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Cute Romantic Love Messages for Someone You Love

 Best Cute Romantic Love Messages for Someone You Love

If your online search is centered around what is the best message for someone you love, how do you make your love feel special over text, how can I express my love messages or how do you express deep love in text? Then these touching love messages to make him cry, deep love messages for him, romantic love messages for her, deep love messages for her, romantic love messages for him, true love messages, long romantic love messages and beautiful love messages for that special someone in your life are for the one you love.

Cute Romantic Messages For Someone You Love

What goodness when you have found the one who blew your mind away. The romantic experience is what would always be true. Love comes like the drops of rainfall and before you knew it; the shower of it; is what blesses our heart to love again. Love watches so many pains away and renews our mind for daily romantic experiences. The thought within our heart that glows with pride is what gives us the joy to love again. Let these poetic romantic messages find its way into the heart of the one you love.

[1]. To my joy and pain, your love is shared. To my sadness and happiness, yours shared. Now, I found you as a part of me that could stay and triumphant over all the challenges that comes with life.

[2]. Your love lives and grows inside my imagination. It gives me inspiration and the heart to love you the most. I am blessed because you love me and my day is complete because you care for me.

[3]. Your love haunts my dream and wilds my heart to long for you. In the image of my dream, there your love stood, and all I could do is stir in believing that this love of yours is mine for a keep.

[4]. Your love came like an empty house longing to be filled with many pleasures of life. To your heart, I will fill with all that would make you crave and yearn to be alive that you will bathe in this pleasurable journey that your love radiates.

[5]. Your adorable look, stir the blood in me. No right sane soul would see you and not faint in need of you. You took me by surprise and I want you like a big surprise.

[6]. My heart was hardened like a wood but when your love touched it, it became as soft as a rainbow. Her colour, I could only look at and admire. That is what your love has done to my soul. You I could only look, smile and live for.

[7]. Though I hate you with a passion, yet I love you beyond reasoning. How could this be? I have no say of it. I just found myself loving you without explanation.

[8]. One in a million, never would I meet you again. You’re to me what the entire world isn’t. For my soul you have conquered with the tenderness of your love. Now, every part of me lives and sings your praise every single day that I live.

[9]. You’re all I could think of. You’re all who gives me joy and happiness. Above all, you’re the only one that was made for me. I shall ever love you just the way you’re.

[10]. The sight of you, took my breath away. The look in your eyes, erases every of my worries. You set me on fire and burned my heart with your alluring beauty and all I do now is love you like the taste of fine wine.

[11]. I stole a glimpse into your beautiful face. And ever since, the love of you has infected my mind. You’re one incomparable. Your love is like the brightness of a morning star. It is yours I need to make my days every moment of happiness.

[12]. I shall come before you with a purity of heart and love you with no string attached. I shall love you like I love myself and never tire of loving you. This I will do continually all because you love me with all the care in the world.

[13]. Let me be the one who gives you love and love in return. Let me be the one who tenderizes your heart with care. Let me be your one and only person who loves you without a care in the world about what anyone might say. Let me be the one for you and no one else.

[14]. I gaze into the sky and see your love spread within the colour of the blue sky. I glance towards the sea, yet I see your love spread within the colour of the wave. Then I glimpse into your heart, I see your love spread into the colour of the rainbow.

[15]. You fill my soul with the tenderness of your care. You light my heart with the fire of your love. You make me whole, with the reign of your passion. I am complete and want nothing but you.

[16]. Stir my blood with the passion of your love. Let my vein sing in praise of your wildness. And make me surrender in want of your touch. Make me dream of love only in your arm that I might live in praise of you.

[17]. Let me burn and glow in your desire. If that is the only thing that will make me sane. Let me live and die for you if that is the only thing that will make the tone of our love real. Let me be made whole if that is all it is to love you.

[18]. So sweet and innocent is your love that my heart is won over without any resistance. So tender and fulfilling is your love that my day is incomplete without thinking about you. How powerful is your love that all that drives me crazy is you.

[19]. Why am I off balance anytime I am with you, why do my body quake anytime I behold you coming. Why does my heart melt anytime you smile? Why do I love you without any words to describe how I felt?

[20]. Like the string of a guitar, your love cast a spell on me anytime I heard your voice. Slow and steady, your love had consumed my being and deposited the seed to love you with every breath that I take.

[21]. My distracted mind got hooked by the depth that your love brings. I got loose by the tender words of your, that dethrone my pride. Now I’m free for let you take me in this ecstasy of your, that is so loving.

