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Motivation about the Value of a Man and a Woman

These motivations about the value of a man and a woman are inspirational quotes from a woman to a man.

Best Motivation about the Value of a Man and a Woman

If you are searching for what can I say to motivate my man, how do you motivate a woman, what is the value of a man quotes or what should I say about a great man? Then these best inspirational quotes from a woman to a man, man and woman quotes, relationship, male attitude towards female quotes, quotes about women and men and women equality quotes are just meant for you.

Best Motivation about the Value of a Man and a Woman 

The value that comes with the fulfillment of our life purpose is something that is far beyond the imagination of man. If there is one thing we should do, it is to strive to fulfill our given purpose in life. The fulfillment of purpose comes with so many challenging tasks that we need to overcome the many huddles that might seek to keep us down. If you care for an all day happiness, take this message of an All Day Happy Motivation About The Value Of A Man and let it be that which you need to help make a change in your life ambition. You can also go through Love Relationship Tips About The True Season Of Love. This is a bumper harvest of heart touching messages to inspire you to greatness.

The Value Of A Man In The Place Of Fulfillment – Part 1

Nothing brings a rewarding happiness to the heart like sitting back and putting up that smile that only the fulfillment of purpose can bring about.

Have you ever been opportune to be around the sick bed of anyone who lived a fulfilled life and had fulfilled his purpose? Maybe it is then you will understand the value that is embedded in the place of fulfilling your life purpose.

"Everybody who is born into this world has a purpose to fulfill."

In as much as you strive to make everything right. You should carry within you the burden that you were created for a purpose and when you live without accomplishing that purpose; then know for such that you have not lived a fulfilled life.

Purpose has a way of pushing you to your destiny but the bottom line is, you have to fight for it to make it come true.

The Value Of A Man In The Place Of Fulfillment – Part 2

"Fulfilling life's purpose is not a bed of roses. It comes with all the amount of self determination to bring it to reality."

What you believe in, we all know we need to fight for it. I do not mean to trade physical punches. But if you have to do that, then do it.

The worst that can happen is you might have some bruises but know for such that victory is yours if you can stand up and fight on.

Life belongs to the brave at heart. And when it has to do with fulfilling purpose, there is no lazing around it. Successful men, who stood on the path of success, withstood so many odds that stood against them to make it right.

So we shouldn’t look at success as a cheap commodity, it comes with a lot of hard work and determination. The kind of success I am talking about is the one that is not associated with cheating, and doing all other negative vices.

One bottom line is when you get there; you know for sure with that perfect peace of mind, that you are fulfilling a given purpose.    

The Value Of A Man In The Place Of Fulfillment – Part 3

"Success comes along the path of fulfillment. If you find success without fulfillment, you will never live to be satisfied."

Talking about values in the place of fulfillment, whatever you place priorities on definitely is what will bring your goal to fulfillment.

If your calling is business, place your values on it and please focus on it. Do not go one leg in, one leg out. You have to really define what gives you joy and passion when you strive for it.

Achieving any value shouldn’t be counted as a worth of money. The value of fulfillment is not what money can buy.

You may have all the money but it might never give you fulfillment. In fact, you might have all the money and yet still be miserable.    

The Value Of A Man In The Place Of Fulfillment – Part 4

"To live a life of fulfillment, anything you have passion for, make sure you accomplish that by moving to another. One step after another should be your watchword."

Let what you have genuine passion for; be that which creates your fulfillment. When you are fulfilled in what you do, you will always find this unexplained joy that money can’t buy.

I realize so many people place value on things that will perish without giving in to their inner happiness which is the thing that will give them joy even in times of despair.

You need all the amount of happiness to get things done. Your destiny can never come to pass when you are not happy. Happiness plays an important role in the fulfillment of purpose.

When you are happy, you get things done faster than when you are not happy. In as much as you can, try to make yourself happy and put all things that will give you a setback down the bottom lane.   

The Value Of A Man In The Place Of Fulfillment – Part 5

"Do what you love then you will find happiness and if you do what you do not like, there is no way you will ever find happiness and fulfillment."

Strict determination is so important to the fulfillment of life's purpose. Every amount of time you have, do not put it to waste. Keep it in mind that you have a limited time to get to your destination.

If you delay, then you are doing yourself much harm. Remember the world is waiting for you. You cannot afford to fail those who have faith in you.

Even if others do not have the needed faith in you, you should not do that to yourself. You have a short time to make it right. This you can do when you believe in yourself where others do not.

The moment you have the consciousness to believe in yourself; the easier for you to fulfill your given purpose. And to make this right, you need not to waste time.

The Value Of A Man In The Place Of Fulfillment – Part 6

"Life is too short to waste on unnecessary things. Sometimes you might feel you are enjoying it but it will never bring you the desired fulfillment in life."

If you seek to fulfill your value, then also learn the value of discipline. When you learn to discipline yourself, you will go far in life. When discipline is in place, there is orderliness.

Discipline, enable you to plan. It makes you focus and gives you an edge over others. In the true word of it, discipline makes you a role model to others. Discipline helps you build character that draws others to you.

