooo cos I will still feel your heart is with someone else, I will feel am being managed.
—Hope Udoh

Take heart brother.. You guys weren't meant for each other.. Yours is coming Bro..
—Abazz Jay

Hmmm, this is touching. Take heart n move on with ur life. Such is life is life oo probably there was someone out there who truly loved u more than her but u may not notice due to the love u have for her. Time heals all wound.
—Mhiz Pearl Umoren

Please take down this post if you truly mean well for her.... call or message her to express your feelings not here...
—Uduak William

God knows how long u wanted to f*ck this Poor innocent little girl for free. And all this while u never told us u were in love. So why now? Omo this post is not unnecessary jare.
—IG Frank

No let the man that want to marry this girl come and see this zeeworld you're writing here o.
If you loved the girl like you professed, you should be happy that another person is marrying her.
Everyone has passed through this road before and we have released ourselves from the traumatic experience and even go ahead to attend their happy moment which is the marriage event.
If you believed that not all relationship leads to marriage then you should have expected something like this.
She left you for another.
Maybe you were not ready.
Maybe she didn't love you to the point of waiting or settling with you.
Maybe she needs to move on and be in peace with her biological clock.
Putting this girl’s picture here and writing all this thing is an insult to this girl and her husband to be.
Love can be lend and unlend.
We should learn to let it go when we realized that it's beyond our grasp.
Don't know whether you have relieved yourself from the disheartening effect of her drift by writing this piece.
Some things should just be left untold.
To avert traffic and public discourse.
No pity for you bro until you move on too 🙌😋.
—Emanso Samuel

You said you're not hurt, because not all relationships lead to marriage and at the same time you can't attend the marriages because you're not emotionally strong to witness it. Issokay.
—Nkenim Nkanta

One day you will find another woman that will wipe away the memories of her in your life...
There are still awesome ladies out there...
I feel your pain...😱😱😱😱
—Glory Ita

However you look at it, this was unnecessary. It's part of the journey of life so no need heating it up.
—Nsikan Felsy Godwin

Have you ever love someone so much that it makes you cry? Akan I understand.
—Emem Emah William

Wow so touching..... be strong God will definitely give u another, this words of urs really make me cry and i know where ever she is she will definitely be in tears...
—Gift Emmanuel

This one actually had your mumu button shaa. Sorry bro. Take heart and move on. Open your heart to love again and you'll meet the one God has kept for you.
—Ediomo Okon

How do you know if she would have made you a good wife. In everything give thanks for it the will of God. You know one thing in life is when we are in crossroad, we think it's rock bottom not knowing that it only the beginning.
—Udeme Inyang

It hurts but in reality God knows yours just like what Udeme Inyang rightly said, I do sincerely understand how it hurts. The good and perfect gifts come from the Lord. A better and perfect replacement is coming and you'll be wondering you never dreamt someone could super replace her. You weren't meant to be.
—Daniel Eno-obong

One thing makes me feel as if this is a story and not reality. Anyways, it is well. We all have been heartbroken at some point in our lives. Anywayz, what do I know.
—King Anny Youngdean Umanah


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Lovingly – Expressing Love, Endlessly and Lovingly!: Relationship Words of Advice and Tributes to the Only Love I Truly Had
Relationship Words of Advice and Tributes to the Only Love I Truly Had
These relationship words of advice and tributes to the only love I truly had are words of wisdom about love and relationships.
Lovingly – Expressing Love, Endlessly and Lovingly!
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