[22]. Let your love bring me pleasure and pain. Let it arouse me without limit. Let it wild my heart to surrender. Do to me as you wish, still I shall be here to love you without any feeling of disappointment.

[23]. Your love lives in my mind and rests in my soul. It has become my source of comfort when I am in pain. It has given me joy when I needed it. It has freed me from doubt and the best I could do is to be with you forever.

[24]. The strong emotion that your love brings is one attitude I can’t ignore. It came in a special way and set me off unannounced. Now I dream of nothing else but that calmness of your love that is so warm.

[25]. I heard my heart beat faster each time you hold me in your arms. I heard my soul sink like a wreck ship each time you embrace me. I heard my love cry out each time you kissed me.

[26]. I long for your infectious love that arose my feelings. I begged for your warm embrace that set me on fire. I dream of your kiss that sends me to my knee. I long for you that drives me crazy.

[27]. Like still water that runs deep, slowly, your love has captured my heart. Little by little, it has become a part of me. Like air, I could breathe off her in a single bit. This love of yours, I shall taste for every moment of the day.

[28]. In the realm of love, your meekness reigns like a million stars. It humbles every soul with her infectious attitude and makes all drawn to your feet that they might find the elegant power that you carry.

[29]. Am like a victim of love that comes to you with the pride of my ego. There you look me down and recreate my world with the meekness of your charisma. Now I have understood the meaning of your thoughtfulness. Love is unequal that is what you have given to me.

[30]. In the hills of my idleness, your love sets in and catapults my soul to her realm. How fierce her alluring power battled my soul that I found no resistance but to surrender to her reign. Let her take her pride for she has won her affection in me.

Cute Poetic Messages For The One You Love

When you spot that magic in the eyes of the one you love; that moment when such stare at you and you felt that gazing of breath. That wonderful moment that redefines your love for him or her as the case may be. You feel your heart on fire and there you know that all that means any meaning to you is the one you love. If you are still searching for the dream, just know it is the one that makes your love come true. Take it or leave it, you have found the one who gives you a peace of mind. Redefining that moment is something that makes you feel special and to share this joy of romantic love experience, these romantic words of poetic love messages would add to the magic that you felt.  

[31]. You’re the star to my heart and you bring sunshine into my life. What would have been of me if your love hadn’t found me.  I would have been a forgotten soul but you brought me back to life with the tenderness of your love.

[32]. I held your hand with the honey that I love to produce. Let the sweetness of that honey strengthen your weakness and make you come back to life. Let it make your way that I might hold it forever in want of you.

[33]. You’re the primrose of my heart. For among the lots I knew, your beauty is it that withstands the taste of time. Yours would never fade; it is a gift to me that when I look at you, my soul is satisfied that you’re a true queen indeed.

[34]. The feeling your love gives to me is priceless. The worth of her strength is valueless. I see in her my hope and live for her with all that is within me.

[35]. Your love is like a mirror, when I see you, I see myself. For there is no lie in looking into the mirror. Your heart is like a mirror to my soul. It sees your perfection, when it looks into you.

[36]. They say no one sees what is behind the mirror. But I look at you from behind, I could see a more beautiful you back there. You’re just the same wherever I look. Peace to your soul my love of all.

[37]. To your love an air of mystery surrounds. But how could I run away from her mystery? I stay to watch; I stay to follow that I would forever be in this mystery that surrounds your love.

[38]. Like the sun radiates her light, so does your love radiate hers which touch down on my soul and set it on fire to burn for you. Your love touches me and makes me whole. Now I am complete because of you.

[39]. The boldness of your love comes in different dimensions. Around every corner of my life, it touches me with her alluring glory which makes me glad to want none else but you.

[40]. That charisma, that energy, that alertness I saw on your face. There has become the element that makes me long for you with a mystery that I can’t explain.

[41]. I feel more alive because I believe in your love. Your love is forever what I will live for. It came unannounced and tears everything about me to pieces. I could only gather myself together believing in your love.

[42]. Your kind words inspire my soul and keep me tied to your apron. I can’t do anything without you. I could only breathe when you’re alive. If you live now, where would my breath come from? Stay with me that I might ever breathe for you.

[43]. My heart glows when you touch me. My feet lifted up when you held me. My love evaporates when you embrace me. My life makes anew when you love me.

[44]. Touch me, hold me, that I might be lifted up and my soul evaporates in want of you as your love will make me anew to live and love you forever.

[45]. Mystery lies in the door of your love. Every strike of its magical web, I am like one consumed in her spell. I seek to be out of her grip but am like a helpless soul drawn in the middle of a blue sea.