If you want to achieve anything in life, discipline is the watch word. If I must be sincere with you, discipline comes with sacrifice which requires total submission and denying oneself all the pleasures that would not bring about the fulfillment of purpose.

When a man seeks to fulfill purpose, he should first discipline himself.

The Value Of A Man In The Place Of Fulfillment – Part 7

"A man, who must fulfill purpose, must be disciplined. Where this is not in place, fulfillment of purpose, will be like a mirage."

When a man fulfills purpose, he has a place in the history book. His vision is what is talked about. Generation yet unborn comes to read, write and talk about him.

The value of his fulfillment becomes a reference point that teaches the value of life. Rightly in all you do, seek to fulfill the purpose of your calling.

Do not live like you have nothing at stake. When you bring your vision to fulfillment, you become a shining light for all to emulate.

If you forget everything in this write-up but please remember only this one thing – “Vision brings your destiny to fulfillment”.    

Best Relationship Motivation about the Nature of Women

Relationship Motivation About The Nature Of Women

Respect is to be given to all women. If you want to enjoy the best of a woman as a man, you need to understand their nature. If you can understand their nature, it would always be fun and blissful living with them. Take a look at these inspiring thoughts on Relationship Motivation About The Nature Of Women. You can also go through All Day Happy Motivation About The Value Of A Man. We know you would have one or two things to learn from these inspiring messages.

Can This Be True? – Part 1

“If you want something to be said, use a man. But if you want something done, use a woman.”– Margaret Thatcher

How true is the above quote from the late female British Prime Minister? In either way you put a comment to it, she might have some real fact to it.

If I may ask as a man, has a woman ever “worried” your life before? Maybe a little “worry” from a woman when it becomes persistent, you may understand what the statement seems to mean.

Somehow from the statement, there is some element of serious truth in it. Men generally betray their emotions when it comes to taking action.

Maybe it is the nature of a man as a father to always look at anything in its true nature before taking any action. Like they say a man thinks before he acts while a woman acts before she thinks.

Hope the womenfolk would not crucify me on this. I mean no harm but seriously let us look in-between the line.

Can This Be True? – Part 2

Ask yourself, would a man delay making a decision when it has to do with taking an action on a matter that requires urgent attention?

Men are known to bear the cost of anything that worries their mind. They prefer to take a look at it critically and this to any woman is looked upon as a delay in action.

A woman wants it done immediately and done with it as it demands. But a man would seem to paint a picture of it and give it time before finally taking his decision.

Sometimes the cause of this delay is worth it but sometimes, it isn’t. Generally when the situation at hand demands the taking of life or harming the one to which the action would be taken upon, it requires critical decision.

Forget what people may say, most women are strong-willed. Bold, daring and quick to give back the way it comes.

Can This Be True? – Part 3

When a woman is open, we say she is daring and people might seem to trade her way with caution.

But what about those we feel are not daring, sincerely, if you dare them, you will understand that sometimes it is so cool to deal with someone you understand their trait of outspokenness than the other way.

If I should be true to you, anyone who is outspoken has nothing to hide but we tend to look at them as somehow daring.

It might at the long run surprise you that any woman we seem to see as strong-will are in fact so emotional compared to others.

Can This Be True? – Part 4

When a woman has the effrontery to stand up to her right, we equate it to equity and equality. But sometimes it might not be true.

A woman in order to cover her weaker side seems to trace that line of action which is later on always regrettable. A woman feels because of her nature in creation, she is looked upon as the weaker vessel at the receiving side of history.

So to overcome that, she builds herself with the mind that is always protective towards defending her own ideology. But as a man and father, you do not need to go that way.

Ours was to love and theirs was to obey. So when you love, she will obey and no two ways about it.

Can This Be True? – Part 5

I know sometimes for some people to achieve their worth, they need to be pushed. If that push is to achieve a definite purpose, it is worth it but if it is towards negative attributes, then it is not worth it.

Getting anything done, should be what should benefit all and not towards destruction. Action to me should be taken immediately and not to be procrastinated, that is if the action is what will benefit humanity and the person taking the action.

Delay I know is dangerous and can kill the spirit of forthrightness. Again I would say if it is for good, then it is worth it but if not, forget it because anything that will not do any good, shouldn’t be attempted.

Can This Be True? – Part 6

In conclusion and in line with Margaret Thatcher’s statement that says, “If you want something to be said, use a man. But if you want something done, use a woman”.

To me, that is her ideology at the time which prompted her to make the statement. I would say she has the right as far as there is freedom of speech.

You may either choose to believe her or not. It is entirely your choice because that is the power we as humans have, to make a choice and stand by our choice.

When you can make a choice and stand by your choice, it defines the person in you. 


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Lovingly – Expressing Love, Endlessly and Lovingly!: Motivation about the Value of a Man and a Woman
Motivation about the Value of a Man and a Woman
These motivations about the value of a man and a woman are inspirational quotes from a woman to a man.
Lovingly – Expressing Love, Endlessly and Lovingly!
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