Happy Wedding Anniversary and Birthday Wishes for Sister - Lovingly – Expressing Love, Endlessly and Lovingly! Happy Wedding Anniversary and Birthday Wishes for Sister

Happy Wedding Anniversary and Birthday Wishes for Sister

Best Happy Wedding Anniversary and Birthday Wishes for Sister

If indeed you are searching for how can I wish my Sister on her wedding anniversary, how do you wish happy birthday and marriage anniversary, how do you wish happy anniversary to Sister and how do you wish happy birthday in unique style to Sister? Then these happy wedding anniversary wishes and birthday messages for your sister friend are a sure bet for you to send to a Sister friend from another mother who is celebrating her birthday and wedding anniversary together in the same month.

Wedding Anniversary and Birthday Wishes for Sister

We keep smiling, we keep shining. We know we can always count on the Lord, for He has found us and brought us together and He is always by our sides. Happy Birthday to you Ima mi, my true love. Happy wedding anniversary to us. God bless our marriage everyday. Na you love sure pass.

[1]. It shall forever be getting better in Jesus Name. Congratulations dear, God increase and uphold your marriage.

[2]. Happy wedding anniversary to this wonderful family. God bless you more and more. Happy birthday my friend.

[3]. Happy wedding anniversary, beautiful family and happy birthday to you my good friend. Age gracefully.

[4]. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary my people and happy birthday to madam, with more loads of God's blessings. Cheers!

[5]. Happy birthday to you and God blessing. Congratulations dearie and happy marriage life.

[6]. Congratulations! Happy Birthday Madam and Happy Wedding Anniversary my dearest People. Cheers.

[7]. Beautiful! Happy birthday mama and happy anniversary to you both. May His glory continue to radiant in your union.

[8]. Happy anniversary and happy birthday to madam, abundant blessings this new year IJN. Congratulations, God bless your family.

[9]. Happy wedding anniversary to your family and happy birthday to the love of your life. Congratulations dear, many blissful years ahead.

[10]. God's blessings and goodness continue to shine upon your home. Congratulations! God bless the family more. Wishing you more love and peace.

[11]. Happy Wedding Anniversary. God will continue to bless your home. Congratulations people of God more grace in Jesus name.

[12]. Congratulations!!! God bless you and your home extraordinarily. Happy birthday madam and congratulations on your wedding anniversary. May the Lord keep the family with good health, more wealth and prosperity.

[13]. HBD and HWA, double blessings for your family in Jesus Name. Congrats two good birds flying together. Blessings of God will continue to be with you always.

[14]. May the Lord's glory continue to shine over your marriage. Happy Anniversary and happy birthday to you. Your home is blessed.

[15]. More blessing and marital fulfillment to your union. Congratulations! Wishing you more of God's blessings and more fruitful years of celebration on earth healthily.

Birthday Wishes and Wedding Anniversary Messages for a Sister

A dear sister’s wedding anniversary is around the corner. And as a true friend, you want to send her a happy wedding anniversary wish. Here for you are birthday and wedding anniversary wishes to share.

[16]. Congrats, the Lord continues to uphold your union. God’s unending blessings be upon you all. Happy wedding anniversary and happy birthday my sister.

[17]. Congratulations. You are blessed in Jesus' name. It will always be double portion of the Lord's love, congratulations to you both.

[18]. More of His grace and blessings. HBD and congratulations on your wedding anniversary. Wishing you a good celebration and more of God's grace.

[19]. More celebrations ahead in good health. Happy anniversary to you and your lovely wife. God bless your home in Jesus name.

[20]. My beautiful sister always looks good. Congratulations and wishing you many more Beautiful and blissful years ahead IJN.

[21]. Happy anniversary, God will continue to bless your home. Congratulations, happy wedding anniversary. Best wishes my friend. May God always keep you in His ways. Amen.

[22]. God bless and keep you for me. More fruitful years in Jesus' name. Amen. HBD madam I wish you many more great years and God's Grace! Happy Wedding Anniversary it is the Lord doing and it is marvelous in our eyes. Cheers!

[23]. HWA. God bless your home In Jesus Name. Happy birthday madam and happy anniversary to both of you. More of this in Jesus name.

[24]. Happy anniversary, more glorious year together. God will continue to bless your family in Jesus name. I wish you many more years in peace, love and blessings.

[25]. Happy wedding anniversary. May God keep blessing your home. God bless your marriage. Greater heights in Jesus name. Happy Anniversary!!!!

[26]. Congratulations, God continue to grease your marriage. Happy wedding anniversary. May sound of joy shall never depart from your home

[27]. Congratulations. Happy wedding anniversary. More blissful married life. God will continue to bless your marriage.

[28]. Congratulations to the family and many more of this to come in Jesus name. Amen.

[29]. Keep loving and smiling. May bless the union. Congratulations and happy married life to you.

[30]. Congratulations on a happy married life. Happy wedding anniversary. The joy of the Lord will never depart from the family. Amen.

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