[46].  Lost in my own world, all I think of is your love. Lost in my own breath, all I could smell is your love. Your love gives me life and the strength to love you more.

[47]. Your love uplifts me, then stirs my desire and elevates my heart to the highest realm. Now all I do is live in worship of this love of yours that has made me what I am.

[48]. Bless is the assurance that your love gives. For my soul has found rest in the bosom of your care. Now, all I need is that love of yours that has given me all that is to life.

[49]. Your love took my soul by storm. I have underestimated your care and joke over your love. Now, that you have shown me what you bear, I can’t live a day without a want of you.

[50]. Adored in your fearless nature, I cling to the adoration of your love. Let me make my bed there, that I will stay close to your heart and live in want of your love.

[51]. Your love gives me faith to believe in you; it gives me hope to live for you. It gives me the heart to die for you. All I want is that love that I could live and die for you.

[52]. Your love is like prince charming. It charmed my heart with all infectious affection. That I now live in celebration of your love that made me surrender to you.

[53]. I belong to you; I belong to your love. Take me as I am and do to me as you wish. Let your love control my breath and make me yours only that I would go nowhere but stay and love you forever.

[54]. I desired your touch and I crave for your love from the bottom of my heart. Let your love find my desire and lift me up in your arms. That you would be the one I love all the rest of my life.

[55]. When the trouble water of love shall seek my soul, I shall be strong. For I knew within the turbulence of the sea, your love shall guide me to a safe landing shore. That love of yours is all that will stay with me till the end.

[56]. From the touch of your hand, I could feel the power of your love. When you touch me, I freeze to my knees. For the love that you carry can’t be compared to any. You touch me and now I can sing of your love that brings me joy.

[57]. To your love, I shiver with emotion. You held me spellbound and made me want you like the breath of air. Every day, I now want of you.

[58]. Like a bridge, your love built one in my heart. To reach you, I had to walk through the thought of your love. That had been the guiding path to get across to you.

[59]. Between me and you, your love has built a bridge to reach you. That bridge is your care, affection, charisma… that is the only way I could walk to reach your heart.

[60]. You stabbed my heart with your love and all that flows out from your stabbed are the cares and pleasure that your love brings. Let it ounce out that the love of you will flow eternally like the river of joy.

Cute Romantic Poetry Love Messages

A happy birthday wish in romantic poetic messages, isn’t that beautiful to make the one you love feel so special. And at the same time when you make the Valentine romantic with cute messages of poetic love, wouldn’t that be a wonderful love experience that your love would remember for a long time to come. I dare you to make that promise that you would be there for the one you love no matter the challenges that come your way. It is something that would gladden the heart of your special love. Try these messages of poetic love during any special occasion of your loved one and come thank us later for the love you would forever experience.  

[61]. To your love I anchor my dream. Let me dream of nothing but you who has become a part of my every day dream. I dream of you every moment of the day.

[62]. I think of you and nothing of myself. I live for you and not for myself. Your love is the force that makes me lives right that I might be for you till the end of time.

[63]. I place my soul at the side of your love. Let her alluring power guide me in love with you. And make me dream of nothing apart from you, love of my life.

[64]. Your love is the bridge between me and you. It has become the pillar that held us as one. Her power has become that that keeps us as one. To my soul, it has brought the lost happiness I long for.

[65]. To my sick soul, your love heals. To my wounded mind, your love calmed down. Now, the reality of it all is that I found in you all that I ever need in another.

[66]. You raise my soul to a climax and set my heart on fire. You bring me the energy to fly that I will reach the mountain top and proclaim to the whole wide world that I have found the angel of my life that is you.

[67]. The spark of your love ignited fire in my soul. Now all I need is that warm touch of your arms to quench this fire of yours that burns my soul.

[68]. It takes your love to turn the heart in my soul. It takes your care to calm the danger that sets to erupt my soul. It takes you to make me be what I am.

[69]. I tremble anytime I beseech you come. That is because I love you, I could go down to plead you and see to it that you lift me up in want of you.

[70]. The silent whisper that greeted my heart passionately sends me to the throne of your love. Anytime you murmur, all I seek is a blue sky that beckons on me to take your love as it is.

[71]. Out of my vein, a virtue of your love has gone out of me. Let your heart hold a part of it that it will let her aura spread through you to me as we keep the bound of our love together.

[72]. The tidal wave of your love, seeks her adoration in my soul. Her beauty greeted me with passion and elevated me to stardom. Now I dream of nothing but this kind of love that is so real.

[73]. Your love is like a commander of the battalion where it leads, I found no resistance to follow. For I know wherever you go, I shall be there with you to fight every battle that might come my way all but just to win your love.

[74]. I looked to the face of the moon and there I saw your face, I looked to the shining star, there also I saw your face. But then I looked into my heart, there I saw your love reside. Then everywhere I looked, I saw your love.

[75]. Your love glitters but her elusiveness captured my soul. Just when I thought I have enough of you, there I begin to discover that I have not gotten to the bottom of it all. Your love is sweet and a tonic for the soul to be alive.

[76]. If love found a tragedy, then in me, it has found one. I didn’t set out to love, but when your love found me; I couldn’t imagine my boldness crumbling like a park of cards. The only tragedy I now know is that I love you more than I could say.

[77]. I saw the heart of coldness in your eyes. And that tells me a story. Your eyes had found my love and sincerely to you will I give my love, that you will cherish it till the end of time.

[78]. Your love is like the creation of a work of art. It is priceless and can never be duplicated. I found you and found my perfect work of art.

[79]. To your love and care, I breathe life into it. You bring me love; you bring me all I need. And now, I am a better person all because of your love.

[80]. Among a million stars I saw, yours was the outstanding. Among the million crowds I saw, yours was the difference. Wherever you’re, you standout. And that makes me love you differently.

[81]. Stars were made, love was born. And you, a combination of both. So pleasing, so adorable and my heart, couldn’t dream of anyone but you.

[82]. Your love has made me young at heart. It makes me look like a sweet sixteen on her first kiss. It has lighten my heart and makes me complete with this youthfulness that craves for you.

[83]. The glow of fire that lights out of your love, lights my heart with pleasurable imagination of you. You came my way with love and changed everything about me. Now the light of your love keeps me anew.

[84]. I would never let it die, but let the world know that once upon my life, the love of you came my way and turned my world around. You make me a better person and erase all my sorrows away with the love you give.

[85]. I can’t imagine people walking through this earth without falling in love. How did they feel? The best that could happen to anyone is to fall in love. Thank God you made me experience this bliss. To you I will always be grateful to for the love you shown to me.

[86]. Love would come, but never will your kind. Yours is faultless and perfect. Yours make my world go round. Yours is it that makes me complete. And your s only, I could die for. Love you with every breath that I take.

[87]. Like a vibrant colour, your love stood out from the crowd. Anyone who looks would notice it. Thank God I looked beyond and found your amazing aura. Now, I am so happy that I found you before another could steal you away from me.

[88]. Your love is like a star. It is neither dim nor aged. It shone and erased every darkness. I am fascinated by your love for it has brightened my day and give me a new hope and life.

[89]. Your love is like a glittering object that shines beyond our comprehension. It shore my way and took all of my pain away. Now, I can live and proclaim your reign as long as you live and love me.

[90]. Light of my heart, keeper of my soul. Your love glittered around me like gold. And for that, I feel fulfilled. You love me and make me one, for that, I am all yours.

[91]. Your love brings to me my hidden traits. It gives me my greatness and makes me see every possibility. Your love is like pure gold that brightens my day to be above my limited thoughts.

[92]. Spark my heart with the beauty of your love. Let her shining glory draw me to your apron. Make me live in want of you that I might glorify myself for your love that has given me peace.

[93]. To the throne of your love, I found my hidden potential. With every moment of loving you, there within I discover my true self. It is to your love I found my real me and forever I shall love you so my real me would keep on shining.  

[94]. Within my heart lies my hidden ideals but when your love comes, it brings out the best in me and makes me face every day with new challenges. I found you and found the boldness of heart to make my dream come true.

[95]. My heart grows weak each time I see you pass by. There in my heart, I long to have you as my angel. And now that I have you, my day is complete because you love me.

[96]. I fell in love the day I saw you. For the way you talk and the way you walk, weaken my soul to long for you till I win this battle that is my love for you.

[97]. Deep inside of me, I know how much I am thinking of you. If all I could do is think of you. Then my heart is satisfied for the thought of you satisfies my soul to want you the most.

[98]. Self-sacrifice wooed my soul. And to the throne of your love those risks must be taken. To win a love that is as scarce as yours, the heart has to go the extra mile. Thank God I went through them. Now I have the courage to love you forever.

[99]. When you walked past and my spirit couldn’t control her inhabitation, I knew something had gone wrong. That was something I heard but now I knew that the power of your love had hit me and nothing I could do but surrender to you.

[100]. To the core of my marrow, your love pierced through my veins. And now, I am saturated all around me with the fever that your love burns.

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